10 Incredibly Calm Moments In Otherwise Intense Games

These moments elevate their games, allowing elements of poignancy and emotion to permeate otherwise straightforward and bland titles.

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ibrake4naps1499d ago

Elevator scene in mass effect

fallacious1499d ago

10. Wake Up – Metro: Last Light
9. The Apartment – Hotline Miami
8. Tallon Overworld – Metroid Prime
7. Kreisau Headquarters – Wolfenstein: The New Order
6. Meeting Dog – Half-Life 2
5. Ash Lake – Dark Souls
4. Entering Mexico – Red Dead Redemption
3. Giraffes – The Last Of Us
2. Battleship Bay – Bioshock Infinite
1. Tibetan Village – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

I seriously hate these list articles with multiple pages.

GdaTyler1499d ago

Thanks that was helpful. :)

Neixus1499d ago

The one disagree is probably from the author. Well that's what he gets for trying to make more money than what a single article would.

ThunderPulse1499d ago

Party Lobby on Call of Duty.

tanookisuit1499d ago

The most recent thing I can think of is Dark Souls 2 when you are in Majula (sp). The background theme and calming, ocean side view is soothing.

Kevlar0091499d ago

The save rooms in RE4. You finish a part full of blood and scares and enter a room of full calm and peace, a breather in a mad world

MWH1499d ago

I was going to say the save room in Resident Evil 1.

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