NBA 2K15 Leaked PS4 Gameplay Videos

Here are some leaked NBA 2K15 gameplay videos recorded at a closed-doors demo presentation. These are all off-screen footage, so the quality is bad. Continue on for the collection of gameplay videos.

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MWong1310d ago

Wrong console at 3:06 the player pulls up the player pass options which shows that it's XBO game play.

b163o11310d ago

Okay I thought I was tripping.....

BigShotSmoov0071310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Good catch right there, I was looking at that like wait a minute lol. That's why the credibility of this website takes a hit more and more. Stupid article that are mostly anti-xbox gets approved and just simply wrong info gets put out there too often.

BG115791310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

And this got approved... Hmmm...
Wondering if the persons that approved this even watched the video.

MWong1310d ago

Obviously not, Chris Smoove even says it in the video.

blackout1310d ago

Looks like 2k took the NBA Live rout with the graphics upgrade, but gameplay still looks the same. When you pump fake and someone lands on you THAT's A Foul. I hope this is an early build. I really thought i was watching NBA Live gameplay though.