Lords of the Fallen - Here are 20 Minutes of New Gameplay Footage

YouTube’s MKIceAndFire has shared a new video showing 20 minutes of new gameplay footage from Lords of the Fallen.

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equal_youth1288d ago

great. does somebody know whats up with multiplayer in this game?

adonis1831288d ago

off topic: is anyone else having a problem with

the pictures in front of the articles wont load.

equal_youth1288d ago

yep exactly the same for me.

Darth Gamer1288d ago

Me too. Driving me crazy!!!

Elit3Nick1288d ago

Damn I thought that it was something with my internet or laptop, I can rest easy now

3-4-51288d ago

Same here. k just thought it was me.

brich2331288d ago

I thought it was my internet

Palitera1288d ago

I'm glad you posted it between the cursing and the long wait for the help desk from my ISP...

So it's not my Internet huh...

MWong1288d ago

I think everybody was like what the hell is wrong with my PC. I tried clearing my cookies and was like WTH.

I am liking this game it's like a graphical beastly version of Dark Souls.

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boing11288d ago

There is no multiplayer. Only single player.

equal_youth1288d ago

oh man that is not so good :/ but thanks for the answer, will keep an eye on this game anyway.

Back-to-Back1288d ago

This game looks dope. Will definitely be a great time spender until Bloodborne comes out.

lonelyplayer1288d ago

Looks amazing. Can't wait

Palitera1288d ago

Is it the same demo they've shown before? Not opening here...

About the game, given the atrocious historic of the devs, the game is on the radar, but I'll definitely wait for reviews.

DevilishSix1288d ago

Different demo so check it out, game looks great.

Roccetarius1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Still seems like the gameplay haven't changed much, not to mention he wasted resources on summoning. It's more cheap than anything else.