Kojima: I'm not at the point in my career yet to be proud of anything

"Honestly, there's nothing I'm proud of yet." Kojima said in a recent interview, speaking through his translator Ken Mendoza, when asked about his proudest achievement. "I'm not at that point of my career where honestly I can look back and say 'I'm proud of this or that'."

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DarkOcelet1314d ago

Lol stop trolling kojima , Mgs 1 , Mgs 2, Mgs 3 , Mgs 4 , Zone of the enders 1 and 2 and coming soon phantom pain and silent hills , you should be proud :) .

ArchangelMike1314d ago

Yeah, maybe too humble. It's OK to receive affirmation y'know, Mr Kojima-san.

Ballsack1314d ago

I honestly think he doesn't believe what his saying

He just wants attention

Mgs 1 on playstation ripped up the rule book...amazing game

vishmarx1314d ago

even tameem is proud of himself

bunt-custardly1314d ago

There's being modest, then there's being Kojima...

Patrick_pk441314d ago

Kojima is an attention *****. He first states he is disappointed in his games and MGSV because he believes GTAV is the better game and due to its success. He then states he is done with the MGS series and continue to make more games and talks about its future. And now he isn't proud of his career and work. I missed a few things, but man is he a downer.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1314d ago

He didn't really do much on ZoE 1 and 2 actually.

SolidGear31314d ago

Snatcher. My favorite Kojima game :3

yellowgerbil1314d ago

MGS1 was the game that made me a GAMER. I had a genesis and NES before that but only casually played, and seldom even attempted to COMPLETE a game, MGS was the game that held my attention and said, STAY AND FINISH ME.

C-H-E-F1314d ago

Yeah he is very humble, but he def. have titles under his belt... but I guess he's not at the point in his career when he can look back at his work and say wow, I really changed gaming in various genres. Many companies piggy back off of kojima's work and because of that i'm forever grateful.

Hopefully one day I can look back at the games i've made and apps i've made and see the impact that it had on millions of people... Until then i'm keeping my head down.

umair_s511314d ago

Now kojima must deliver on this. show us something that is better than what he has made so far -

sinspirit1314d ago

He always tries to one up himself and you can tell by the new MGS coming out how far he wanted to push it. But, I wonder if he will even be satisfied with it or try to push another title even further. I really hope he revisits Zone of The Enders. I am sure he has a lot of ideas left out of MGS that can be adapted for ZoE, on top of ideas directly about ZoE itself.

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-Foxtrot1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Is he serious....even if he made Metal Gear Solid and did nothing else he would still have that one game to be proud of.

The fact he's done all these MGS games, Zone of the Enders and the upcoming Silent Hills is enough to be proud of.

That's better then most of the other things people are proud of...the only thing I'm proud of in my life recently is that I got the last slice of cake in the canteen at work, competing against like 50 people for it. Broke my glasses in the rush...but worth it

DarkOcelet1314d ago

Ahahaha i hope it was worth breaking your glasses , such courage you have for a slice of cake :)

DarkOcelet1314d ago

I dont know why i cant seem to edit my comments lately but i have to say this , what you said reminded me of My Boss My Hero , its an awesome show , you need to watch that .

SolidGear31314d ago

The cake is NOT a lie :3

EinRobot1314d ago

I have heard of delusions of grandeur, but delusions of non-grandeur?

jimjam34421314d ago

cant read the article but i think i get the gist, i wonder weather he feels this becuase hes never had true creative freedom, or he just really feels he has not made his masterpiece.

Nate-Dog1314d ago

Yari yari yari looking for more attention and for everyone to dry hump him. Same old Kojima.

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