Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition Review |

Blizzard's redeveloped Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition has been revamped for console owners. Featuring great new content, fans of classic role playing games will not want to miss.

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Frankskint1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

The Diablo series has to be one of the best RPG's I have played. One to grab if you haven't already.

nX1430d ago

I bought D3 on PC, on PS3 and yesterday I preordered it for PS4... I can't help but love this game :S And it's just so much better on consoles.

alvinmiller921430d ago

Waiting for my PS4 pre-order too. Never could get into the PC version, I have always been a console player from day one. @Bloodborn What was it like on PC?

nX1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

I bought it on Day1 and it was fun but the auction house ruined the game for me... after playing through it twice I never touched it again. Then the PS3 version came out it and it was so much better, not only the controls felt great the actual balancing was better due to the missing auction house. Then I sold my PS3 but I still can't say no to Diablo :D
Especially the 4-player coop is awesome, there is no better RPG for local coop than this.

BiggerBoss1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

I loved Diablo 2 but never played D3 because it was a turn off for me due to always online, auction house, and the new classes (I liked d2s classes way better). But I may just try it out now that it's on current gen console to see how I like it

EdnaJones971430d ago

Isn't this already out on PS3 and Xbox 360? Whats new in the PS4/Xbox One expansion pack?

henrythomas2841430d ago

the expansion pack features things like Adventure mode, apprentice mode etc.

MysticStrummer1430d ago

This ultimate edition is releasing on current and last gen consoles. Cheaper on last gen.

GribbleGrunger1430d ago

It also has Clickers, runners, Stalkers and Bloaters.

MasterCornholio1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

It has couch potatoes, marathon runners, perverts and fat people in it?


Anyways I'm going to pick this up. I love Diablo.

GribbleGrunger1430d ago

Gotta bubble you for that :)

CorndogBurglar1430d ago

The expansion pack has an extra character class, an extra chapter of the story, new gear, new enemies, and a new boss. The old one on consoles didnt have anybof that.

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charliewong9801430d ago

This game is dope. Never got round to picking it up on PS3, so glad I did now.

Have to figure a way of spreading out my time between this and all the other games I am yet to play. Oh yeah and spending time with my girlfriend :)

amyortega1311430d ago

this game can take up your entire week if you don't prioritize.

ArronNelson1430d ago

Not worth the 65 bucks price tag for me, only interesting thing is the CGI cinematic trailers, which I do think could be made it movies. Apart from that I will wait till price is reduced.

danniellelewis1430d ago

Totally disagree. Seems to me your not a fan of RPG. Cause this probably the best RPG there is.

ArronNelson1430d ago

I am a fan of RPG's actually. Just don't see why i should pay 65 dollars for this when i can just buy it reduced on my old PS3 if i really want to play it.

So funny how people flame you for having a different opinion to theres :(

Shinuz1430d ago

Diablo 3 The best RPG there is? I'm guessing you don't play lot of games.

It was a standard ARPG, nothing more really.

Si-Fly1430d ago

If you haven't played the PC version at 1080p and 60fps then perhaps you don't appreciate how much better the PS4 version is going to be than the PS3 one.

MysticStrummer1430d ago

"So funny how people flame you for having a different opinion to theres :("

Disagreeing with you isn't "flaming" you.

patelsanjeed1430d ago

Too many good games coming out really can't keep up.

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