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The article begins on a seemingly harmless note: EA’s COO believes that traditional gamers will take longer to convince that new innovations will be beneficial.

It’s a fair enough point on the surface, but this amounts to little more than PR speak. What Peter Moore is saying ever so delicately, is that the industry is fine and that the gaming community has something of a perception issue. The man genuinely believes our issues stem from mythical pairs of nostalgia goggles, enchanted with liberal amounts of anger and hatred (obviously). Of course, that’s the purpose of PR banter, isn’t it? To provide a sprinkle of truth and ignore the elephant in the room? To lull the less informed into an altered state of reality?

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KR1ST0F3R1432d ago

Nice to see the phrase "COULDN'T care less" being used correctly on the internet.

Great article.

Volkama1432d ago

I could care less if the phrasing is accurate or not. Which is to say I do care a bit.

jimjam34421432d ago Show
rainslacker1432d ago

Fantastic article. A must read IMO. Props to the author.

Think it sums up perfectly why many are against some of the changes in the market, both in content delivery, and gaming going all digital.

kingdip901432d ago


This topic pains me to no end.

Innovation vs the old way is the way this argument is painted but from a business perspective it is much different than that.

Gamers are revenue to these companies, the hours we spend playing games are of value to them.

Any hours we spend playing old games they are not making money on those gamer hours, it would be more profitable for them if they either found a way to monetize playing older games (ps now) or eliminate physical games altogether from this point on to avoid today's physical games blocking future profit (EA's love of all digital and their subscription service).

The problem is not so much the money spent on a 2nd hand product at gamestop where game devs don't profit it's that the hours spend from these games have no value to the developer even if it's a copy of a game you yourself have owned for 12 years or that you bought 2nd hand.

The death of replay value, dlc, subscription services, premium services like xbox live and ps+ are all attempts at maximizing their profit off time we invest.

Sorry but I am not a consumable and I will not be seen as a villain or as an antique to fit a companies vision of the value of my time.

If you want to profit off my time make it worthwhile to me, so far none of this "innovation" has done that.

mzupeman1432d ago

Although EA Access seems to be that very future... an access to a back catalog of games for a small yearly fee.

Although, that troubles me. I don't foresee good things coming from that after all is said and done.

kingdip901432d ago

EA access will only be that future if it is embraced by gamers and sadly it seems that it is being.

Short term it does have good value to gamers who enjoy those games, but to gamers who enjoy playing a game the love years down the line this has awful value.

I would much rather play 60 dollars for a game I can own for life rather than subscribe to a service where the games may one day go away forever.

That's my own philosophy though, I can't expect people to value the long term investment over the short term.

Godmars2901432d ago

That's what it may seem like, but really, unless EA has plans to expand it the 360 and its library, EA Access is more about early access of new games and making DLC/micro more accepted things.

mzupeman1432d ago

kingdip90, you're absolutely correct. EA Access has to take off in order for it to lead to worse things, but as you said, I think people are going to flock to it in droves.

What happens next? Activision Access! Ubisoft Access! "Come with us for double XP!" "No! Come with us for exclusive DLC!" And down the rabbit hole we'll go...

christian hour1432d ago

It's like they enjoy winning those "Worst company in America" awards or something

MCTJim1432d ago

It still pains me that our friend here still thinks he is relevant.

mzupeman1432d ago

He's discussed his 'mission statement' with great length on the internet. He had a fairly lengthy interview with boogie2988 some time ago, he stated what the website would be about in his indiegogo campaign, and he's talked about the idea countless times on his blog, website and podcast.

News will be news, conjecture will be conjecture, and rumor will be rumor. But hey, after all is said and done, he's got this website up, they're going to dissect the industry in ways many other sources online don't... and the site takes it serious enough that there's no advertisements anywhere. No conflict of interest from banners paid by the likes of Sony, MS, EA, or whoever. If the site makes any money whatsoever, it's because people believe in the idea the site is attempting to hold true to.

He even recently stated on his podcast that he tried to rename his website so it didn't have his name on it, because he wanted his STAFF to shine, but everyone talked him out of it.

I think the reasonable thing is to keep comments related to the content in the article instead of taking cheap shots that are probably based on nothing more than bandwagon internet hatred. *shrugs*

MCTJim1432d ago

well then to each his own. I will continue to take my "shots" because he is not relevant. He should just go away.

rainslacker1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Moore is the COO of the largest game publisher in the world. I don't know who is more relevant than him. What he does, what his vision is, and how he views the industry, has a direct affect on all of us here, and the entire gaming industry now and far into the future.

That is the real meaning of relevant.

Just because we don't like it, doesn't make it irrelevant.

jimjam34421432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

if not for dead space id never buy another ea game. cant believe they let that franchise go down the pooper, i personally thought dead space 1&2 were ea's best games.

the 3 comes out and is like "check me out you can do all that isolated scary alone in space stuff, with a friend! and just in case we didnt alienate our fans enough, lets replace all workbench's and stores with the micro transaction bench! oh and make sure they know its not dead space 1&2 by putting two buttons on every door even when playing alone, just to make sure they know theyre experience is being trimmed."

man f ea, im literally swearing off micro dlc, coming from 360 to ps4 and playing my first "NAUGHTY GOD" game, i mean these devs are supposed to be the best in the industry, seeing as at this moment 97 HATS AND GUNS. are you serious? like for real? 97? disgusting practice, just finished adding up all the dlc, and the cheapest price to pay for all dlc by buying bundles, is $113 in perks, op guns, hats, and gestures. new name GD GREEDY DOG.

now you all may think im just a dumb hater of ND but no im a pro-consumerist if i can make up a word for a second, lets say i love ND so to show support for their company, i buy all 97 dlc's, great for ND as thats $163 dollars they got from me for one game, and im left with hats and guns, am i to believe that these dlc's hold greater value than the game? as i got a 15 hour replayable experiance for $50 but for $113 i get hats, guns perks etc.? if im going to support a company, weather i liked the game or not, (like when i bought max payne 3 season pass) i should at least get value for my money.