Incredible Scarlett Johanssen as Lucy in The Sims 4 Demo

A look at the lovely Scarlett Johanssen as her character Lucy in the recent movie of the same name, recreated in The Sims 4 demo.

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ShadesMoolah1217d ago

So close it's uncanny. Nice.

FamilyGuy1217d ago

...Was this really worth posting an article for?

Kurisu1217d ago

Well I hope the film is better than this video.

Immorals1217d ago

From the trailers it looks terrible. Was watching shawshank and when the Lucy adverts came on it made me sad to see Morgan freeman go from what of the greatest films ever, to... That

SolidGear31217d ago

I saw it when it premiered. Very brilliant film.

Kurisu1217d ago

Glad you enjoyed it. Personally I think it looks good from the adverts I've seen, but I think I'll wait for it to release on DVD / Blu Ray before I watch it.

uGLYmE1217d ago

I honestly couldn't tell the difference. MIND.....BLOWN

Bdxxacjkfs1217d ago

I prefer the pixel one. Much better than the original fat 1.

MysticStrummer1217d ago

Different people have different tastes of course, but I'll just say Under the Skin and leave it at that.

N0gg1nsh0tz1217d ago

Fat.... You know... I heard it's nice outside.

strangeaeon1217d ago

I wasn't aware that Scarlett Johansson was considered fat. I guess you prefer your women to look like 12 year old boys?

Evilsnuggle1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I think Scarlett Johanssen is super hot also Jennifer Lawrence . They are both curvy women. I like women with a shaped like a s. Not skinny little women that look like teenage boys.

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BitbyDeath1217d ago

Shouldn't these articles have 'satire' written in the title?

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