10 Best PS4 Games (So Far)

Amazing games that deserve a place in your PlayStation 4 library.

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DarkOcelet1461d ago

I am gonna bet you a 1000 bucks that the last of us remastered is first :) anyone wanna bet and do tell me what the other 9 are :D .

Sokol1460d ago

Horrible list... No Kilzone but Towerfall?

I won't even bother with this website again..

KakashiHotake1460d ago

Not saying Towerfall is better, but that game is a lot of fun.

LazyGoron1460d ago

1 - TLOU
2 - Towerfall Ascension
3 - Wolfenstein New Order
4 - Outlast
5 - Resogun (under-rated)
6 - FF14 realm reborn
7 - Transistor
8 - NFS Rivals
9 - Infamous SS (under-rated IMO)
10 - MGS GZ

LazyGoron1460d ago

Idiotic list IMO... it's like they tried to incorporate one game from every genre into their list and then rank those games.

1/2/3 could easily be TLOU, Resogun, Infamous SS. Wolfenstein is good.

Can't believe Transistor, Outlast, and NFS got in.

medman1460d ago

Transistor is a darn good title as well.

JakeTyler931460d ago

Infamous was a good game but it was so damn short compared to the first and second games. I didn't expect to get so bored so fast with that or Watch Dogs.

Malphite1460d ago

I won't list games that I've played on PC like Watch Dogs or Wolfenstein.

1 .The Last of Us
2. Infamous: SS
3. Injustice
4. Transistor
5. Resogun
7. Rayman Legends
8. Killzone: Shadowfall
9.MLB 14

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The story is too old to be commented.