Nvidia GM200 ‘Maxwell Flagship’ Core Internal Testing Finished – GTX Titan II Coming Soon

Shipping data confirms that the GM200 core aka the GTX Titan II has finished internal testing and is now ready for launch. Expect news about it on 10-12 Sept at Nvidia's big reveal.

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codelyoko1429d ago

Guys dont report, i dont know why but I cant upload pics :/ Mods? help?

edgarohickman1428d ago

codelyoko the thumbnails are not working.

NovusTerminus1428d ago

None of the thumbnails have been working for me for about two days now...

LogicStomper1428d ago

Same here. I can no longer judge articles by their picture :(

Sir_Simba1428d ago

Mine started working today

Tom871428d ago

Any idea concerning the price?

bumnut1428d ago

100% increase in performance (on paper) is very impressive.

johny51428d ago

Here's what the correct price scheme would be, if Nvidia wasn't so greedy!

Titan II - $750
GTX 880Ti - $650
GTX880 - $450
GTX870 - $350
GTX860 - $250
GTX850 - $150
GTX840 - $100

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