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14 Minutes of New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Footage

GodisaGeek: "Obviously, due to being hosted on YouTube, the frame-rate has taken a knock (the original footage is in 60fps), but we’ve kept the 1080p sheen for you.

It’s on the “Ascend” map, and from Capture the Flag mode. Enjoy!" (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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DC777  +   98d ago
Looks good but I hope they kill the walking noise...pretty annoying. Even if he's wearing super jet moonboots it's way too loud.

Really like the look of the armor and weapons.
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user1439414  +   98d ago
There is no dead silence perk in the game and that is going to make Search and Destroy very boring with people crouch walking around the map when watching competitive MLG tournaments.
W34KN35S  +   97d ago
they are working on something related to dead silence though ...they havent said what yet. They said they didnt want any crutch perks.....so basically anything they have in the game can be countered as well and you dont have to choose any perk to be successful in the game like previous titles.
FanboyKilla  +   98d ago
wow! all that turned out to be just cod with a double jump? i cant believe this is all they can achieve. i think they just might be pushing, to see just how far they can go, without doing a muthaluvin thing.

looks like black ops 2 remastered. (maybe)
venom06  +   97d ago
thats EXACTLY all this crap really is .... Black OP 2 with double jump and a dash.. but CoD sheeple will be lead by the nose and buy this crap yet again, only to bitch about it 4 months later...
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frostypants  +   97d ago
Looks like the same lag-comped dude-bro crap as always.

This series has fallen so far down the toilet.
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mochachino  +   98d ago
That guy plays nothing like the official multiplayer trailer...where's the crazy jumping, power strafing, etc.

He made it look like old COD.
Kavorklestein  +   98d ago
True, but that's his loss really. If he or others decide to play this like traditional COD, then they will suffer from being as lethal as they could be.
Heisenburger  +   98d ago
I think it's good that you can play it how you want to play it. I plan on using every ability I can, doesn't mean I won't get slaughtered. :)
Kavorklestein  +   98d ago
Yeah, I think the freedom of play is awesome, and it has me excited, but there's no denying that the dodging will come in handy for escaping and for lining up kills. To master the movement system is going to be more beneficial than purely treating it like old cod, but yeah, it looks like the traditional feel and flow of gameplay is there, and I'm sure we're all gonna get our butts kicked lol. I can't wait tho.
frostypants  +   97d ago
The more likely case is that it IS just like old CoD and the "official trailer" was BSing you by making it look more different than it is. When it's between a trailer that has been carefully choreographed for marketing purposes, and a raw feed of real players, always trust the latter.

Hell, look at the 5:55 replay...same freaking sniper BS. He clearly misses the guy by a foot but it gives him the kill.

If they haven't even fixed the broken sniper mechanics in this game, I doubt they've fixed or changed squat.
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MEGANE  +   98d ago
No thanks... Destiny for me!
ramiuk1  +   98d ago
i be playing both
BlackWolf12  +   98d ago
Unfortunately the sad thing is, most people will probably play like this.

Most CoD players are actually terrible.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   97d ago
People playing a game and having fun is a sad thing?
W34KN35S  +   97d ago
well they also do have a classic mode for people unable or refusing to adapt
700p  +   98d ago
This is 14 mins of mediocrity.
slazer101  +   98d ago
Looks like same old stuff to me. I'll pass.
Sadist3  +   98d ago
Typical arena shooter. I like more strategy, this is just run and gun. Battlefield will stay in my library
Heisenburger  +   98d ago
I like variety. If I had to pick one I would have to pick the Battlefield types, though. But I've been playing a lot of slower games, so I'm gonna be all over this one when it drops.
Ripsta7th  +   98d ago
COD is more fast paced than BF...
Heisenburger  +   98d ago

Yes it is. I thought it was obvious that I meant because I have been playing slower paced games(Minecraft RPGs) that *in contrast I was going to be enjoying CoD this time around. I apologize if I didn't express that clearly, and thanks for not being a jerk about it.

*edited for a typographical error
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sckipt  +   98d ago
Why give the double jump and no maps that have more then 2 stories?

They should make maps that are 5-6 stories of cover and such so the double jump can be used properly instead of just for dodging. It would change the gameplay a lot.

At least that's how I feel.
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ibrake4naps  +   98d ago
Cod with high jumps
Farmassy  +   98d ago
exactly what I was thinking. This looks like the same old call of duty but you can jump higher. I'll pass... I'd rather play halo MCC and farcry anyway
DeadlyOreo  +   98d ago
If you think this is the same old Call of Duty, except you can jump highter you are blind. Don't be a rabid hater, no one really cares about your opinion because we all know you'll be picking it up anyway.
JeffGUNZ  +   97d ago
@ DeadlyOreo

Come on man, it's their opinion. I was let down with this gameplay. It looks nothing like the trailer we saw for the MP announcement. It really looks like COD with a double jump. Sure, I'll end up getting it because they really impressed me with the level of customization, but I feel like the trailer for the MP made this game look completely different then what we are actually seeing.

Now, some of that could be the players play style in this video. I want to see more video of MP before I make a final judgement. Looks leagues ahead of COD Ghosts.
Farmassy  +   97d ago

I completely agree with jeffgunz. I was really excited about the game but this video looks like nothing special and doesn't make me want to pick it up. Also, if you don't care about my opinion, you probably shouldn't comment on it
zeuanimals  +   98d ago
I like the new maneuverability abilities. Reminds me of older shooters where you'd be jumping and dashing around the arena trying to dodge more shots than you're putting into the other guy(s), and this was what made small scale online shooters extremely fun. This game has one aspect of greatness, the maneuverability, but it doesn't have the fun gunplay of those older games.

DPS is just way too high. Let a few bullets loose and the other guy is already dead. There's no more chasing the guy you're trying to kill, then getting pushed back or killed when he flanks you, and that took skill. You weren't mad when someone you had an advantage over because you've already put a few shots into them is able to turn the tables around and kill you. Most people thought to themselves "that was a good play" or "damn, good job beating me" unless they were whiny b*tches. This is all "I see you first, you're dead", and that's no fun at all.

Well, you can still flank someone who's shot you, but chances are, you won't. It takes less than a second to get killed by every weapon we've seen so far. Unless the person is just a horrible shot, you're running around the corner and the only part sticking out is your butt, or you're reflexes are superhumanly amazing where you can actually get hit in a millisecond and then react to the next shot, you're probably gonna die.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   98d ago
Lol this game looks laughably boring.
BlackWolf12  +   98d ago
this guy is terrible.

makes it look like the same old cod.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   97d ago
I agree, there's plenty of footage out there that makes it look way less boring than this.

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SonyAddict  +   98d ago
But hear you are in the comments section lol!.
BiggerBoss  +   98d ago
What's up with the kill times? Good god it's like it's on hardcore mode
trenso1  +   98d ago
well ive made my decision will again pass on CoD
Retaliation  +   98d ago
He didn't call in his care package that entire game!!
quenomamen  +   97d ago
Another year another Doodie dropping.
Quicktim3  +   97d ago
dont worry guys, another cod will be released next year and it will be very different.......-_-
bjmartynhak  +   97d ago
Looks fun. But the time to kill is too short.

Weird running animation, but I can get used to it.

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