Reasons Why Sony Won This Year’s GamesCom Event

PS4Home: "Just consider how much Sony got “right” at this year’s GamesCom. Where competing organizations like Microsoft were really just attempting to not make any mistakes, the folks behind the PS4 were actively out there kicking major ass and bringing home the bacon."

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DarkOcelet1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

P.T ... Silent Hills .

Majin-vegeta1501d ago

Agree MS may have had the most attention negative attention that was.But this P.T thing took it to a whole new level.I hope we get more reveals in other fashionable ways like this.

Ballsack1501d ago

@Pedro p. T. Is one of the scariest demos ever

But for me wild was the game of the show

That plus no man's sky are showing indies are pushing boundaries much more than AAA

Kingthrash3601501d ago

Rime won the show for me...but p.t and wild and no mans sky killed

NewMonday1501d ago

AAA indies

games like WiLD, Rime, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Tomorrow Children are changing the perception of "indy" games and give them the respect they deserve , notice the cries of "lol..indies" are dying down ever since GamesCom.

nX1501d ago

Sony announced countless new games while Microsoft only announced an upsetting business deal. Nintendo wasn't even there so it was an easy win.

amiga-man1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Pedro PT stands for playable trailer available to download free on the PS4 and is a brilliant reveal for the new silent hill game and scary as hell

SirBradders1500d ago

@all the above, I never criticised indies before but I never gave them ago I downloaded terraria on my vita and rogue legacy on ps4 and I'm having a blast with them.
I realise now I've missed alot of great games Damn it.

Why o why1500d ago

Playable teaser I think

Blueraven3161500d ago

Of course they won. MS did ok and kidtendo is a joke.

aconnellan1500d ago


"Sony announced countless new games while Microsoft only announced an upsetting business deal. Nintendo wasn't even there so it was an easy win."

If you think that Microsoft only announced the Tomb Raider timed exclusivity, then that's an incredibly ignorant comment. In my opinion, Sony did 'win', but Microsoft had a damn great show where they showed off a bunch of new games, some indie games, and gameplay from their most anticipated titles.

Provolone241500d ago

@aconnellan Microsoft showed a bunch of new games? Um...please fill me in on what those were.

Microsoft did not have a bad conference by any means, but I think Sony "won" solely on the basis of showing so many new games, whether they were AAA, indie, or AAA indies.

The only new game Microsoft showed was Screamride and maybe a few of the smaller titles during their [email protected] showcase were unannounced. That's it. Quantum Break, Fable, Forza, Sunset Overdrive, Halo; we've known about all of those. Microsoft barely showed anything we weren't already aware of.

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Hellsvacancy1501d ago

Awesome way to reveal a game, it got nothing but positive attention afterwards, that's how you do a game reveal

It doesn't bother me in the slightest if it's exclusive or not, no way am I going to miss out on the revival of survival horror

UltraNova1500d ago


If you were going to revive the grandaddy of survival HORROR (emphasis on horror)who else would you want to do it besides the 'sick' minds of Kojima and Guilermo?

My only wish at this point is that Hiroyuki Owaku and Takayoshi Sato are involved somehow, the guys who conceived, wrote and directed Silent hill 2 on a $10million budget (yes believe it) and boom we actually stand a chance of needing more than one set of pants while playing this game.

My oh my god knows my girl will damp my ass after a couple of hours playing this with the lights off and the volume on 11!

Cant wait damn it!

Hardcore_gamerxbox1500d ago

Because Sony had exclusive demo they won gamescom that game it's not even exclusive to ps4 guess what we got tomb raider as exclusive and made millions of Sony fan boys Cry like a baby on that time good luck with you indie station 4

Provolone241500d ago

Wow. You make my head hurt. Go away.

mogwaii1500d ago

Boy, get you're hands off you're raging xboner! One shitty timed exclusive did not constitute microsoftcock winning anything.

zerog1500d ago

Timed exclusive, which means every other platform gets it too in time. Plus its only tomb raider which didn't really sell all that well last time, hell the ps3 version hit free on ps+ in the 1st year. That announcment actually ment nothing to me simply because I have no interest in the game. If it hits plus or the $5 bin I may try it, other then that I don't care.

Blaze9291500d ago

If you need reasons then it probably isn't that wide-spread felt. Coming from a Sony website too? - this is so pointless.

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neocores1501d ago

well of course they won't they had more New Ips then Xbox they had the same stuff from e3 while Sony showed what's coming and what's new to PlayStation. I can't want for TGS

Lawboy21501d ago

Sony could have walked on stage and won's no longer a competition anymore....I don't even know why Microsoft shows

jimjam34421500d ago

as a joke the sony spokesperson should have just walked on stage and said "$399" and walked off just to throw some salt in microsofts freshest wound lmao, i wooda been in tears.

on topic: all the great games shown this year makes me so happy i balled up and jumped the sinking ship that is xbox. rottr makes me sad but ill have so much more to look forward to now im on ps4.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1500d ago

How long did it take you to think and say something like that butthurt fan boy

DigitalRaptor1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

And alternatively, you believe Microsoft won by announcing a game that we all know is now timed-exclusive, and got a negative reaction from most people for perfectly legitimate reasons?

In no universe does that ever happen. There's a fallacy in your beliefs. The VAST majority of the brand new games and content that Microsoft announced were INDIE GAMES. Look it up. You think Sony deserves heckling for announcing indie games, go and criticise Microsoft too.

The rest of their showing was a bunch of already announced AAA games... And Tomb Raider "exclusivity".

Immorals1500d ago

If 'winning' was about games, then gamers won, but if it's about attention and getting people talking about something, Microsoft won hands down. Unfortunately, no matter how you look at it, that announcement eclipsed everything else.

funkybudda1500d ago

in defense of mrpsychoticstalker, he's probably leaning towards neither Sony or MS won gamescon, and in that perspective, it's considered a "win" for MS.

But we all know Sony won, whether P.T. (Silent Hills reboot) is multiplatform or not, Sony did the reveal is the most positive things gamers talked about. All the big budget indies exclusives were all brand new IPs with fresh ideas is just icing on the cake.

ziggurcat1501d ago

no, with a bunch of exclusives, and new IPs.

GTgamer1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

The only new games MS announced were Indies soooooooooooooo and they were nothing compared to Rime/Wild and etc so Flawless victory for Sony for surprising me with games that I didn't expect I wonder if MS didn't mislead everyone with the TOMBRaider debacle then would we even be having this Convo or debates just think about it for second.

700p1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

digital and that game is not coming out on ps4. Xbox won gamescom like they won e3. @gtgamer and no..they announced two new exclusives.

greenlantern28141500d ago

like it or not TR is a timed exclusive even MS said the deal had a time duration. Unless your counting Screamcoaster as the game that won't be coming to PS in that case your right and you can have it.

DigitalRaptor1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Rise of the Tomb Raider is not coming out on PS4… in 2015.

Microsoft are not publishing the game. Phil Spencer has come out and clarified that he has no control over the game and that when the exclusivity time frame ends, Square Enix can do whatever they want with their game.

And as a company that is desperately in need of cash, they will release their game in 1080p/60 as the Definitive Edition on PS4 - the platform that has double the number of purchased consoles worldwide, and a huge portion of the existing Tomb Raider fan base.

Xbox won E3? In what world…?

Microsoft had absolutely no surprises at E3, and as usual, Sony had more surprises and more NEW content to show, regardless of whether it was indie, AAA, MMO, free-to-play, or Japanese titles. Microsoft resorted to showing CGI trailers for games not coming out until 2016, whilst Sony held back on those reveal trailers from developers like Guerrilla Games, cause they already have enough substance without dragging in games not arriving for another 2 years.

Gamescom '14 was exactly the same. Microsoft announcing ScreamRide can be compared to Sony announcing WiLD from Michel Ancel, but then.. Sony had more than that to announce and show. They showed more from an indie standpoint and a AAA standpoint. You come to a conference expecting new things and they delivered in spades. MS deceiving their fanbase live on stage, is only a "win" to their fanboys.

chrisarsenalsavart1500d ago

With a bunch of great games.
But I guess u wouldn't know the difference.

Eonjay1500d ago

It was one of Sony's best showings ever. The show itself had all new announcements. They had new footage of their other AAA games but it was before the show. They won for most content, most new content. most exclusive content and best reveal via P.T.

Letthewookiewin1500d ago

Ya Sony knocked it out! Wild, Rime, Bloodbourne and so on.

reko1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


show me new and 1080p games.

and 700p

won? how? by showing the same games?
same 720p games LOL
you should change your username to 720p.

jimjam34421500d ago

"did he just say that?"

/runs with ps4 shielding head

imt5581500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Sony showed bunch of new content and some new IP's. But that P.T. teaser demo which i downloaded after Gamescom conference are so f****** GOOD and SCARY!

But that Tomb Raider and later MS PR debacle....

At least GAF recognized what Sony showed at Gamescom :

EA conference was awful.

Spotie1500d ago

With a bunch of previously unannounced GAMES.

You know what those are, right? Games? You put them in your console and play em?

Cupid_Viper_31500d ago

I really don't like to participate in these "who won" contests but here I go.

Microsoft has released a SKU that is priced exactly like the PS4 and yet they cmwint even release or talk about their sales numbers afterwards. Meaning that the Xbox One doesn't just have a price issue, it has a huge image problem.

Why does it have an image problem? Because there IS such a thing as bad publicity, and the sales disparity between the two consoles explains that. Which leads us to Tomb Raider, the reception of the news was vastly negative. But not only that, the news overshadowed everything else Microsoft showed at Gamescom, so games like Quantum Break and others are still not getting the lime light they need. Over half of all next gen games were sold on PS4 in July in the U.S, worldwide it is larger, publishers notice things like this.

The last thing the XBox One needed was more controversy, and it seems that Microsoft is incapable of doing business without a high dose of ethical controversies. Getting GTA4 to go multiplaform for the Xbox 360 was a great move for MS and XBox gamers. Getting TombRaider to go time exclusive was absolutely stupid.

MS: " Hey Xbox One fans, we have great news for you, we went out of our way to make deal so you can get a game that you guys already knew was coming to our platform......great right? And now that is all everyone is talking about it, negatively of course, but ain't that great? "

People should have been talking about Quantum break, and Halo etc, not a multiplatform game.

Long story short, no MS didn't win anything. Matter of fact, even if they were the only company at Gamescom, that announcement derailed months of goodwill and perception they've worked on changing since E3 2013. Just when people thought that MS was changing their attitudes....

Blueraven3161500d ago

I could see if it were a game that everyone wants but Tomb Raider? That game isn't a system seller. Maybe this is big news in 1998 but not 2014 lol

Letthewookiewin1500d ago

Haha ya that's what I thought. I liked Tomb Raider but I would never buy a system to play it early.

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DigitalRaptor1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

More games.

More first-party. More second-party. More third-party.

More AAA. More indies. More new IPs.

That's basically why.

Letthewookiewin1500d ago

Awwww the Xbones apperently dont like games.