Sledgehammer Co-Founder On Advanced Warfare Time-to-Kill, Dead Silence, Dynamic Maps, and More

MP1st - Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey recently dropped by the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sub-reddit to gather feedback on the game’s multiplayer reveal and answer a few questions from the community.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1192d ago

On time-to-kill:

“We’re still balancing but we feel its closer to BO2 than Ghosts. That’s our target.”

Thank goodness. BO2 wasn't great buts it's miles better than Ghost.

kodiak404_1191d ago

This is such good news. It brings back gun play that was sorely lacking in ghosts. Instead of the ability to turn on people or run for cover, it was just who saw who first.

jimjam34421191d ago

look at this. 7 years and they still cant get the time to kill right.

n4gusername1191d ago

How do you know its not right in AW? Many who have played have said it is closer to BO2, which has positives and negatives. Getting quickscoped after getting 5 hit markers in BO2 was stupid.

jimjam34421191d ago

calm down fanboy, all the cods are so similiar time to kill shouldnt be somthing they need to tweak, there have been 7 cods since mw1, how many before time to kill is locked down? and jesus i never once mentioned weather aw has good time to kill or not. god youre one pent up dude.

n4gusername1191d ago

Sorry for asking you to back up what you apparently didn't say.

juliotheman211191d ago

I hated ghost time to kill. such a campers game. people could camp and 3 hit kill you accross the map. -_- needs fixing. bo2 was fine but if AW has bigger maps smg gotta be a bit balanced. In ghost i rarely used smgs that damage drop off was ridiculous

Master-H1191d ago

“We’ve got a different, and we what this is better" WUt ?

avidgamer11191d ago

Please no GODD*MN revive timer in HC TDM. Ricochet is good, hopefully it stays.