Ninja Theory Talks Hellblade: Explains PS4 Temp Exclusivity, Team Size, “AAA Indie” Ambitions & More

After a long silence Ninja Theory came out at Gamescom with the announcement of Hellblade, which they define an “AAA indie” game and is going to debut only on PS4, at least initially.

DualShockers had the chance to chat with Product Development “Ninja” Dominic Matthews and interrogate him about a variety of topics, from the team working on the game to its AAA ambitions.

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MrSwankSinatra1378d ago

If I was Sony I would've struck a deal to make this exclusive to only to PS4. I mean from a logical standpoint it makes sense because Sony needs more AAA exclusives and since this is a independent game it would provide low risk for Ninja Theory. Plus Ninja Theory has had more success as a exclusive game maker rather than a multiplatform game maker, so why not go with what works?

SaveFerris1378d ago

Perhaps Sony didn't feel the need to make this a full exclusive, because of the size of the game and maybe the studio wanted to keep the ip?
Sony, MS and Nintendo have all probably had games which they passed on and were a success on another platform, and it is a risk to fund games because they might not pay off. This title is no different.

Yetter1378d ago

My guess is Sony is on a tight budget. They don't have the money to throw around for console exclusivity from third party devs like they used to

gatormatt801378d ago

Multi billion dollar company on a tight budget... M'kay...

Enemy1377d ago

@ Yetter: Yeah, "tight budget" perfectly explains how they continue to put out the best, highest quality exclusives every year. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

Elimin81377d ago

@ SaveFerris. MS? Pass up? Pffft. Ok.

wastedcells1377d ago

Sony has so many first and second party studios working on games that it makes no sense for them to throw money at other games. They have all their big studios making two games at a time now and that is money well spent.

BlackWolf121377d ago


Oh wow really? I wish people would just get over that shit already.

How can a company so 'tight' on money be researching and developing brand new VR technology?

Sony aren't as tight on money as people like you make it sound.

badz1491377d ago

why is the timed exclusivity of Hellblade questioned again here? they already answered why and it's because they are a small team and they prefer to focus on one platform at a time and they don't want to go to any big publisher because they want to work on their own.

they are already a small team, if they make it for multiple platform at a time, it will take forever to release and since they are "indipendent" now, no bag of cash from publisher to pay the bills, so they decided to work on the most popular platform at the moment for higher chance of big sales. don't even mention pc because I don't think they can afford being pirated in their current states.

I have no doubt Sony woo them a bit for exclusivity but I guess they decided to stay indi and keep the IP and be able to release it to more platforms later. I respect that.

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Dewitt1378d ago

You guys say this about every game, then say you have a ton of games coming. I am glad they are going multiplat again, nobody should miss out on these titles.

TimeSkipLuffy1378d ago

Instead of buying the IP, Gakkai and Morpheus tech, they could also have tried to buy Ninja Theory :D

Lord_Sloth1378d ago

I know, right? It would be a fantastic idea to purchase the dev team behind the wildly successful DmC- wait....The wildly successful Enslav- wait....The wildly successful Heavenly- wait.....Hmm......

Software_Lover1378d ago

Maybe they don't want to be bought. You get bought, there is always that chance you get fired.

dredgewalker1378d ago

I don't know if Sony would be interested in NT even if they can buy it. None of their games have been successful and I honestly think they're not creative enough to warrant Sony's interest.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1378d ago

I'm not sure how you guys judge successful. All their games got positive reviews and sold over a million copies. I know a million isn't as cool as it use to be but it's certainly no disgrace either. Only game of there's that I didn't enjoy was Enslaved, but that's just because it was buggy.

I'm glad they've gone indie now. They can make the game they want to make without pressure from a publisher.

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Sevir1378d ago

They are partnering with Sony, that's why it's a timed exclusive, but they want to retain ip ownership and make the games they want without interference from publishers and to be able to reap royalties immediately... This was detailed at great length in their "Independent proposition" panel at GDC Europe...

You can read through all of it on their website. It went into detail about how they struggled as a studio, and why they went the route they did for Hell Blade, pretty informative read up and candid and transparent. Shows the good bad and ugly of being independent and having to partner with publishers for AAA retail.

Makes me love them more as a studio for this and hope more independent studios follow there lead with making AAA quality titles that are indie in budget. This is the first and I hope they blaze a trail with great success.

Lawboy21378d ago

They are not partnering with sony....he clearly says in the interview that this game is independently developed...meaning they are doing everything themselves.....he says it's coming first to playstation because they are a small team and they had to pick where they wanted to put there time at first

Partnering would be more like what occurred with from software and soe

kurruptor1378d ago

Sony needs more AAA exclusives? Is that a joke?

Godmars2901377d ago

Ninja Theory has yet to deliver solidly, complained about only working for Sony, so I would say that has something to do with it.

nucky641377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

did i read you right, swank??? "sony needs more AAA exclusives"?????????????? ??
where have you been the last 18 years? sony has never had ANY problem with exclusives - their knack for always having a wide range of exclusives is why i buy PS consoles.

MrSwankSinatra1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I said "RIGHT NOW" they need more AAA exclusives. PS4 doesn't really have many exclusives and when I'm talking exclusive I'm talking literally only on PlayStation 4.

- Killzone: Shadowfall
- Knack

- inFAMOUS: Second Son
- Driveclub

You can't blame me for expecting more than that. Out of those four games I only own one and don't plan on buying driveclub. Infamous is the only exclusive so far that appeals to my taste in gaming.

user56695101377d ago

what not exclusive? they hype for this game just nosedived for some odd reason.

gman_moose1377d ago

Doesn't Microsoft's notorious "parity clause" prevent games from coming out on their platform later than the competition (with regards to indies). Or is that clause just for the quality of the game?

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demonddel1378d ago

No that's not right how is this OK we need to start a petition

JMyers1378d ago

This isn't a multi platform going exclusive... It's a new IP coming to one console, and confirmed to be arriving on the next.

The money being paid to keep TR off the other platform could be used to make new games. This is a new game.

Clearly you don't understand the difference.

demonddel1378d ago

How do you know Microsoft isn't funding the game

JP13691377d ago

demonddel doesn't understand the concept of the burden of proof.

k3rn3ll1377d ago

Clearly you don't understand. MS isn't paying SE to keep it off other consoles. They are providing the marketing for the game and some added development cost. In return they are getting the game first. 2 completely different things. You make it sound like MS said here's this check... don't put it on sony.

JP13691378d ago

Learn how to use punctuation first.

Hellsvacancy1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Whats is teh matta, r u not cleaver enuff 2 reed widout you're grammar gllasses on?????????????

I understood his comment PERFECTLY

JP13691378d ago

Yeah, it's easy to read. It's also two statements separated by a question, with nothing to distinguish that difference. Small children can do better than that.

JP13691377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Warning: Do not criticize demonddel's ability to put together a sentence, or you will get a private message containing bigoted language and poor spelling.

Exact message I received:

"Man shut ur fagget ass up with that shit"

What a gem.

Inzo1378d ago

Well this confirms it is not a sequel to HS because the IP belongs to Sony.

Summons751378d ago

Gamers and Developers near and far, prepare for insults and unprofessionalism and this game's release draws near then for more insults when it doesn't sell because they didn't listen to criticisms and lost sales because of their egotistical way of thinking.

Software_Lover1378d ago

I want a new Kung Fu chaos. Couch and online multiplayer. Up to date movies for the sets. Customizable characters. I think it would be great.

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