Skyrim - New Environmental Screenshots Show Amazing Textures & New Lens-Flares Effects

DSOGaming writes: "Contrary to last week’s Skyrim gallery, this week we decided to avoid any female characters. Therefore, today we bring you new images from ENBSeries members electricsheep26354, pastrana, forbeatn, GRC32RUS, LiaN82, OhKay, Oyama, Pfuscher, Unreal and YetiASX, showing off amazing outdoor environments that are filled with new custom and highly detailed textures."

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ravensly1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

some of the best vegetation seen in games

johny51458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

This is why I'm getting a Intel i7 5960k and 2x Titan II, 4k all the way!

BattleN1458d ago

Lucky PC owners I sadly cant enjoy this game on 360 due to freezing issues when I travel :(

Agent_hitman1458d ago

This game never gets old.. really

Hazmat131458d ago

nothing will beat Skyrim with dicks mod. inside gaming FTW

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