Should Star Wars: The Old Republic Make The Move to Next-Gen Consoles?

Why hasn't Star Wars: The Old Republic been ported to consoles yet? An associate writer from Middle of Nowhere Gaming analyses why BioWare has not yet made this massive move.

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Rimeskeem1433d ago

If the studio wants to bring it to current-gen consoles they can do it.

joab7771433d ago

Go course, and if DCUO and FF14 are any indication, it could do well. There is a market. Maybe it would help to breathe more life into the game.

ripyernutzof1433d ago

No, because the game is a snore-fest.

Neixus1433d ago

It's a character driven game, like in a singleplayer game, but it's a MMO.

That's what went wrong with this game, and why it's a snore fest. Character driven games are made to make you feel special, but when thousands of other players also are as ''special'' It's not fun

redwin1433d ago

I have not played the MMO, but KOTOR, the first, was one of the greatest games I've played and I would love to play an updated version of that game, more like a open sandbox if the game can be fix that way, like No Man Sky..... Wow, what a great idea that would be.

Zenith4k1433d ago

Never played it but hear lots about it (I'm gonna throw this in because there is never an article about it) if they can port old Republic why can't we get total wars I loved it for PC but don't have one that can play the new ones as I'm not a PC fan. Come on give me total wArs, damn now I think I may have a trolling bug in me I'm gonna write this in every article!!

hairy1433d ago

Please, no more star wars, make it stop.

JackOfAllBlades1433d ago

No way! I especially can't wait for the new Battlefront

CorndogBurglar1433d ago

Yes, because its so hard for you to not play any Star Wars games or watch any Star Wars movies.

People love Star Wars, whether you like it or not. It isn't going anywhere.

Grave1433d ago

I think it would be a good move. There is huge potential in this market if a developer could strike the right nerve.

Volkama1433d ago

F2P games are totally reliant on exposure to lots and lots of people. 10million PS4 gamers might sound like a lot, but it really isn't in terms of the f2p revenue model.

It isn't worth porting yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.