Walmart Ad 8/24 - 8/30

Take a look at the latest Walmart weekly ad.

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oODEADPOOLOo1309d ago

TLDR: Save an amazing 4 cents on madden'15 or buy the XO bundle with the game included for free, plus get another 4 cents off a second controller! thats literally a 4 cent value! Have a big ass head? get the exclusive turtle beach XO cans for another 4 cents off. You lucky dog you! look at all dem 4 cent savings.

Crazyglues1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

LMAO.... :) -now that was just too funny..


Crazyglues1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

well someone disagreed with me, so I guess they think 4 cents is a great deal ..LoL