Why Silent Hill 2 is still the most disturbing game ever made

"This week we learned that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are collaborating on a new game in the Silent Hill series. Despite both men having a reputation for attaching themselves to projects that either take years to materialise, if they happen at all, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this could be the best thing to happen to Silent Hill in over a decade. Why? Because both Kojima and Del Toro are into weird stuff."

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vishmarx1379d ago

has to do something with a monk with a pyramid on his head and a 6 foot meat cleaver violating a living mannequin ?

nypifisel1379d ago

Silent Hill 2 is the most genius horror game ever made. The Pyramid head being a product of the main protagonists psyche to punish him is ingenious, as are the fact that the whole world of Silent Hill that he experience is cause of his own guilt, so it reflects on his own person. It's so well developed it could've been a fantastic novel.

yewles11379d ago

No, SH3 wins that recognition.

thereapersson1379d ago

Silent Hill 1 easily for sure. I loved me some SH2 back in the day, and the fact that SH3 was more like SH1 regarding continuity and atmosphere. But I'll never forget the first time I played the Silent Hill demo on Official Playstation Magazine's demo disc after reading about a game that, at the time, was still pretty obscure and an experiment for Konami. Resident Evil pretty much owned the entire genre for much of the 90's after everyone sort of forgot about PC horror games.

Silent Hill's psychological uncertainty and terror really brought... ahem... new life (pun intended) into the survival horror genre during a time when 32 bit gaming was at it's peak. I can easily say no other form of media up to that point had managed to affect me both on a visual level and also on an auditory level. The soundtrack, for example, remains an industrial masterpiece to this day.

Knushwood Butt1379d ago

Those shadowy babies in the school really freak me out, especially that noise they make.

Paprika1379d ago

But i think we can all agree, silent hill 1,2 and 3 are amongst the scariest, creepiest games ever. Also, perfectly balanced horrors with one of the greatest soundtracks... ever! Akira yamaoka ftw!

amiga-man1379d ago

they were scary enough back on old technology imagine how real things are going to be on next gen, lets not even talk about the possibilities of VR

Paprika1379d ago

Yeah, should be great. Although, the polished graphics now may take away from the originals grit and they didn't really become classics based on their looks, it needs the character and artistic tone done right not all out graphics IMO. If they can create the feeling of silent hill 3, my favorite, but with epic graphics... then it will be awesome!

thereapersson1379d ago

It's why the PC versions of the games weren't as grossly charming. Somehow the lower console resolution made the games' visual effects more genuine and gritty.


SH1-4 all of them are disturbing, but SH4 is the most disturbing one (in every aspect).

Venox20081379d ago

amazing games, I would add Fatal frame\Project zero 1-4 ..especially 2 and 4 (still yet to play 3rd)

EmptySkyForm1379d ago

Yeah you're definitely right about that. How in the world did they lose that strength after part 4 is a real mystery.

Btw I just saw Paprika yesterday, it was amazing!

700p1379d ago

That silent hill demo sure disturbed me.

moegooner881379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I loved SH2, but my fav isThe Room, never understood why it got so much hate.

blndrhyme1379d ago

Yeah, especially the floating lady ghost at the train station. Damn, scared the shit out of me.

N4Flamers1379d ago

Geez I dont get it either. I loved the room. I loved the story and all the maternal references. I loved how it feels as though you're just a pawn and the killer is the main character. Also that first two headed baby bird scared the shit out of me.

Tiqila1379d ago

It just wasn't that scary...

Knushwood Butt1379d ago

Probably because it's just half a game that you are forced to play through twice; the second time while dragging around an NPC with bad AI.

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