Hotline Miami 2 Leaks Early With Gameplay Footage, Screenshots

One Angry Gamer "It looks like the counter-culture plebs over on 4Chan’s /v/ have come through. The darkside of the internet oftentimes called the digital cesspool of fetid brain cells and wasted potential – also known as the place where the good parts of the human soul goes to die – has pulled out a newsworthy piece of awesome that’s been shared courtesy of a fellow reader. One of the members of 4Chan managed to stream Hotline Miami 2, and another member recorded some of the gameplay tidbits so gamers get to bask in the awesomeness of the game’s soundtrack and gameplay, shortly before the game becomes available for everyone else at all the usual places. Bask in the awesomeness, please."

Update: Added a link to the game's main theme song.

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jon12341496d ago

When the hell is this coming out

Why o why1496d ago

Day 1 for me.

I shazamed one of the tracks.. seems they're using some of the same artists from the first game.

Chespin1496d ago ShowReplies(4)
WalterWJR1496d ago

This game has the potential to be as big as GTA in the upcoming years if they play their cards right. It reminds me of the 2d GTA days. Some sort of crazy virtual reality game in the future could be huge.

MasterCornholio1496d ago

Who ever thought that a game like GTA and GTÀII would evolve into a monster of a franchise. I was blown away with GTAIII on the PS2. That was a fantastic game in my opinion. Can't wait to pick up GTAV for my PS4.

Palitera1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

GTA/1000000000000 = this.

Also, it reminds you about GTA 1 and 2... Without the open world... 15 years later...

There's no chance at all this will ever be as big as one of the most innovative and influential franchises in history. Not my favorite games, but their importance is huge.


About the "new" game itself... Why just not call it Hotline Miami 1.00001?

franwex1496d ago

The game I'm most interested in this year. Day one purchase for damn sure!

LakerGamerEnthusiast1496d ago

Excited :) one of the few games that has my heart on the PS vita. (No homo)

Can't wait till this drops !

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