Fable 2 Retrospective

Continue Play's Joe Yang takes a look back at Lionhead's return to the world of Albion. Nearly 5 years on, how does it hold up to scrutiny?

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DarkOcelet1310d ago

It was a great game and the dog was awesome ,my darkocelet doggy :( loved him ... my only issue that it was a cakewalk but i loved it ... and those damn doll achievements , so glad someone gave them all to me :D .

ContinuePlay1310d ago

Those doll achievements were a killer.

3-4-51309d ago

I played Fable 2 literally the next day after I beat the first game and it just felt like more of the same.

I should have waited a bit to play it.

Still have it, but no longer have a 360.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

One of my favourite games. Got all the achievements for the game and DLC. Shame 3 was boring as hell.Lionhead did a great job wih 1 and 2. Legends doesn't look any better. Although everyone hates Molyneux i think he did a grand job with the first 2.

The Assassination missions from Bloodstone made me laugh every time "I want him dead because i do not like the noise he makes while drinking" Perfect reason for death,Ha

SPAM-FRITTER-1231309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Doll achievements were my favourite, actually having to trade was cool. It kinda made it an MMO with the orbs floating around the map. Getting the Dye for the Knothole Island DLC took me ages, Eventually found it in Fairfax Gardens after hours of searching vendors.

See the Future was just as good.

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lfc_4eva1310d ago

I absolutely adored this game, (third game a little less), and I spent countless hours just roaming around looking at the vistas. Gorgeous looking plus I totally appreciated the British humour. Can't beat a good fart gag ;-)

equal_youth1310d ago

i wish they would do a proper fable again. fable 2 was my favorite out of the series.

Volkama1310d ago

A proper fable and/or a fable mmo. The fable visual character development is just so perfectly suited to an MMORPG, I have been expecting to see it adopted into that genre ever since the first Fable. Still not happened.

Not sure about the 4vs1 gig, don't see how they can present a coherent story or progression theough isolated player vs player matches. Still, bioware seem to think they can do it too so hopefully there is something to the idea.

OpieWinston1309d ago

Fable is a franchise that was deteriorating in terms of quality.
Fable Lost Chapters was the best and it was getting stale with the additions to each sequel.

Least Fable Legends will be an experience they can build on.

I'm glad this will be their finale to Fable. A game we can all enjoy as it grows over the next 5-10 years.

FsterThnFTL1309d ago

Fable 1 = great
Fable 2 = alright
Fable 3 = mediocre