It’s Time For Developers To Represent Us Gluten Intolerant Gamers

Video Games Made Me Do It: "Video games have been around nearly for three decades. We’ve seen them grow from the early days of Pong and Pac-Man to full-on, movie-quality blockbusters like BioShock and Grand Theft Auto V. Sales numbers show they’re only getting more popular with each generation, too. Like all media, though, video games are far from perfect."

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Erimgard1345d ago

I like satire, but this wasn't that great. Meh.

VGMMDI1345d ago

No worries bud. Humor is subjective.

Sir_Simba1344d ago

Am I the only N4G is not showing any pictures from the links

jimjam34421344d ago

mines been doin that for 2 days. glad its not my fault.

scark921344d ago

No, I am seeing this too

Summons751344d ago

Oh good, I thought it was my internet since yesterday.

Pintheshadows1344d ago

Add me to the list. It has done it before.

700p1344d ago

People signed a petition to take off all the thumbnails.

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Summons751344d ago

Screw the Gluton weirdoes (totally joking by the way) what about the gamers with Peanut allergies!!!

funny read by the way.

swice1344d ago

This could make for an interesting game mechanic in the future

Fireseed1344d ago

Yeah this was pretty stupid. I guess if you were going for the "devs representing minorities" thing you should've picked a group not defined by a physical ailment. But hey I guess humor is subjective so to help with your next article I got some recommendations;

"It’s Time For Developers To Represent Us Bell's Palzy Gamers"

"Devs need to start catering more to gamers prone to photosensitive seizures"

"Not enough Cancer stricken gamers are represented!"

You know.... satire articles.

BiggerBoss1344d ago

I don't think gluten intolerance is really as severe as Bell's palsy or cancer, but it's whatev. I just wanna know when us Amish gamers are finally gonna be represented

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