The Potential of a Mario Sunshine Remake

Coming out of E3 2014, Nintendo once again proved that they could present a unique and entertaining show, while also giving its consumers plenty of titles to look forward to. They managed to find an efficient medium in appealing to their long time consumers by building on some of their long time franchise favorites such as Kirby and Yoshi, while also showing off impressive works of originality such as Splatoon and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. With all of their revealed titles, it feels selfish to be asking for more, however one often heard gripe with Nintendo’s presentation is their lack of a new 3D Mario title. I can’t be the only one who was secretly hoping for a Super Mario Sunshine Remake Reveal while watching what resembled a blooper hop from puddle to puddle, only to find out that I was watching the opening sequence of Nintendo’s E3 reveal for Splatoon.

This article talks about the potential of a Super Mario Sunshine game on the Wii U!

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Metallox1405d ago

Why do people want another rehash that much? I mean, almost everybody want the Majora's Mask remake for example.

And I continue to believe Nintendo is still injured by its entry to the HD world, that's why Splatoon and Zelda U are the only impressive releases(Nintendo "AAA" feel)by EAD for 2015, or I simply don't understand what's happening there; they need more games than ever but they cannot make developments faster.

And if the company continues in this state, with almost no interesting releases for the future, I will continue to refuse the idea of getting HD rehashes from EAD. Wind Waker HD was just more time wasted for Zelda U.

Hire another studio for these remakes and let's move on.

BrandanT1405d ago

Rehash remake are almost the same thing, right?
I do highly agree that Nintendo EAD shouldn't do any remakes but instead the remakes should done by a lesser studio or a second party.

wonderfulmonkeyman1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

There's a huge difference between a mere remade port/rehash, and a full on Remaster that fixes issues the original had while adding either a little or a lot of new content.

Zelda WW HD was a remaster.

It streamlined the Triforce Shard quest by cutting out the middle man of having to find the maps, translate them, then pull them up from the ocean floor by putting the shards directly in the chests the maps would have been found in.

It smoothed out and shortened the animations for some things in the game[such as the grappling hook].
It replaced the Tuner with the Bottle for Miiverse integration.

It added touch controls for the inventory and for the Wind Waker.

They took the time needed to rebuild the graphics from the ground up for it.

It added an entirely new and much more challenging difficulty mode for veterans of the series that could be played regardless of which playthrough you were on.[IIRC]

And last but not least, it also added the Red Sail, which not only allowed for triple the sailing speed of the original sail to cut down on the annoying amount of travel time between destinations, but to also allow the player to auto-adjust the wind without having to pull out the Wind Waker every time.

It's fine to want new games and new sequels, but let's not downplay a superb example of a Remastered game done right as a mere rehash.

vickers5001404d ago

I'd also like to point out that the wind waker hd remake was completed in 6 months, which in my opinion, for all the improvements made, was damn impressive.

Concertoine1404d ago

The main issue with remaking Sunshine is that there's a lot about it that really should be changed.

Like the voice acting is god awful, but does removing it rather than improving it count as a solution?

Also the wonky physics and repetitive missions.

It seems like it would be a wasted opportunity to make an HD remake but not fix these problems.

wonderfulmonkeyman1404d ago

The repetitive missions, I can sort of agree with, but the majority of the repetitions are in different levels, so that's better than having all of them occur in the same level over and over, at least.

My big question, though, is how you came to the conclusion that the physics are "wonky"...
I've never had issues controlling the game, so please do explain where your issues cropped up.
I'm genuinely interested.

Concertoine1404d ago

Sort of agree with? You fight blooper twice, that monster on the mound of goo 5 times, petey twice...

Umm... you played the pachinko mission right? Or how about the accursed watermelon mission? Or any level with the boat (especially the one in lava)?

I never said sunshine was bad, but there are glaring issues with it that i would seriously hope Nintendo would fix in a remake 10+ years later.

wonderfulmonkeyman1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

LOL, okay, you've made your point.
When you mentioned wonky physics, I thought you were talking just general controls, which normally don't have any issues whatsoever.
But I remember that other stuff.
I remember ALL of that stuff.XD

The repetitive boss fights weren't so much of an issue for me, nor was the watermelon mission.

But the Pachinko machine?
The water of doom levels?

Yeah, screw those levels.XD

Ironically, I had a bigger issue with the disintegrating lily-pad level.
The one with the red coins.
I just said "Screw the lilypads" and used the hover nozzle to float between the sides of the level to collect them.
It was quite a bit easier, ironically.

Concertoine1404d ago

It really is an odd game if you think about it. It has no goombas or koopas or anything like that which is actually pretty fresh.

The core concepts of sunshine are really good, i wish you could better control your momentum with the hover or maybe switch nozzles on the fly to make platforming more complex. The untapped (hehe, pun) potential with FLUDD is what would make a great sunshine sequel.

Lionalliance1404d ago

Off topic, what's with the thumbnails images not showing?

BlackWolf1404d ago

God, I thought it was just me! It's been like this since the start of the weekend... it's quite annoying.

franwex1404d ago


Nodoze1404d ago

I thought it was an iOS issue. Funny that the ad thumbnails all seem to work...but that is it. Everything else is missing.

DC7771404d ago

Yeah no thumbnails on the phone, the laptop or any internet device for N4G. It's just this site. Not sure what's up.

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Summons751404d ago

I would buy a Sunshine remaster in a heartbeat. I loved that game so much, it fixed all the problems I had with Mario 64 and brought a lot of fun too. Luigi's mansion would be another awesome one. However, I feel like this rumored mega remaster is going to be Ocarina of Time for the WiiU, Hyrule Warriors uses OOT heavily compared to the other Zelda entires they have in that game and the OOT bonus skins looked really focused compared to the Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword skins.

Nodoze1404d ago

I am hoping for Double Dash, but I doubt that would happen. :(

Metroid would be another gem. Prime in HD....yes please!

shadowraiserx1404d ago

I prefer a Mario 64 remake ,they can even make the worlds more big and make extra worlds.

SteamPowered1404d ago

The 3D platformer has unfortunately gone the way of the dodo. Which is too bad really. I cut my teeth on those gems like Mario, banjo kazooie, donkey king 64, etc. I for one would gladly welcome another Mario 64-esque open world platformer.

wonderfulmonkeyman1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

If you loved those, take a look into a new little gem that's still in development, going by the name of "A Hat in Time".^_-

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