Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare includes Theme with Digital Purchase.

A Reddit user spotted the digital version of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare on PS4 which includes "themes"

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admiralvic1429d ago

I see this and I think it's one of three possibilities.

1) It's a poorly worded statement indicating it comes with themed DLC (Fat Princess / Sly / Ratchet costumes), not a literal theme like what the XMB had.
2) It was meant for the PS3 version, but someone screwed up. This wouldn't be the first time someone made a simple error like that and accidents do happen.
3) While unlikely, it could be a case of Sony over-promising again. This happened WAY back with Resistance: Burning Skies preorders. Sony offered a lock screen and avatars with preorder of the game ( ), but, if memory serves, Sony couldn't make either work and ended up giving away the theme for all ( ) and I don't think they ever gave out the avatars*.

* I preordered the game and never saw them go up or got them. Still a little sad about it. =[

WeAreLegion1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Totally agree with everything. I highly doubt this was intentional.

Pretty upset about the Burning Skies thing, too. Pretty upset about Burning Skies, in general.

LackTrue4K1428d ago

is this game good, im still a little on the fence about picking it up this tuesday....

Lawboy21428d ago

Game is amazing I spent about 100 hrs playing the's the customization that keeps u coming the gameplay is really good and it's so fun

3-4-51428d ago

It's surprisingly awesome.

troylazlow1428d ago

This is one of my fav games on the X1, you guys will love it! I highly suggest picking it up when you can

Lawboy21428d ago

I totally agree...if you want to have some mp fun pick this game up