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Submitted by TheMART 2724d ago | review

MGS4: 1UP Videoreview - Is it Solid Snake's final Mission?

MGS4: 1UP Videoreview - Is it Solid Snake's final Mission? (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) A-/A

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TheMART  +   2724d ago
hahaahaha pimpstation reporting this, how is the 1UP MGS4 videoreview lame? ahahahahaaa you're funny.

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fork_the_lad  +   2724d ago
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But i wouldnt piss on you if you wer on fire

You know that, right? Useless person, you dont know how to act like a
360 fanboy.
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juuken  +   2724d ago
...You're a disgrace to true 360 owners. I hope you know that.
fork_the_lad  +   2724d ago
TheGayFag Mart
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whoknew  +   2724d ago
Mart Im a xboxfanboy and you disappointed me, become a real xboxfanboy like me and send MGS4 SPOILERS TO EVERY SINGLE SONY BOY come on you know you want to.
Alvadr  +   2724d ago
You are just so pathetic Mart. You are watching a number on a screen desperatly hoping it goes down, and no one, absolulty no one but YOU seems to give a s**t about it.. Take a long hard look in the mirror!

Your watching a number on a screen. While we have all been actually playing the game! because we can!

I actually sometimes look forward to your comedy posts.
fork_the_lad  +   2724d ago
A- was given to this review
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Drekken  +   2724d ago
fork_the_lad  +   2724d ago
A- is same as 8.5


the guy from gametrailers revieweered and gave story 8.7. That guy knew the story inside out cuz he does MGS retrospectivesist. So it probably sucks if he doesnt like it?
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Azures  +   2724d ago
A- is 91.

These are American outlets and thus held to American grading standard, which puts A- at approx. 91 for arguments sakes.
Panthers  +   2724d ago
fanboys>>>>>> ;>>open zone
MikeGdaGod  +   2724d ago
A- is either 9 or 9.1
QuackPot  +   2724d ago
If A- is around 9.1...
Then that's not too far off the mark.

I'm playing it at the moment and it's definitely not a 10. BTW, there's not such thing are a 10/10 game because no game so far is PERFECT. You know which games I'm talking about.

IMO MGS4 just too much cut scenes - more than usual for MGS

- and -

the animation/physics(especially slow as running and no sprint option) is too OLD SCHOOL.

This is next gen so Konami needed to take MG to the next level not only with graphics but especially for animation/physics - it needs to be faster and more realistic or even exaggerated as in Gears of War.

No more than a 9.5 out of 10 but still a great AAA game.
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niall77  +   2724d ago
makes sence
I agree with this review.

But to much story in MGS4 could be a plus for some people

A-A+ its still AAA
Vojkan  +   2724d ago
dude A- is 8.5, same score that Ratchet PS3 got. I new they are going to do this. Next is Gamespot.
Azures  +   2724d ago
Actually an A- is an 91, I don't know what insanely lenient grading scale you use.
Bigrhyno  +   2724d ago
Metacritic is counting A- as a 91 and Gamerankings a 90.
JIN KAZAMA  +   2724d ago
what the hell are you talking about?
A+ = 100%
A = 94% - 99%
A- = 90% - 93%
so STFU.
Says you  +   2724d ago
Please do piss on him he needs a drink of water
Considering how much crap hes been throwing up everyway he goes in n4g and smacks down the PS3.
Maverick_  +   2724d ago
This game is fuking AMAZING, Seriously I don't want it to end.

Gameinformer- 10

Ign UK- 9.9

Gamepro- 10

IGN Italy or somehting- 9.5

Gametrailers 9.3(too low in my opinion...this game is AMAZING)

Seriously. MGS4 is one of the greatest of all time as it has been said by multiple publications and magazines. Your jealous, TheMart and you can't bring it down. It is WITHOUT A DOUBT better than anyhting on the Xbox 360 and Bioshock is the only game that even comes close. MGS4 is unrivales and even the weakest cinematics from MGS4 makes the cinematics from Halo or Gears of War LITERALLY looks like the were made by rookies.

MGS4 is SOOO good. I'm just like Wow. It's non stop amazing. The production values and detail in the game in unmatched. It's just so cool, so over-the-top. So amazing dude. I'm loving this game. The music and sound effects are just incredible. It blows any other soundtrack to pieces. It is A+ Hollywood grade.

Just try this game. Olay the other s first, which are also very very good... but this one is just different. It has a lsight more shooter feel....but still that same MGS feel. It's just an amazing game. It has HUGE open0ended environments and different paths and ways to go. Not just 2... multiple. I'm loving this game!!
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TheMART  +   2724d ago
9.3 too low?

Wrong. That's even too high seen the average reviews that say:

91.5% (92% rounded off)


to the crybaby below. May I remind you, you started sending me messages like all those other PS3 fantards that feel the need to PM me. They all get the same standard message back before I block them.

I know you feel sad about blocking you and that's why you feel the need to cry on and on and on.

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To prove your PM:

"56 minutes ago | By: fork_the_lad | Block

Hey "
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fork_the_lad  +   2724d ago

you are a mother funky

stop sending me messages. You are accident. The condom factory should have gave u your birth certifcate and extremely strong pack of condom as an apology for your birth by now?

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whoknew  +   2724d ago
Meus Renaissance  +   2724d ago
Best game I've ever played
Marceles  +   2724d ago
Best game I WILL ever 4 hours :(

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heroman711  +   2724d ago
@ renaissance
hey y did u get disagrees? that was your opinion. tsk tsk tsk to ppl here
Destructor  +   2724d ago
well, at least its better than Haze.
Drekken  +   2724d ago
and NG2 and Halo and GeOW and Lair and everything this gen.
Doppy  +   2724d ago
A- is 9.1
Azures  +   2724d ago
I'm putting a personal curve on some of these reviews because they don't particularly enjoy the story like a fan of the series would, or even an unbiased party. Also many don't count the inclusion of MGO towards the score.

Taking those things into account an A- is really an A.
Obama  +   2724d ago
F*ck off the Mart. Gameranking did not include a lot of reviews which gave a perfect score to mgs4. the average of all scores is 9.5, which rape the overated halo3.
#10 (Edited 2724d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
TheMART  +   2724d ago
Uh oh...

It just dropped to 91.2%

I guess they added the reviews you missed? :P
BigKev45  +   2724d ago
Yeah A- is a 91. Get it right.
Destructor   2724d ago | Spam
Mr PS3  +   2724d ago
Tell you what
Snake's Octo suit has more detail in it than gears 2 will have in its entire game
Hell i'd rather watch the first install screen than look at anything on the Xbox 3 dollar's your crap machine couldn't handle MGS4 360
As usual MGS raise's the bar
This is were NEXT GEN gaming starts

And it's Fukin Fantastic
MGS4 = better FPS than Halo 3
MGS4 = better 3rd Person than Gears 2
MGS4 Has a better story than all the game's put together on the 360
Basically put MGS4 = CLASS
Something which the Xbox hasn't got
sandip787  +   2724d ago
LOL those guys are the geekiest looking guys ive ever seen. i think ill leave it at that.
celticlonewolf  +   2724d ago
Really what the heck
A- is still a really great score. Lets face it the game is for the metal gear fan mostly but even with that reviewers still see how much effort and how well put together the game is. I dont like metal gear solid never have and probably never will(unless they make some huge changes then it wouldnt be meatl gear then) but even I can see when a game has been put together great and offers the people who enjoy these types of games a top notch experiance.
giovonni  +   2724d ago
I'm a little
Disappointed in the game play. the cut scenes are killing the enjoyment for me. The visuals are outstanding, but for me it's a little frustrating dealing with the long cut scenes. I don't want to skip them because I know this is where the story is going to unfold. I just hope the next few acts can change my mind
sandip787  +   2724d ago
theMART submitted this?
surely not even the mart could say this game is magnificent could he?
wow an epic day for N4G!

DeZimatoR  +   2724d ago
Damn, even Mart wanted to join in on the fun :p
derek  +   2724d ago
Cant wait to get home to play this, the review seems like an honest opinion. Sounds like some dont necessarily have a problem with the cut scenes just the way they are distibuted in the game, like there to heavily weighted towards the end. Guess I will know by Sunday.
heroman711  +   2724d ago
y are 360 fanboys here? just cause you cant get this game on xbox doesn't mean you have to come here and start trying to degrade his game. A- is definitely somewhere in the 9's
Syronicus  +   2724d ago
Was it just me or...
Did anybody else find the "lead reviewer" trying to hard to find a negative point about the game? I also have to say that MGS3 was good but in no way was it as good as 4. That is my take. MGS4 is king in the series.

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