P.T. is more than a teaser - it's a great game in its own right

Eurogamer: "What's at stake?" someone once asked me when I explained my social anxiety about inadvertently saying the wrong thing to a stranger at a party.

"This person, who I will likely never see again, will go on in life thinking that I'm an asshole," I responded. "That shouldn't bother me, but it does."

Fear, as it turns out, isn't always a logical response.

This is especially the case with Kojima Productions' "interactive teaser" P.T.

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Ma1nframe1427d ago

Game? You walk around going through the same hallways over and over again, there is a room you can't get into, all others are locked. It was scary for a few minutes but not giving the player any idea of what to do is an epic fail, even for a demo.

DanteVFenris6661427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Just because it doesn't treat you like a baby and hold your hand. Dioes not mean it was a fail. The game was just assuming you had big boy pants. It was smartly designed and the fun best thing I've played all summer

The same room was smart as then it was the first horror game to use memory to draw upon fear.

Blacklash931427d ago

The final puzzle is pretty BS, though.

That said, the BS is the point to this. This a playable teaser, not a demo. And it's purpose it to hide the Silent Hills reveal, and gamers have to work through all the vague and obfuscated crap to get to it.