John Wendel announces Camp Fatal1ty

VG247: We bet this doesn't get over-subscribed. Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel has announced Camp Fatal1ty, a training course that teaches kids how to play Unreal Tournament 3 competitively.

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solar3813d ago

im setting the over/under for pimples at this camp at 37

kingme713813d ago

Lol... bubble for pimples.

Gun_Senshi3813d ago

Why do you suck at all games that are more realistic and have teamwork like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield etc.

okcomputer3813d ago

Ever think thats maybe because fatality doesn't play those games competitively? Your question is like some idiot whining that kobe bryant can't play hockey that well.

centrum2k3813d ago

hmmm, maybe a dozen clones of himself would help?

Marceles3813d ago

lol...all the best players can single handedly take out a whole team by themselves on a team based game anyway. I'm sure you've seen people in Counter-Strike who rush and you wouldnt even have to just stare at the upper right of the screen and look at the guy's name next to each member of the opposite team and how badly they killed them. COD4 the same way...a guy racking up kills and then sending out a chopper to do the dirty work...Battlefield 2 there's plenty of guys that can own by staying in a plane and dropping missiles on bases all day. Deathmatch players are just as important as team-based...

lsujester3813d ago

Don't forget the spew of "Haxor!!" chants.

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KidMakeshift3813d ago

I just vomited in my mouth a little bit

kingme713813d ago

I thought TSquared of Str8Rippen was the most famous gamer in the world.... Darn, now I have to replace my posters above my bed.

OOG3813d ago

those kids aint sh!t to compared to this guy man.....hes made quite a nice bit of money playing games....