Hideo Kojima's 'P.T. Demo' For The New 'Silent Hills' Is Terrific And Terrifying

P.T. is one of the cleverest marketing gimmicks in the history of video games.

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PaleMoonDeath1373d ago

C'mon now, I've seen like 20 story's singing the same tune, demo was great, move on dammit!

DarkOcelet1373d ago

Maybe because it was actually very brilliant , it deserves more news .

PaleMoonDeath1373d ago

More news, you serious? it's literally being re-said every hour, clogging up the news feed again and again, pretty much old news now mate.

Gatsu1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

True but it deserves to be in the spotlight :D as it was something quite amazing, that we don't see every day!
When we see SH gameplay in the future, it's all we will read about in here for few weeks.

Paprika1373d ago

Beat me to it....this us getting old now.Great demo, likely great game.. but damn, if I hear p.t is... blah blah... its getting as annoying as frozens do you wanna build a.... fucking no more!!! Lol

OK rant over!....

DarkOcelet1373d ago

Its not like we get something unique like this everyday , its either cod , assasins creed , destiny or another game with online component and overhyped marketing , if you dont like the news , why click on it from the beginning .

jimjam34421373d ago

i think we need 20 more. people dont seem to understand what they mean when they say its great 5 times a day.

VsAssassin1372d ago

Yeah, SHs deserves this attention. It's been so long since this game got lost in the horror haystack, and now it's back. I just hope the game delivers.

On the side note: Does anyone know if the Japanese people in the ending credits of the demo the same people who worked on the first three?

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Paprika1373d ago

You guys are more missing the point. They are posting the same shit. Mix it up, I love the demo, why not bring the spotlight toward it by creating new discussion and generally make it up. Create new wallpapers, avatars, fan trailers.. anything. Its getting old, its like the old Tlou vs uncharted, Tlou vs halo, Tlou vs tomb raider, tlou vs sex, Tlou vs IRL...... lol

Gatsu1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

First many thought there was too many TLoU:Remastered articles, but now people start to complain about being too many of PT xD. I dunno why you guys read these if you are annoyed by these so much.

cellur1111373d ago

It was great but wasn't scary at all.

DarkOcelet1373d ago

Are you sure you looked behind when he told you to ? ;)

jimjam34421373d ago

dont do it bro, hes settin you up, you might do somthing you regret.
like accidentally elbow your 4 yr old in the face...

daddy771372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I used to laugh every time at people when they would say they jumped of th couch in scary mome ts in horror games.
But in P.T when Lisa grabbed me i didnt expect that i litteraly jumped of the couch,1st time ever .i wasplaying with my headphones.
I dont reccomend anyone with heart condition
playing P.T silent hill used to b my fav game.after s3 i lost interest.but i have high hopes in Koji and Torro.

Sketchy_Galore1373d ago

Maybe you're just too tough and manly to be scared. That must be it.

BABY-JEDI1373d ago

I'm just curious, what do you consider a scary game?

HanzoHattori1373d ago

I don't think anyone who's read or seen a walk through is going to get scared while playing this demo and I don't think anyone who hasn't been scared by this demo will admit to using a walk through before playing it.

esemce1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Yeah I played it alone in the dark (around midnight) with headphones and the atmosphere got me, watching a youtub stream on a bright sunny day ain't gonna to be effective.

So if people don't find this creepy or scary then I'd say they have no imagination or played/watched under the wrong conditions.

Gatsu1373d ago

Playing PT with headphones and in dark room is much more effective, than just watching some video of it. It almost gave me heart attack lol = amazing horror experience

seppo911373d ago

@Big_Boss88 yea I know what you mean, even picked up on some other things using headphones, noticed the radio speaks swedish, my native language, at one point in the game. Really cool.

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Keith221373d ago

I agree feel sorry for people who can't play it, thee best and scariest demo I've ever played full stop.

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