“P.T.” is the Greatest Game Demo Ever Created – Here’s Why

William at GameCloud writes: "Media saturation is a major problem in gaming today, or, at least, I think it is. Thanks to the internet, we’re no longer given time to get excited about the possibilities of a game, but rather, end up “seeing” almost everything there is to know about a game by the time it’s released. For some games, such as the competitive kind, this makes sense as players want to know everything possible before they jump in. However, for singleplayer experiences, the kind that are driven by narrative and exploration, it honestly gets to the point where I have to go on a media blackout as watching too much gameplay footage actually makes me less enthusiastic about it. Could you just let me it for myself, please?"

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700p1377d ago

It was the scariest too.

VsAssassin1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I can't tell for myself if it is the greatest game demo ever, since I haven't had the chance to play it - I have no PS4 yet; however, I am resigned at the fact that P.T. is the most clever way to announce a game. Because of that, SH is now back in the gaming stratosphere.

Resident Evil has a very tough act to follow.

MAULxx1377d ago

The demo was great, at first. Then it delved into trying to get the phone to ring annoyance. Took me completely out of the atmosphere. I hope the final game doesn't have ambiguous random things that need to happen before you can progress. Hopefully it was just a thing to make the demo last longer & get people talking. For me, it just became BS nonsense to keep trying to get a phone to ring to I could complete it.

TiberusX871377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Yeah, Kojima said in an interview the following day that the last puzzle was intended to be ridiculously difficult to keep players talking. (He was hoping for a full week!)

So many theories on NeoGAF. It was great to see the internet coming together to discuss ideas and work together on something. It was crazy, and I enjoyed it a lot!

shysun1377d ago

The P.T. had nothing to do with the game!

Getting the phone to ring was a way to keep us from the secret ending.

Zayne-Z661377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Yeah, that's correct. It was a really great way to gather fan feedback and to show off the game new game engine! (even if it was downgraded to try and look like it was made by an indie team!) I thought it was great, in my opinion!

punishing11377d ago

I agree 100%. You sum up my exact feelings about it. How about putting the picture pieces together. We had to look it up on the interwebs. How in the world did someone figure out the locations of the pieces!?

FunAndGun1377d ago

I finished the demo and got the trailer without having a complete picture of the lady.

I was confused in why my flashlight changed colors though.

MysticStrummer1377d ago

It's not a demo, though I hope the game follows it's lead.

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The story is too old to be commented.