Batman Arkham Origins Review

Batman has experienced quite the popularity boost as of late. He’s been the star of three excellent movies, TV shows (I love me some Brave and The Bold) and videogames, most notably,the Arkham series which debuted on consoles in 2009. These games were one of those rare moments when a developer takes an established IP and gets it right. They captured the look and feel of Batman while delivering gameplay that combined elements of adventure and puzzle solving and wrapped it in a very satisfying combat system.

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1459d ago
TheJacksonRGN1459d ago

2014, the year this game was released. This is not the console version but the free-to-play game for mobile devices. You would know that if you read the review.

Software_Lover1459d ago

IMHO, I think all games should be reviewed after all the hype. Don't play/review a game until 6-7 months in and see what your thoughts are about it.

There are plenty of games that scored in the 90's or got high praise that I can't even finish. Not because of difficulty, but because they are boring or just suck.

incendy351459d ago

I actually feel that way about Batman: Arkham City. I revisit it every few months after finishing other games to try and finish it, but I just can't get motivated to play it. It starts out awesome but I just find it boring after a couple hours.

fallacious1459d ago

The time machine works! I traveled back to 2013!

Sketchy_Galore1459d ago

This game is a weird one. I loved the previous two games and have been a huge Batman fan my entire life but I just can't get more than halfway through this one despite repeated attempts and I can't even pinpoint why. Sure the fighting is a fair bit messier and everything just overall not quite as tight but there's something beyond that that just bores me to tears when I play this one and I can't figure out what it is.

TheJacksonRGN1459d ago

The title needs to be updated so people know this is a review for the free to play mobile game and not 2013's console game.

incendy351459d ago

It does say Hardcore Droid in the title, and the tags show Android, iPhone, mobile :D

CorndogBurglar1459d ago

Or people could actually read the article before making ignorant comments.

I know, that would be crazy.

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