Call of Duty's three year cycle gives creative 'freedom to fail'

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg mentioned during our recent Gamescom interview that Call of Duty's current studio cycle will keep the franchise in a lifestyle to which the audience has become accustomed. Although Call of Duty may be an annual franchise, it had been a tennis match between two studios, but earlier this year it was revealed the franchise was now on a three-studio cycle.

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cfc781373d ago

Hope one of the studios does something more modern day don't know how many more in the future COD's I can take won't be long before we get laser swords in the dlc.

BiggerBoss1372d ago

Yeah I don't see how COD went from a realistic WW2 shooter to this future scifi action fps. I just wonder how many more entries in the franchise we're going to see. Are we going to have a COD every year for the next 20 years? It just seems to me like they're overdoing it. However they obviously have a huge fan base so the franchise isn't going anywhere.

I'm just rambling now but I agree they should go back to more modern day style games.

mhunterjr1372d ago

When was COD ever realistic?

BiggerBoss1372d ago

Maybe "based in realism" is the better term. The ww2 games were still much more realistic than exoskeletons and laser guns, just saying

USMC_POLICE1372d ago

Let's go back to ww2 for at least a game or two. Modern cod wasent that long ago.

DeadlyOreo1372d ago

This is the first futuristic Call Of Duty haha, Black Ops 2 was ever so slightly future. You can't take it? Go play one of their older games then, or be patient and wait for Treyarch's next instalment.

BattleTorn1372d ago

Laser Swords!!!!!!

(I'm picturing Pacific Rim)

3-4-51372d ago

* Gives them time to try an idea, if it doesn't work, create a new one and STILL have plenty of time to optimize it and make everything as close to perfect as possible.

* Before, they had no room for error, but there always was some, so that is the main reason we got the same game over and over.

Matt6661371d ago

for a "three year development" AW looks disapointing

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thorstein1373d ago

I hope so. That might make this series better.

MegaRay1372d ago

Creative? Just copy paste. I mean people will still buy it. Oh and Ghost is the best next gen game sold IN BOTH CONSOLES! Forget it, I am losing faith in gaming.

dcj05241372d ago

Faith? What does that mean? Just play the games that appeal to you. Just because something you don't like is popular doesn't mean anything. I Don't like Justin Bieber but I haven't "lost faith in music" whatever that even means.

Jamaicangmr1372d ago

I had high hopes for the upcoming version but now that i've seen more it is starting to remind me too much of Titanfall. I don't need to wall run n boost in my call of Duty, i just hope they don't loose their way by trying to be like everyone else. COD was the trend setter on the PS3?Xbox360 and yes it got repetative to me but it was still fun for short periods.I just want that COD4MW magic. Simple and direct gameplay smaller maps that didnt reward camping a kill streak system that aid you rather than felt like goal. 3 kills UAV 5 kills Airstrike 7 kills Chopper gunner. That formula was so much damn fun... I miss COD4's simplicity

dcj05241372d ago

Wall run? The only thing similar is the jetpack.

bamillington1372d ago

I really don't understand all the fuss about cod. Not a patch on battlefield

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