If Anyone Can Do Mobile Gaming its Nintendo

Gamnesia writes: As a generally traditional gamer, I understand the distrust of the mobile market as a gaming platform and the stigmas attached to it. Inferior products, shoddy controls, annoying advertisements, microtransactions, and other problems plague many mobile games, but I object to the idea that this is how it has to be. The mobile market is rapidly expanding, whether traditional gamers like it or not, and developers and publishers are directing more and more of their attention and resources towards it. Someone needs to step up to the plate and do mobile gaming right. If anyone can do that, it's Nintendo.

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randomass1711460d ago

Wouldn't it be a smarter idea to use mobile to advertise traditional game hardware and software rather than putting games on the platform? If anything doing that would give people less reason to notice your platform.

Erimgard1460d ago

There is a section suggesting Nintendo do exactly that in the article. The idea that Nintendo can "do mobile" is not just about them releasing games on smart phones. A lot of different ideas are explored here.

randomass1711460d ago

Just finished it. There is a part where Nintendo making a Pokemon spin-off is mentioned. find this funny because I read today that the Pokemon guys are making a Pokemon trading card game for iPads. Seems Nintendo is eyeballing that market already. :P

N4g_null1460d ago

Yeah most of this has been covered. From hint books to practice games that could have console in game unlockables.

The key is to not treat phone games as the main course.

With a new portable coming they could use that as a content push to phones so phones could play co op with the new handheld. Of course the handheld would provide superior controls. Yet Nintendo could get exposure.

Plus support could be made for android as a indie platform. Which means each nintendo handheld could be a developer device with support for their proprietary apis if the dev wants to really push the hardware.

KonsoruMasuta1460d ago

Damnit, Chrono, do your homework.

First, that isn't the first Pokémon game on IOS or a device other than Nintendo hardware. This is a port of a PC game.

Second, the Pokémon company isn't wholly owned by Nintendo. The article is wrong.

Third, this is Gamefreak's doing, not Nintendo. Nintendo is aware and let's them do it, but it's not Nintendo paying for or developing this game.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1460d ago

It developed by Electrified Games, Sleepy Giant Entertainment, Plexipixel and Inversoft.

With Microtransaction
Not by Nintendo or Gamefreak. It sole purpose is to teach and market Pokemon Training Cards.

Like Pokedex 3D Pro, TV and Tap.

All marketing purposes.

Chrischi19881460d ago

It is true, that Nintendo would do better in the mobile sector, that doesnt mean it isnt a dumb idea^^ They would have more success, but at what price?

Erimgard1460d ago

What "price" do you think there will be?

Chrischi19881460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Something like the quality of games getting worse. Making their super successful franchises to nothing more than some stupid mobile touch game. Losing all the great gameplay, because input methods suck. Selling their good franchises, where one game costs millions in production, for $2.99. Is that enough for you? I could go on and on. Going mobile is such a stupid idea. Their handheld business is the healthiest in the whole gaming industry, why should they abandon that for some dumb smartphone game?

wonderfulmonkeyman1460d ago

They wouldn't have more success; most of their main-line games aren't 5-minute-burst games like Flappy Birds.
Even the original Mario Bros isn't like that.
Mobile games come and go so quickly, as well, that Nintendo's games would simply be buried in the flood the moment they drop off the first page, and on top of that, the majority of mobile game makers rarely if ever get rich off of their products. They're only out-selling consoles and console software as a collective; most of them can't even SCRATCH the individual dollars that software on consoles is pulling in.

There's no long-term profit potential in that market for Nintendo, so it would be a suicidal move to entirely bank on Mobile, or even lean on it.
It's just that simple.

edqe1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I think mobile gaming will turn more like console gaming. Plug the phone/tablet to TV, gamepad / K+M and start playing.

NVidia K1 + Android + OpenGL 3.1 with AEP: