Forza Motorsport Honcho: Xbox One Will Improve, but Biggest Gains Come from Optimizing Your Own Code

In the last few months a lot of attention has been placed on elements that increased or will increase the power of the Xbox One, like the juice previously reserved to Kinect made available to developers for different purposes or DirectX 12, but Turn 10 Studio Head Dan Greenawalt, with whom DualShockers had a chat at Gamescom, thinks that the true gains lay elsewhere.

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Dlacy13g1436d ago

Makes total sense. Sure they are going to get a bump in power from the kinect change but ultimately you have to code your games to take advantage of that. If you don't improve your code just giving more power wont really impact you much if you aren't doing anything different on the coding side.

jimjam34421435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

i agree, compare gun on 360 to red dead redemption on 360, i would swear there was a generational leap between those and with the same 512 mb ram they always had. it seems to me after anout 5 years weve seen all the code side improvement were going to get. i wasnt even able to enjoy gta 5 because the damn game felt like it ran at 20 fps most of the time. lets hope this gen doesnt stick around so long this becomes a problem again. far cry 3 was another example of a great game hels back by hardware. at least for me whos pc cant run stronghold 3 on lowest setting. edit: which is why i play on console

Volkama1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

I prefer to refer to the 360's memory as "the amazing 512mb unified GDDR RAM".

1435d ago
jimjam34421435d ago

wing walker, i completely disagree those arent very good examples. maybe halo3 to 4, but gta 4 still holds its ground as a next gen game. and car games are never a good example.

christocolus1436d ago

I've got a lot of respect for Dan and his team. Can't wait to see Forza 6. That game will be amazing.

EvilWay1435d ago

The disagrees are ridiculous. Forza 6 will hopefully be a masterpiece. I look forward to seeing it go against Gran Turismo next year

lfc_4eva1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Forza has always got better.
I played forza 1 way back on old xbox and it was sweet.
But you could see the evolution of the game on x360. My friends and I played Forza2 to death, but when forza3 came out, our jaws dropped. Then again with forza 4.
Its obvious as the coders become more adept with the environment, they become better and more efficient. So better looking and playing games on the same hardware.

I'm guessing your disagrees came from Sony fans. Yet the same principles apply to Gran Turismo, which has also evolved dramatically over time.

EvilWay1435d ago


I agree. Tbh I wasn't thrilled with Forza 4, and I would say Gran Turismo was better. Since it had way more cars. That is the only thing I think Forza needs to improve on, get rid of the dlc packs and have those cars in from the start, dlc is okay but we don't need packs for honda civics that should be in the game already

LOGICWINS1435d ago

Why does Forza need to go up against GT?


Just enjoy the games.

ABizzel11435d ago

Didn't become a Forza fan until Forza 3. I just wasn't a sim racing fan when the first one launched, and Forza 2 just didn't grasp me. But Forza 3 hooked me, Forza 4 was just more of 3 (which wasn't a bad thing), and I don't have 5 because I didn't get my XBO this weekend, due to lending money to friends and family -_- (leeches).

But I'll have it soon, and I'll be picking up Horizon 2 and waiting for Forza 6.

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mhunterjr1435d ago

I think the best thing about the playground/turn 10 partnership, I'd that they share assets and talent.. They create two very different racing games, but they are able to uses the achievements of the sister studio to enhance their own game.

There's no doubt in my mind that the next Forza will be great, beautiful, and full of content.

christocolus1435d ago

Both devs are really talented...and in the case of forza 5,turn 10 had a lot to deal with i.e Launch deadlines&sdk issues,but now that the rush period is over and everything is settled i believe we will get a far more polished game in the sequel.

3-4-51435d ago

Any news on Forza 6, or is it just one of the inevitable things we will hear about within the next 6-12 months ?

christocolus1435d ago

Lol. Its one of those inevitable things we will hear about in the next 6 to 12 months. Except they want to take a break from forza and venture into another genre...but i doubt that. the development of the next forza motorsport game should have started by now. I'm guessing it will be ready in 2016.

InTheZoneAC1435d ago

and who didn't know this????????

why do people think that games get better as the console ages? it's because they learn how to optimize and make things more efficient.

waste of an article...

zsquaresoff1435d ago

Someone is praising the Xbone. Let them have their moment.

RobLoPR1435d ago

Best example of learning to make a better game with time is the Super Nintendo... started with games like Super Mario World and finished with games like Donkey Kong Country.

qwerty6761435d ago

this Agree/Disagree thing needs to be changed.

legitimate comments and positive xbox comments are being put down for no reason.

is this the same for sony articles?

Gamer7771435d ago

The disagree and bubble system favor the majority group. So even if the majority of comments are on topic and constructive;biased trolls can ruin the comments section without even commenting by spamming disagrees and negative bubble votes.

Kavorklestein1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

To answer your question- The Sony articles are almost COMPLETE POLAR OPPOSITE.
The only time you really see somebody downvoting a Pro-Sony comment is if they throw in something like: "This is why xbox one is doomed" "Way better than xbox one"
"The PS4 is the only___________" or something along those lines.

There are of course exceptions, and there are a small amount of people who troll Sony articles, but it's NOWHERE NEAR the same level of immaturity as a whole.

It's off-putting to even WANT TO BECOME a PS4 gamer when you see that your peers and fellow players are going to be THAT pathetic.

It's sad really.