PS4/Xbox One Are 10 Times More Powerful Than Last-Gen, 8GB Sufficient For New Graphical Benchmarks

"Popular middleware provider Geomerics have worked on AAA cross generation games like like Battlefield 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition."

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DarkOcelet1100d ago

Seeing how infamous and ryse looks so damn stunning , i would say the current gen will blow us in its third or fourth year , the order 1886 is looking better than any game i have ever seen and nobody can deny that and its a first year game , the future looks bright .

MonkeyOne1100d ago

I am hoping it blows us sooner than that

NewMonday1100d ago

Yes PS4 is about 10 more powerful than last gen consoles..

.. But XB1 is only 6 times more powerful than last generation.

Ripsta7th1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

@Newmonday- where do you grt your BS from?! Care to give us any links ?! Most developers have actually said there isnt a big difference and by looking at the games you can see that the ps4 Is NOT that much ahead of the X1, at most id say 15% stronger

NewMonday1100d ago


this not opinion, these are real hardware numbers, you cant argue with math

Volkama1100d ago

@newmonday what particular spec are you cherry picking to come up with that?

umair_s511100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Comment deleted

lfc_4eva1100d ago


Blown by a console.
This feature wasn't revealed last year.

GameNameFame1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

It is the spec on hardware... you really cant deny it.

The number or power is tflop. Consoles ability to do calcs per sec.

Yet people deny facts.
@Ripsta7th lol are you delusional. You ask what number is based off and pull one straight out of your ass?

We have hard facts and measured power. It is about 50 percent difference. Supported by fact that it is 60 fps vs 30 or 1080p vs 900 p or any graphics effects.

AndrewLB1100d ago

OldMonday- While the GPU on the PS4 has a theoretical maximum about 40% higher than Xbone, it's CPU is about 15% SLOWER than the Xbone. And due to the fact that no code is perfectly optimized, those differences become less and less.

Then when you factor in the API... Sony using a custom version of OpenGL and Microsoft using a custom version of DirectX, the gap narrows because it's a proven fact that DirectX is a faster, easier to use API than OpenGL. Go run the Heaven benchmark on a PC in both DirectX mode and then in OpenGL mode. Not only is the DirectX API faster, if you look closely you'll see it looks superior as well.


This video here made with an nVidia GTX660 shows not only better visual quality using DirectX... but if you look at the frame counter, DirectX is over over 80% faster than OpenGL.

I'm not saying the API on the PS4 is that much slower than Microsoft's, because it wouldn't be factoring in that these are streamlined versions of the respective API's each console, which would result in the difference not being as large, but still something that people cannot ignore.

Now instead of hitting the disagree or down-bubble button as a knee-jerk reaction, how about showing some actual proof that i'm wrong? And proof does not mean throwing some made up numbers in a post with no legitimate source.

It's going to be pretty hard to refute that youtube video because the only argument that can be made is... "he's wrong. Believe me, not your lying eyes!" hehe.

OpenGL1100d ago

@ AndrewLB

The PS4 uses custom graphics APIs known as GNM and GNMX, both of which are a lot lower level than the OpenGL benchmarks you're posting that are entirely irrelevant to this discussion. GNM allows for a lot of custom access to the PS4 GPU that is not possible with DirectX 11 or OpenGL 4.0, and there is no equivalent to it on the PC. The closest thing would be AMD's Mantle, but even Mantle has a higher level of abstraction than GNM, hence it supporting multiple hardware configuration.

Last generation the 360 was actually held back by its less flexible DirectX 9 based graphics API and the fact that Microsoft did not provide developers with low-level hardware access, meanwhile Sony did via LibGCM.

This generation might be different but Microsoft and its developers have been more tight-lipped.

GameNameFame1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )


CPU clock speed has little to do with power that's like saying my i3 4ghz is better than i7 3 ghz. Not to mention speed difference is not 15 percent to begin with.

Pure delusional.

And actual benchmark shows stronger ps4 CPU.

So when you add these it's more than 50. And direct x is not faster than OpenGL.... Lol it's how devs program it. Not to mention PC direct x is completely different code from x1.and ps4 uses something other than OpenGL.

Btw devs have been complaining how crappy X1 API direct x has been for a while.

Pure dam delusion man. It's going to be hard refuting that bench mark of real x1 vs ps4. Only argument is "believe me. He's lying. Look at my unrelated PC video" hehehe. Delusion can take you so far man. We already have hard figures and facts.

Wizard_King1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

10 times more powerful my left nut. LOL. What a joke.

If this was the case how come the games are still suffering for the same limitations as last gen. Same hallway games, same QTE stuff. Same dodgy dumb AI. Just better visuals (sure as hell not 10 times better looking).

@BiggerBoss. Below. LOL delusional.

If the Order is the best looking game you have ever seen then you need to start seeing more of the gaming world son. Hallway driven TPS doesn't look that technically impressive in any way.

As for how graphics will be towards the end of this gen. about the same as now, the XB1 is maxed out day 1 with Ryse and TF hardly reaching 900p and 30 FPS. The PS4 will only get mild performance increases with SDK's and better optimization over time. The fidelity will be just about the same. Expect the AI to get better once devs drop PS3/360 support for future games. That's about it, the next gen consoles GPU's aren't that powerful to begin with so graphics won't change to much over time. Optimization can only do so much.

vulcanproject1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

If you take 360's GPU as the baseline from last generation because it was the fastest, Xbox One's GPU is something like 5 times as fast, and PS4's GPU about 8 times as fast.

This is looking at floating point performance and fillrates.

Their CPUs aren't particularly fast and a comparison is difficult because they are extremely different architectures, however its very safe to say they are not 10 times faster than the previous generation CPUs. Arguably their main advantage comes in being easier to use.

The consoles also might have more than 10 times the available memory, but not nearly ten times the available memory bandwidth which again, is an important measurement of performance.

A computer is only as fast as it's slowest component, therefore it's pretty safe to say even with API improvements they are not really 10 times as fast.

This is largely down to the fact they have been built with tighter budget constraints than previous generations, which were much closer to cutting edge PC technology of their period.

I'll also toss my hat into the ring and say it's highly unlikely Xbox One's API is any better or faster than PS4's, because developers have said the opposite about their working environment and dev tools since these machines launched. PS4's was further along in maturity.

I'm sure Microsoft have clawed a lot of that back already, but I doubt they have made such a leap to clearly overtake Sony's API. If they had, they probably wouldn't be crowing about DX12 which is ages away.

Looking at game performance it certainly backs this up.

Metro Redux is just another newer example where PS4 easily manages the same or better framerate performance but quite a lot more resolution.

I'm sure most quote 912p v 1080p and by doing so, makes the difference seem small.

Which is cunning, because in reality they are this:

1620 x 912 versus 1920 x 1080.

1477440 pixels versus 2073600 pixels for PS4.

This is a massive performance advantage still. A little over 40 percent more pixels on PS4. Pretty much bang on what you would expect their different hardware performances to show.

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BiggerBoss1100d ago

Agreed, the Order is just mind blowing. Definitely one of the best looking games ever. And then we have Uncharted, Halo, and SSM and GG's next game to look forward to, I can't even imagine the graphical fidelity games will have by the end of this gen. This will also encourage developers to make better looking games on PC that really utilize the hardware, so everybody wins.

BiggerBoss1100d ago

So many disagrees, do y'all not want better looking games or something?
It's a fact that this new gen benefits both console and PC players with better graphics

darx1100d ago

The Order does look good but that gameplay is awful! If great graphics means terrible gameplay I'll pass.

BiggerBoss1100d ago

@darx. The gameplay does not look "awful". It's just a standard tps. The guns also look really interesting. I wonder what your opinion is on quantum break? They're both basic tps's but according to certain Xbox fans (not all) the order looks terrible but quantum break is revolutionary. It's quite hypocritical if you ask me

Obz1100d ago

Don't bother looking at the agrees and disagrees. It's N4G. Half of these clowns are morons.

VealParmHero1100d ago

@boss, don't forget the new gears, I have no doubt that game will look insane. Also, the new racers like forza horizon at 1080/60, and especially drive club...which down right looks real. I'd say the new consoles were a grand well spent. Besides, you can't play uncharted on pc

ground_beef1100d ago

So the order hasn't been released yet, it hasn't been reviewed yet by any gaming site. No critics have played it yet and voiced their opinion, and I don't think that you have played it either.

How on earth can you judge a game that hasn't been released yet and has no reviews anywhere.

No I ain't stupid enough to say that u should play the game first to know if it's good or bad. People sometimes know how good/bad a game is from other peoples reviews and opinions. I know that ride to hell retribution is an awful game, yet I never played it. I know it's awful due to all the bad reviews from critics and gamers alike. I also watched a lets play video and it is indeed awful.

But seriously judging a game that hasn't been out yet !? At least wait for one lets play vid or one review dude. The order could be a good or bad game, we don't know yet.

UltraNova1100d ago


Do you doubt U4 will be the game to beat in 2015 both graphically and pretty much everything else for that matter?

Cause if you are you really ought to do some research on Naughty Dog.

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TheBurger291100d ago

You are right we cant deny that because we are not you. To say The Order is the best looking game ever is a bit of a stretch, its your opinion though.

DarkOcelet1100d ago

Its actually the best looking game right now , but if you think there is a more gorgeous game , please share your opinion with me :)

Strangelover1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

What's the best looking game ever in your opinion?
EDIT: Don't tell Crysis 3 - character models are very detailed but no matter how powerful a PC is - characters' eyes look unnatural. Plus that scene with Psycho is in-engine cutscene, not gameplay, because you can't move and even look around

TheBurger291100d ago and yes this does look better. Dear sony fanboys and not actual sony gamers, any game on PS4 will look miles better on pc.

sorane1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

"Its actually the best looking game right now"

Uhhh no. That title belongs to Star Citizen very easily. Nothing really impressive about a tight linear corridor tps. Those games are at the bottom of the technical poll along with fighting games and arcade racers. Witcher 3 and the Division are also well above it.

XBLSkull1100d ago

I'm a gamer on all platforms and I don't think star citizen looks impressive at all, I don't know why people think it is the best looking game ever conceived.

Obz1100d ago

Strangelover has a mental disability.

BitbyDeath1100d ago

Star Citizen is not a great looking game by any means, it is expansive though which is great.

SC, No Man's Sky and WiLD are game changers.