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How Risen can remain a successful ongoing franchise is a mystery. While the first instalment was entertaining in its own way, its sequel was a buggy, ludicrously written mess of a title which rivalled Two Worlds at times. Yet here we are with an unwanted threequel. Sadly, if you weren’t impressed by previous outings, you’re not going to like this one either.
Following on from Risen 2, the game sees the land abandoned by the gods and ravaged by the Titan Lords, and to cap it all a new threat is arising from the shadows. A lone warrior, stripped of his soul by this mysterious force, may be the only hope of stopping it before all is lost.

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nX1460d ago

This game is never a 3/10, stupid and very short review. The game deserves at least a 5/10 for what it offers, everything beyond that is a matter of taste. I would give it 7,5/10.

MilkMan1459d ago

One day, id like to read a review for a low budget game that doesn't get crapped on and actually taken on its merits. Guess this isn't the day.
I've played all these games and enjoyed them fully. yes, they are not triple A titles, but you will get your moneys worth. 7 is a good score to hover at. Not this drivel the author is posting here.
I understand it is his/her opinion...but speak truth don't just right from the gut.
Others would like to know about the game itself not just feelings.