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GGS: "I’m not a big fan of gaming online, I love co-op games where I can chat to my friends over Skype, but thinking about playing a MOBA or an online shooter fills me with dread. So when I loaded up Nosgoth by Square Enix it was through clenched teeth while feeling that little bit of anxiety I get whenever I’m tested by a multiplayer mode. You see the thing is, I’m not that great at games and a crushing defeat after defeat will wear me down quite quickly. With this attitude I was flung into my first game and despite my apprehension, I kinda did alright. Which of course only meant one thing, I had to play again!"

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nunley331288d ago

I wanna see this game die. I would much rather see a new Legacy of Kain game instead of this. This garbage is the remains of the online mode for the cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun game, which would be superior to this. I do remember Square saying if did well they'll reconsider making another LOK game though but i don't trust SE. But i'm liking FFXIV and i hope FFXV is great and is worth the wait.