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Submitted by PockyKing 469d ago | news

CD Projekt RED Comments on Xbox One Exclusive Collector’s Edition Items

OnlySP: CD Projekt RED has issued a statement following the less then desirable reaction to the Xbox One version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt obtaining some exclusive items in its version of the collectors edition. (PC, PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Xbox One)

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Lucas22  +   469d ago
what hypocrites
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PockyKing  +   469d ago | Well said
How so? Microsoft has been promoting the game at every event, they're offering the game DRM free on PC and this is the first Witcher entry to even appear on a Playstation platform.

These guys are some of the best and most sincere devs around and they're getting shit on for giving something back to the company that has promoted them the most?

I understand the want for parity across platforms, but even so this doesn't warrant the comments that CD Projekt is getting one bit. Especially for their past history.
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Lawboy2  +   469d ago
I completely agree....I really wish I had money to support these guys I would buy the collectors edition...they are a really good developer
-Foxtrot  +   469d ago
"and they're getting shit on for giving something back to the company that has promoted them the most?"

Yet they talk about treating all platforms equally? Come on, you can't say something like that and then do this, it's contradicting. It makes you look bad, so it's their fault at the end of the day.

If Microsoft have been promoting this at all their gaming events then that's up to Microsoft, CD Projekt would still have a choice when it comes to their game on what to do with it.

You should never have exclusive goodies in collectors editions when everyone is paying the same price for it. It's bad enough we've got to the point we're pre order or exclusive content in game is accepted, obviously we don't accept it as gamers but it still happens because that's what developers/publishers think.
PockyKing  +   469d ago | Well said

From the things I've read, they're trying to make the same GAME experience. Nowhere did they ever say that Collector's Edition would be the exact same across all platforms. Plus, they have time to announce more stuff.

People took that console parity to the extreme without going into specifics of what it actually meant to CD Projekt RED.

They are a far cry from what we've come to expect from the normal developer or publisher nowadays. These little items in the Collector's Edition is being blown WAY out of porportion simply because it's coming to the Xbox platform.

I own both consoles, I've got no bias towards either. Both sides of the spectrum have gotten their fair share of exclusive content over the years. No company is perfect, and if Microsoft has been promoting the game the most, I personally think it's fine that the XB1 version is getting a little something extra.

Do I agree with it, not really, but I see why it's happening. And those fans that really want that Collector's Edition will still buy it either way.

And there's CERTAINLY a better way to go about these things then what people are doing towards the developers. It's sick how people treat game developers for something like this.
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GribbleGrunger  +   469d ago
I'm a PS4 owner and I see nothing wrong with this either. It only makes sense to give the company that promoted you on consoles a little something in return.
Army_of_Darkness  +   469d ago
I don't get what the big deal is?? Has no effect on the actual game itself so freakin' relax.
Not happy about the limited edition, then don't buy it. Simple.
darthv72  +   469d ago
So MS is paying the $$ to have a little something extra included in the box contents (not the game itself) and people are going bat crap crazy because they are not getting the same stuff in their preferred version.

Actually...they are getting the same things. As it relates to the initial CE version. All 3 versions are getting the same game, the same statue, the same odds and ends. Its only the XB1 version that is getting a bonus gift from MICROSOFT...NOT CD Projekt.

If collectors want to buy the XB1 version because of those extra trinkets, so be it. That doesnt mean that they cant buy the game itself for their preferred platform. In many cases that's what collectors do. They buy one for playing and one for displaying.

No rule says the one for displaying MUST BE the same one for the preferred platform. It would not surprise me if the XB1 CE version sells more in spite of the low system sales. That would just prove the point of collectors buying it for all the stuff in the box more so than the game itself.

It happens people...get over it.
XBLSkull  +   469d ago
Don't like it? Protest the game and don't buy it. Use the power of the purse.
TomShoe  +   469d ago
Translation: Microsoft wrote a nice fat check.

XBLSkull: Or just buy it used.
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darthv72  +   469d ago people actually trade in their collectors editions complete?

Or do you mean buy the collector edition (for the stuff) and then buy a used copy of just the game?
christocolus  +   469d ago | Well said

This is so sad. These same guys attacking this dev and starting up petitions online always feel they are entitled to everything out there. Cd projekt imo shouldn't have to explain themselves&its same with Crystal Dynamics. Sony has done some exclusive deals too yet we didn't see xbox fans flaming and sending death threats to the developers..yet its same people who ordered toys r us to bring down ads promoting xbox one..its same users who have destiny dlc for a year, farcry4 exclusive share functionality and batmans scare scrow exclusive game modes (forever)yet they are here's complaining abt physical exclusiv content. Its really embarrasing to see grown dudes act so like it? Then go get it on xbox. The witcher2 was on 360 and MS is partnering with them now,what's so difficut to understand?

“ If you still consider that
adding two decks of
Gwent cards and a map of
the in-game world to the
Xbox One CE equals us
betraying our values and
not fulfilling our
promises, well, it does
make us sad, but the final
call is always yours to

The choice is yours to make just as CD has stated above.. If the extra content makes you so envious and filled with hate then don't buy the game at all or you could suck up your bias and buy it on Xbox one. Its easy as abc.


Its really shameful. Can't believe these guys actually had to make a statement. Wow.
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SonyAddict  +   469d ago
I played the first witcher on pc and gave up an hour into the game and the same with the second witcher..This franchise is an acquired taste and I think a lot of people who didn't play the first two won't be bothered to play this especially those with a ps4!.
Ezz2013  +   469d ago
All 3rd party exclusives Content deals need to DIE

and this goes to Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo
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KevinRHG  +   469d ago
Games have Collector Editions all the time with no other way of getting the contents. World of Warcraft does this with every expansion and even at events for pets.

I believe there is nothing wrong with what CD Projekt is doing.
christrules0041  +   469d ago
By the words of CD Project Red, "We are treating all gamers equally," says CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski. "We'll not deliver exclusive content to any of the platforms, nor will we artificially delay release of the game on any of the platforms because somebody's paying us money for that. It's definitely against our values. We are not doing that."

Article link : http://www.escapistmagazine...

What a bunch of hypocrites. They are also forgetting that PC gamers have been supporting them from the beginning as well.
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darthv72  +   469d ago
@christrules... "We are treating all gamers equally," yes in regards to the game itself.

"We'll not deliver exclusive content to any of the platforms" yes, in regards to the game itself.

"nor will we artificially delay release of the game on any of the platforms because somebody's paying us money for that." yes, the game is releasing at the same time on the respected platforms.

"It's definitely against our values. We are not doing that." and so far they have stayed true to their words.

There is the regular version for PC, PS4 and XB1. There is the CE version for PC, PS4 and XB1. MS has added in a bonus gift that they paid to have made specifically for the XB1 CE. Sony could have done the same but they didn't.

CDPR are staying true to their words and the game will be released accordingly. If you want to complain, complain to the other platforms for not adding in something special at their own expense.
mechlord  +   469d ago
From the overblown responses here, im guessing im in the minority when I say this:

Well, there is always a little envy there for the things I cant get. I say cant because im a ps gamer and cant / wont get 2 consoles. Thing is, I never really buy CEs because all I want is the game that will be the same. Now, if all you want is to collect, im under the impression that collectors buy 2 copies of these things: a regular and a collectors edition. Even for the die hard ps fans, you always just buy the xone CE if all you want is to "collect it". The game is the same. Isnt that what really matters?
donthate  +   469d ago

Where were you when we all pay the same, but PS4 is getting digital goodies on Watchdogs, Street Fighter Collector's edition and a host of other games?

We all pay the same right?

Heck, in many instances not everyone get the same experience, after all we aren't getting the same resolution, and frame rate either.

We all pay the same right?
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sonarus  +   469d ago
I predict if microsoft can't start to pull closer to ps4 and gap continues to widen, then MS would really really need to play serious money for exclusives that will end up with weak sales at least in comparison to ps4. Then ps4 will be getting all the best stuff and i wonder if the general tone then will be all 3rd party exclusives must die.
MS still haven't affected a franchise i truly care about. I think the throwing money at devs thing just rubs ppl the wrong way.
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700p  +   468d ago
Sensitive whiny gamers out there. This is exactly why nobody takes gamers seriously. ITS A GAME.
mcarsehat  +   468d ago
Lately there have been daily articles containing a game developer's apology to certain kind of gamers. Literally all people do now is complain, no, they actually sulk like little kids. The more game players sulk, the less serious they will be taken when it comes to games having some sort of pull in the real world.


- in that order.
DragonKnight  +   468d ago
"These guys are some of the best and most sincere devs around and they're getting shit on for giving something back to the company that has promoted them the most?"

Have you considered that, up until the Witcher 3, Sony weren't even given a chance to promote Witcher games? Rewarding a company for promoting you by granting its userbase exclusive content just because of said promotion just completely ignores the fact that you never gave the other company any chance to do the same.

This is just part of the same exclusive content B.S. that people always flip flop on whenever it benefits them, forgetting that it benefits no one.
Haki1112  +   468d ago
@ Foxtrot I've seen you on every article about this so I got these for you
Eddie20101  +   468d ago
I posted this on the articles page and it was deleted, so I re posted on his page and now I am posting here.

Pre order items are free and it's up to the individual weather or where they want to get them.

Exclusive DLC is almost always timed and every platform gets eventually and in most cases for free.

Collectors edition of games are very expensive and most people that buy them buy them for the physical items. They are charging every one the same Price Of $149.99 but two platforms , the PC and Playstaion 4, are not getting the Extra 5 to 10 dollars worth of content. Like I said it's not like time exclusive DLC where every one gets it eventually, people who buy the PC version do not get the addition content sent to them six moth down the road.

This whole deal seams kinda stupid to me, it's not going to sell more consoles , they don't even make that many of them. Most of time they end not selling them all and a couple months later can be found for considerably less than retail. I have gotten most of my collectors editions for much less than retail. plus The Witcher 2 CE had poor packaging and many people ended up with broken statues( go the the games forums and you will see for yourself). This move only gains them something with Xbox fanboys, I can't see it making much difference in console sales or game sales.

The ones that defend this deal with Cdproject and Microsoft are many of the same people that bitch to no end about Destiny (Bunji) deal with PS4. The difference is that they are not excluded from the game by the deal and they will eventually get the Exclusive DLC.

With The Witcher 2 PC and PS4 gamers will never get the extra content in the CE and have to pay the same price.

With the New Tomb raider game people are being excluded, people that bought the game at a higher rate than on the console that has exclusivity. plus Pc and Playstion are the platforms the game is more associated with.
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come_bom  +   469d ago | Well said
Yep, hypocrites. Such hate against Microsoft. Unbelievable.

Everything that Microsoft does, people start complaining and bit**ing. If Sony does the same thing, everything good... but when it's Microsoft... all hell breaks loose.
Sometimes I'm ashamed to be part of this gaming world. Everyone thinks we are crybaby's, always moaning about something.

CD Projekt RED are great developers that deserve our support. As for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, PC version for me without a doubt.

EDIT: @PockyKing
Yep. Nintendo paid for Bayonetta 2 development, and there were still people complaining that it's not multiplatform. * shakes head *
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PockyKing  +   469d ago
There's always a group that's not happy about something that's exclusive though. Bayonetta 2 ring any bells?
BiggerBoss  +   469d ago
What about when Xbox fanboys were moaning about how bungie betrayed them, and how the season pass should be cheaper on Xbox? Fanboys exist on both sides and complaining definitely exists on both sides. I personally don't find this particular issue that bad. I'd rather Xbox get some trading cards than exclusive dlc any day
Eonjay  +   469d ago
You damn right its a problem. CD were the ones who promised no special favors. We see it all the time but if you say you are different, be different.We have Microsoft to thank for injecting cash into everything like its the answer to everthing. But CD was right, the final decision is in our hands.
AgentSmithPS4  +   469d ago
I don't care about Microsoft or what big red did in the past, this is about people being ok with inequality from a dev that apparently used to have a better reputation.

From their excuse this just seems to be a lazy way to get more publicity, they should've just stuck to making great games and thinking up better ways to market them. They should stop with this 'political BS' and just man up and do it the right way.

Even a journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step (in the wrong direction, and at the end you have EA ;).
aliengmr  +   469d ago

No. CDPR meant the game.

Just because you and a few others (that evidently care more about junk than the actual game) took it to mean every single thing the same, is on you.
MAULxx  +   468d ago
People hate MS for many reasons.
CD Projekt Red is like the opposite of MS in terms of the way the do business.
Also, when speaking to customers, MS speaks BS & CD Projekt shoots it straight.
In these terms, they are polar opposite.
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levian  +   468d ago
I'm not in the group that has a hate boner for Microsoft. I own a PS4, and while I'd be happy about getting content like this for no extra price, I'd still be kinda angry if Sony got the exclusive extras. It's not fair to anybody. I don't care if you ditch the extra goodies for free and make it $20 more expensive, but for every platform. Give everybody the option.
lonelyplayer  +   469d ago
They have always been Microsoft fanboys so no they are not hypocrites.
I would not be surprised if the game have some issues on ps4. (Mark my words)
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Palitera  +   469d ago | Well said
When, and if, you grow up, you'll realize there's a thing in the grown up world called business.

Do you think they are MS fanboys because they didn't release TW2 on PS3? They said they maybe wouldn't even be able to run the game on PS3. Remember: they had no experience with consoles and even the experienced devs complained about its complexity. Also it was MS who made a deal with them. Chances are Somy didn't try hard enough. I feel actually relieved that they decided to release TW3 on PS4.

And now they're feeding from the fanboyism because they made a deal (probably) with MS to put something more on their version of the CE?

Damn. Some people can have a really narrow mind...
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MWong  +   469d ago
I think the reason why people are calling CDPR hypocrites is because they said in May no exclusive content on ANY platform.

"WE ARE TREATING ALL GAMERS EQUALLY" Marcin Iwinski said. My how the mighty have fallen.

Only 2 months later, now theirs exclusive XBO content. It's sad how they quickly changed their position.
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fullmetal297  +   468d ago
They always been PC oriented. The first Witcher is a PC-only game and the PC platform came DRM free with the Witcher 2. Red Project created a website advocates DRM free PC games and releases every game on that website DRM free.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   468d ago
I'm certainly glad your comment does not represent me as a PS4 owner.
MrSwankSinatra  +   469d ago
The sad thing is that people are actually defending this crap. Were basically paying more for less and yet people can't wrap their heads around the logic of that. Pretty sad.

OT: And to all the people that try to argue the same thing with DLC. You all know for a fact that 99.9% of time all DLC eventually makes it way to other platforms. There have only been a few exceptions like the Dead Rising 2 case west or case zero DLC.

Also another thing to add if people here are not into buying CE's then you have no business commenting on something that doesn't affect you. Take it how you want to take it, but it's the truth.
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darthv72  +   469d ago
Im still waiting for those joker challenge levels from Batman AA on ps3 to make their way to the 360 version.

So far.....nothing.

Looks like i found the .1% example you mentioned.
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aliengmr  +   469d ago
You know what's being defended here, RELEASING COMPLETE SOFTWARE. You know, the actual game, the thing those of us with more sense than money will end up getting.

If the price of keeping the consoles from slicing up games and dividing among several sources, is those few willing to spend $150 on a game missing out on a piece of cloth and a deck of cards, so be it. Most of us want the actual game and not a bunch of over priced shelf junk.

What's sad is after all the support CDPR has shown to their customers in the past, that they get trashed over something so utterly stupid as a piece of cloth and some cards.

And yes, it is stupid. Its not a second statue, bigger statue, or a sword, no, its a piece of cloth and a card game. That's not just sad, its pathetic really.

You can always just walk away. Like they said, you think they wronged you? Then by all means move right the hell along. But that won't happen, that's the truth.
ConfettiYeti  +   469d ago
I agree with your stance on PS owners paying more for less, so those with a problem should just hold onto there hard earned money and wait for a price drop. If you feel missing out on a map and some cards is a big deal (and I get the argument) just wait for it to drop to $39 or $29 and pick it up then.

If you really want to get over on the developer, just buy it used. You get the game and the developer gets nothing. That could get your point across, without spilling vile and nasty remarks to the team making the game.
ShowanW  +   469d ago
what are you even ranting about? Do u actually think these trinkets are made at CD:PR?...

Really... What does pack'ins funded by MS have to do with a game.

U think CD:PR, actually took development staff and assigned them to the "Trinkets and Charms" division...

U just posted a rant about nothing.
gamer1138  +   469d ago
What about Sony with the destiny exclusive dlc? Grow up.
LeoDDestroyer  +   468d ago
The difference is Bungie has never made a statement like CD:PR did when it comes to everything being the same on all platforms.
BallsEye  +   469d ago
Damn, you sony fanboys are the worst. You work hard to make every dev hate you.
ziggurcat  +   468d ago
don't generalize. i couldn't care less about a deck of cards and a map.
DLConspiracy  +   468d ago
Makes sense the comments section needs to match it.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   468d ago
Get the game on the XBox and trade it in for the PS version. Easy peasy.
-Foxtrot  +   469d ago
This is a pretty hilarious response

"we bend over backwards to give you the most beefed up editions of our games (be it standard or Collector’s)"

Or collectors? Isn't that why people are complaining? It's the whole point of this so obviously you haven't if one edition is more beefed up then the other

"and we deliver the same game, regardless of platform or version you buy"

We're not talking about the game though, this is about the contents of a collectors edition.

"Funnily enough, we did not notice any heated comments on the pre-order specials."

Gamers are ALWAYS ticked off with that sort of thing. The majority of us hate pre order stuff to begin with so I don't see why your trying to say there's no "heated comments" when there is, it's just more accepted now since nothing is done about it.

"Why are we doing this? We need the support of partners to make our game visible worldwide"

....IT'S THE WITCHER, I think it's pretty well known to gamers worldwide now. I mean it's up to the third game now. It's also based on a book which had it's own exposure, so you don't just have gamers you always have book fans aswell

I like how they think they've done nothing wrong when they have, do they think we are stupid. They are trying to spin this around and make it about the games content when it's not about that at all. No one is judging the games content or the game it's self, there's no complaints there from any of us.

Fact is you're expecting PS4 and PC owners to pay MORE for their version with LESS STUFF INCLUDED, then you have to cheek to talk about how you don't get involved in exclusive stuff because you want to treat us all "equal". Two points that totally go against each other.

As I've said when it's pre order DLC or exclusive DLC to a specific platform eventually EVERY GAMER can get that DLC. Like how the Destiny PS4 DLC will come to the Xbox One and the Evolve DLC will come to the PS4 for example

With collectors editions contents you can't add them in later can you, once you pay for it and it ships that's it, you get what your given. If you want the extra stuff and it's available online somewhere then you have to pay extra, meaning PS4/PC players would be paying even more for less.

I seriously don't understand how some people can't wrap there heads around this.
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Lev1903  +   469d ago
Or xbox owners get more value for the same price. This doesnt mean that pc and ps4 has less value. (Think about it)

Its logical that ms get this edition if they had an agreement. Xbox gets couple of things extra and ms advertises witcher for "free". My xbox higlighted the witcher tremendously the past months. Its called business.

And if gamers dont buy or curse at cdprojekt for somthing that doesnt have to do with the game itself, then those people cant call them self gamers.

Such hatred for so small thing. Woow.
-Foxtrot  +   469d ago
"Or xbox owners get more value for the same price. This doesnt mean that pc and ps4 has less value. (Think about it)"

Then PS4/PC gamers are getting less value, call it what you like but you can view it either way. They will see it as more value the other side will see it as less value.

Every person here who either views it that way, are calling people babies/entitled OR saying they don't care are mostly getting it for the Xbox One anyway so this doesn't both them, to them it's more value.

"Its logical that ms get this edition if they had an agreement. Xbox gets couple of things extra and ms advertises witcher for "free"

So let me get this straight, it's totally fine for a developer to do exclusive collectors edition content yet exclusive DLC is bad. It's the same thing, except like I said about DLC would come to other consoles eventually, it doesn't work with physical content.

"And if gamers dont buy or curse at cdprojekt for somthing that doesnt have to do with the game itself, then those people cant call them self gamers."

Oh look at that, someone who seems to know what "makes a gamer".

It's about right and wrong, the game will be good yes but it dosen't give them the excuse to do this, big thing or small thing.

Like I've said before if you aren't a collector and don't like collectors editions then you won't give a shit...but some people like myself do like collecting these things and as a fan of the series I want to get the most for my money....I just want to do that on my system of choice.

"Such hatred for so small thing. Woow" just don't care. Your one of these people where if it doesn't affect you in anyway you don't care but god forbid if something else did you'd want everyone to jump on board.

Since most people see collectors editions as a waste of money I get that but maybe you should try seeing it on the other side of the fence once and a while.
#2.1.1 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(30) | Report
PockyKing  +   469d ago

So, you totally looked over this part of their statement.

"We are also providing special pre-order items for certain retailers around the world, including Witcher comic books, posters, steel books or medallions. Funnily enough, we did not notice any heated comments on the pre-order specials."

According to your logic, I should feel cheated because I'm not getting ALL of that stuff with MY pre-order of the game? Even though it's the same Standard, Limited or Collector's Edition? Sorry, but you again, are making this situation "important" because it's Xbox vs PC vs PS4. It's painfully obvious.
Aceman18  +   469d ago
Meh these two worthless extras mean nothing to me as I still plan on buying the PS4 version. As long as my gaming experience isn't compromised I could give two ish about this stupid deal.
Kiwi66  +   469d ago
Anybody reading your comments would think that you have a personal stake in this thats why your so angry or is it simply because xbox is getting something
MrSwankSinatra  +   469d ago
I swear why does everyone on this site try to use the same excuse "Oh, it's because it's xbox and everyone just hates microsoft," get over yourself......
Quicktim3  +   468d ago
@MrSwankSinatra u get over yourself, its completely true, the complaints are ridiculous in this instance.
darthv72  +   469d ago
If you have no intention on buying the CE version of this game...just stop. It isnt like you are on some crusade for gaming equality.

If you are planning on getting the CE game then get the XB1 version to collect and then buy the regular one to play for your platform of choice.

MS paid for this. Sony could do the same thing if the consumers demand it. So go tell sony you want a cloth map and cards in their version and see if sony responds in kind.
ONI5  +   469d ago
Still waiting for that Arkham Asylum content that fancied the PS3.
aliengmr  +   469d ago
And I would totally sympathize if Xone owners were getting like a sword or a life size statue of Geralt. Nope, its just a cloth map and some cards.

And that's your problem. See, you're right that most think CEs are junk, but in this case its not even the main junk that's changed, its the even more worthless side junk.

Yea, I get you can't ever get it again, and I don't care. If that's what CDPR had to do to keep MS at bay, fine, I want the game minus having to buy the rest of it.
ConfettiYeti  +   469d ago
Like I said above, if this is that big of an issue ( I get the argument and understand the rage) just buy it at a price drop or buy the game used. Yea it sucks, but there is not a whole lot that's going to change about it. As a customer you should speak with your wallet. If enough people do it the point may get across to them ( don't hold your breath on that), if you buy someone else's second hand you get the game without giving money to the developer (personally I think this is terrible, but would get your point across). There are other options, your voice has been heard they have responded now speak with your wallet.
Palitera  +   469d ago
"Everyone knows TW, they don't need more publicity" or something like that:

So... Since we all, avid readers/writers, know everything about this game, they don't need more marketing?

Do you know that the world outside is made from people actually different than you? People that don't breathe games and can't name one game releasing this year.

Tomorrow I'll talk to a friend who own a PS4, had PS3 etc. I'm pretty sure he doesn't know about The Witcher. A work mate (will get a PS4 soon) got crazy when he saw TW3 in the E3 confs. He didnt know about it before.

Mind blowing to you, it seems...

Yes, CDPR wants to sell their game to everyone, not only to us.

Oh, and hey, welcome to the real world.

PS: I don't believe I had to explain this... It feels like talking to a kid.
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donthate  +   469d ago
Where was your outrage when Playstation owners get more value via digital content on the games that others pay the same price for?

No, no, no, this is MS here we are talking about! It doesn't benefit me, so now I will whine and cry injustice to ME!!!
#2.8 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Legend  +   468d ago
"....IT'S THE WITCHER, I think it's pretty well known to gamers worldwide now. I mean it's up to the third game now. It's also based on a book which had it's own exposure, so you don't just have gamers you always have book fans aswell"

Quite the assumption, especially for PS only gamers who have bought exactly zero copies of the franchise. Of course you're only making this assumption in order to strengthen your argument against MS's continuing support of CDPR and The Witcher franchise but I'm just letting you know it's a weak and transparent attempt. You've been all up in these comments writing tomes of outrage. Maybe it's time to go play a video game.
maniacmayhem  +   469d ago | Well said
I love how every dev has to explain why Xbox is getting something extra as if they are on trial or being questioned by the police.
ssjkiet  +   469d ago
Is it wrong for fans that own other consoles/PC to get shafted? Regardles of how big or small the pre-orders are.. We are sitll paying the same price but getting less.. So obviously people would be ticked about that..
maniacmayhem  +   469d ago
Is it wrong for fans that own the Xbox One to get more for the same price?

If you really want this "stuff" that bad then buy the Xbox One version of the game.

People act like this is the first time in the history of video games that this has happened. Why is it such a big deal when the Xbox gets something more than the other systems?
#3.1.1 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(12) | Report
SuperBlur  +   469d ago
I see this as similar to Batman Arkham series, exclusive stuff for the PS version, its also the same price as the xbox and pc version and i haven't seen people go up in arms about it in the past and i'd argue the exclusive stuff probably costed more cash because you know a few devs had to work on it vs a clothed map and a deck of cards which probably go for 5$
#3.1.2 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(2) | Report
n4rc  +   468d ago
Don't forget watch dogs and destiny.. two of the biggest hyped games of the last year..

Its only bad when they don't get it.. Would a thought that was obvious by now lol
Lawboy2  +   469d ago
It's starting to get sad...I swear

@ ssjkiet

Entitled gamers this gen...and just sad...
#3.2 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
PockyKing  +   469d ago
You should have seen the comments on the Tomb Raider blog post or even the FB post announcing the collector's edition. Seriously nasty people on there. Especially with TR. Death threats among other ugly comments.
BX81  +   469d ago
That's just sad. Never in a million years when I played Atari as a kid, did I think some in my favorite hobby would stoop to the lowest levels. Gaming has come so far, unfortunately some aren't mature enough to handle it.
n4rc  +   468d ago
You didn't even give a crap who made the games..

The first developer I can remember to name was electronic arts, and that's only because all their cartridges had that yellow tab on them lol..

Exclusives or sales didn't matter.. And you certainly didn't have 12 year olds claim to understand how multinational companies operate.

I miss the good old days.. Where you would actually encourage your buddy to get the other console so you could play it lol
SuperBlur  +   469d ago
Where's Rachel!!?
N311V  +   469d ago
I think it's because they've aligned with the minority console and now they need to appease to vocal majority. I haven't seen Bungie justify the exclusive Destiny content Sony secured with their deal.
castillo  +   469d ago
Could it be that it's on sony so it's okay, Bad when MS does it.
ShadowWolf712  +   469d ago
That's because it's digital content that will be available eventually for purchase on the Xbox.

This is not digital. This is physical and will NOT be available later. What, you think after a year they'll mail it to them?
Silly gameAr  +   469d ago
Why do people constantly have to play the victim? Oh, they're picking on MS and XBox and it's hurting my feelings type of comments are almost as bad as people whining over a few cards and a map. Pointless.

Not only that, but most of these guys are blaming PS owners for it. This gaming series HAS NEVER BEEN on a playstation console.
Why should PS owners be mad? If anything it's the PC guys that are flipping out. But no. PS4 fanboys are bullies, and always have to pick on little MS and the X1 owners. So much whining on here everyday from one side or the other.
#3.6 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Torque_CS_Lewith  +   469d ago
Come on, death threats, petitions and whining are the calling cards of the extreme PS fanboy. This has always been the case since early PS3 days.
PS loyalists are entitled stemming from the fact that the PS2 got all the special treatment and exclusives from 3rd party. They believe that that's just the natural order of things like spoilt kids whose parents bend to their every whim.
Once they get a dose of any reality that does not support their entitlement they start throwing tantrums.

Tekken, GTA IV, DMC 4, FFXIII all got some sort of petition to stop them from making an appearance on Xbox from Playstation owners. Show me any other group of gamers who have done this as many times.
bleedsoe9mm  +   469d ago
hysterical fanboys have decided the xb1 can't have anything cool even if its completely meaningless to most people
AgentSmithPS4  +   469d ago
"Is it wrong for fans that own the Xbox One to get more for the same price?"
Yes it's wrong. All systems should get the same stuff. Short-timed exclusive content only, at worst.

"If you really want this "stuff" that bad then buy the Xbox One version of the game."
No. That's dumb and it's supporting bad practices.

"People act like this is the first time in the history of video games that this has happened. Why is it such a big deal when the Xbox gets something more than the other systems?"
I don't care about Xbox, this is about equality for gamers. This game is important to a lot of people so of course they'll be more riled up than usual.

Even if it's been accepted in the past it doesn't mean it's right, the longer a problem exists the bigger the problem can get, might as well start fighting now.
darthv72  +   469d ago
So you think that equality will all of a sudden just happen this gen when it has NEVER existed before?

Hate to tell you this (if you didnt already know) but there will always be differentiating circumstances and as a result...inequality. That's not a lie. That's just the way it is.

But go preach to those who will listen. Maybe you will get lucky in your crusade.
IVanSpinal  +   469d ago
Fanboys are worst than a beast
rainslacker  +   469d ago
I've come to my own conclusion on this case.

For me, the problem I have with it is that it's bringing a trend that I hate(exclusive content), into a part of gaming that I am really in to(collector's editions). In that vein, it irks me to no end that it's getting defended by some due to console preference.

However, there is a big but in this whole case.

In this case, the extra content wouldn't be included in any edition if there was no deal at all. To that end, CDPR decided to include it in the collector's edition of the game and leave the game itself alone. In this particular case, MS is really paying for the additional content in the collector's edition. Basically MS is giving something extra to their fans, which I don't actually mind, but would have preferred if they had done it a bit differently. It's a bit of semantic word play however, as it seems it was actually CDPR decision to do this for the collector's edition, but the result is the same either way.

It doesn't affect the game, and despite my annoyance over it fragmenting the collector's market which is already starting to become convoluted with multiple collector's editions of the same game that don't just up the content on each stage of it, it's now putting in another choice, and now that choice is based on console to get the content. As a collector, I buy these collectors editions to get the extra stuff, but I also want the game more often than not, so it's annoying to have to buy a lesser version of the game, to get the extra content(and yes there are workarounds, but it just means spending more money to support a practice that I'm already against).

But again, that choice wouldn't exist if MS hadn't funded it, so it's hard to complain about this particular case on my end. In the end, it didn't actually take anything away from the other versions like some exclusive content deals do, so overall, I'll just not support the collector's editions that do stuff like this, and try to support the game, since CDPR actually does seem to want to do right by gamers and one indiscretion doesn't change that.
christocolus  +   469d ago

Exactly..and its sickening..what's even worse some in here defending such childish and pathetic practices. If you want the extra stuff so badly then petition sony to fund some extra content for the ps4 version of destiny and include it with the ps4 collectors edition...hopefully that works out for you guys.
#3.11 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
gangsta_red  +   467d ago

Someone gets it! Why yell at MS and Square for doing business and providing Xbox users with the new TR experience first? MS is just doing their job and looking out for their users.

Shouldn't Sony be doing the same? Obviously Sony is slackin on their mackin if they were able to let such a "pivotal, well known, sony associated brand" game get put exclusively on Xbox.

Shouldn't the sony fanboys be mad at Sony for not taking out a check book and writing a check to Square? Is Sony to good for this and if they are then their fans should expect more of MS snatching up well known titles and giving it to their users first.
PFFT  +   469d ago
Well this sucks! In other word FU PS4 gamers.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   469d ago
It's just a deck of cards and a cloth map. It's nothing special.
-Foxtrot  +   469d ago you
GamingSinceThe80s  +   469d ago
Um its two decks of cards!lol
Heisenburger  +   468d ago

Is it... is it special to you? You aren't really going to this far are you?
icheerbothconsoles  +   469d ago
All I got is that we have become a real nitpicking, petty, complaining society with cell phone zombies leading the charge. Game companies can do whatever they's their choice.
Dudebro90  +   469d ago
God seriously, gamers are becoming such little babies. This type of stuff has been happening for years now, but because its Xbox, its suddenly a problem.

The stupidest comments I have seen so far. The people I have seen saying they need to lower the price make me want to vomit.

By thay logic, destiny, watch dogs, and every other game Sony got exclusive content should be cheaper on Xbox as well.

BiggerBoss  +   469d ago
Umm, you might not remember, but tons of Xbox fanboys were complaining about the Destiny season pass being the same price, so stop trying to sound like a victim.

OT: I really don't mind, partially because I don't buy CE's, but if MS is paying for marketing etc, it's better they do this than have exclusive dlc or something along those lines.
ninjahunter  +   469d ago
I would be more sympathetic if their prices reflected the difference in product.
Dudebro90  +   469d ago
That complaint is the dumbest I've ever read.
ninjahunter  +   469d ago
I feel sorry for your bank account.
HumanAfterAll  +   469d ago
Looking at "some people's" comments above I should say that's typical of them.

However OT: Glad to see CDPR stick to their guns on this matter and not give in to the babies, because their hypocrisy is blinding. I was already planning to pick up the CE on X1 and I can't wait for the finished game. It's going to be one hell of a February, i'll tell you.
#8 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
tgunzz  +   469d ago
IMHO this is not wrong... A little envy worthy, but not wrong...
Lionalliance  +   469d ago
"This should hopefully translate to better sales" on xbox one? lol
incendy35  +   469d ago
"We are also providing special pre-order items for certain retailers around the world, including Witcher comic books, posters, steel books or medallions. Funnily enough, we did not notice any heated comments on the pre-order specials."

Of course not, those weren't Xbox related.
#11 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
tgunzz  +   469d ago
Good call out.
Speak_da_Truth  +   469d ago
This would not have been a big issue if CDPR didn't say there would be no exclusive for any platform but I'll be getting the reg version so i feel for those getting the CE as these things aren't cheap.
TheCagyDies  +   469d ago
Sony supported and promoted Watch Dogs - 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay
Microsoft supported and promoted Witcher 3 - exclusive card decks and cloth map

I see nothing wrong here, just little thank you gifts for the support... or checks lol
#13 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BX81  +   469d ago
Damnit! There you go with common sense again. You sly devil you!
LeoDDestroyer  +   468d ago
The only difference is the devs of those games never made a claim that everything would be the same across all platforms.
TheCagyDies  +   468d ago
Witcher 3 is the same game on the PS4 and Xbox One, no exclusive armor, weapons, or missions. All the content is the same. Yes there is a deck of cards for the Xbox One LE edition (and even different swag from retailers across the world) but it does not affect the game that you will be playing.
#13.2.1 (Edited 468d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
LeoDDestroyer  +   467d ago
They never made that distinction which is the reason for the outrage by some on this matter. Everyone always brings up other devs in this matter but like I said above the difference is they have never made a claim that anything would be the same across all platform.

This does not effect me as I will not get the game if the combat is like tw2 but I can see how collector out there would feel if they're getting less for the same price.
TheCagyDies  +   467d ago
I still say these 'righteous crusaders of gaming equality' are trying to keep things from appearing what this outrage truly is, PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. PC bullshit again, CD Projekt didn't need to make a distinction because as I said and as CD Projekt Red said "all the content in the game is the same" and here's why

CD PROJEKT ARE THE DEVS, game developers only create software unless they are self publishing and producing the hard copies which they are not, it's video game industry 101. it's all the same across all platforms (except for the perks of having a PC like mods and 1440p). They claim equality and therefore they created equal content for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Warner Bros/ Namco Bandai are the PUBLISHERS of NA and EU. The role of a publisher is to mass produce and distribute the game. They mass produce the physical hard stuff and they never made such claim of equality. They are just like the retailers who are also giving bonuses to a select few crowds.

As Pockyking pointed out beautifully up above, if we go by this kind of logic, we should all be busting a nut each time a retailer offers a different preorder gift for Witcher 3 and all scream "LOWER THE PRICE" towards our retailers.

In the end, CD Projekt Red's claim is justified. People who makes software keeps the software equal for all platforms. If people want to complain, go complain to Warner Bros Games or Namco Bandai for a claim they didn't even make or making paper decks and a piece of cloth for one console, LMAO.
#13.2.3 (Edited 467d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
LeoDDestroyer  +   467d ago
Well the in the eurogamer interview the quote from Marcin Iwinski states this:
"We'll not deliver exclusive content to any of the platforms, nor will we artificially delay release of the game on any of the platforms because somebody's paying us money for that. It's definitely against our values. We are not doing that."

There is no distinction about whether it is only being applied to end game. If they never made this statement I could still see people being upset but not like they are now.

I also don't believe anyone wants to keep the extra goodies off of the xbox one, they simply want the complete collection on their platform of choice.
TheCagyDies  +   467d ago
"We are also providing special pre-order items for certain retailers around the world, including Witcher comic books, posters, steel books or medallions. Funnily enough, we did not notice any heated comments on the pre-order specials."

Well if that collector wants the complete collection, better hit ebay and start buying everything.

"We'll not deliver exclusive content to any of the platforms" check, no exclusive dlc

"nor will we artificially delay release of the game on any of the platforms", check all versions coming on time.
#13.2.5 (Edited 467d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
LeoDDestroyer  +   466d ago
Those statements were made after the blow out which should been made before.
TheCagyDies  +   466d ago
oh well, I already detailed video game industry 101 and CD Projekt Red has made exclusive jacksh!t but it doesn't effect you, SO WHY COMMENT?!?!
fonduktoe  +   469d ago
They lost me as a customer
sevilha82  +   469d ago
You trully gonna ditch one of the most strong contender for GOTY 2015 because a deck of cards and a table cloth??!!
I swear to God,quoting good ol´Dwigth: "we need a new plague, to many people in the world."
ConfettiYeti  +   469d ago
He has a right to his money, and what he values it to be worth. If he feels wronged then who are you to concern yourself with it? You should stick to counting your coins and finding the best place to put them.

@Fonduktoe, just buy the game at a price drop. The contents in-game are the same. So the value of a map and deck of cards is maybe $10-$15. Wait till it hits $39. There's your value. Do what you want though.
sevilha82  +   469d ago
ConfettiYeti#You missed the point of my comment intirelly,i refered to a gamers point of view,that he´s willing to miss what is problablly one of the best games ever made,because his fanboyism dosen´t alow him to acept that the brand that he clearlly hates (only God´knows why)is gonna have a collectors edition slyghtlly better than the one for his platform(colectors edition that he problablly is´nt even interested in owning.

And that for me as a gamer is just idiotic
lategamer  +   468d ago
You lost out on a great game.

This isn't even exclusive in game DLC like Destiny, Watch Dogs, Batman, or a timed exclusive like Tomb Raider.

This is a fucking map and playing cards in a collectors edition.

Keep crying.
N311V  +   469d ago
Microsoft aren't promoting the game out of the goodness of their heart. They're promoting the game for exclusive content which would have been secured in contract. I prefer Project Red's approach to exclusive content than the typical in-game exclusives such as Sony and Bungie's deal for Destiny promotion/support.
sevilha82  +   469d ago
I don´t know what the diferences are between editions and honestlly i dont care,CD Project Red are to me the best developers in the world(on par with Naughty Dog),i will buy their collectors edition for Ps4(if i can get one of course) even if the one from xbox is better,this guys deserve our money(in a consumer kinda way) not many in the industry really do ,they are independent,they make really bad ass games with top notch quallity and with an immense respect for their suporters.

The industry needs more dev´s like this guys,i´m not gonna abandon them just because they made a tiny deal with Microsoft ,to the people bashing them ,stop being fanboys,if with was the other way around you would be prazing them right?

Fanboyism is ridiculus.
Avernus  +   469d ago
As a PS4 user this isn't a big deal for me personally. I feel it for the PC guys though. They supported CDPR over the years, making Witcher a well known, established game.

The PC users got no love out of this "deal".
martinezjesus1993  +   469d ago
I agree, I have never bought and probably never will buy a collectors edition with any game so it doesnt affect me in the very least, but I do feel its messed up to pc gamers that have supported this series since the beginning, even if it only is a deck of cards or whatever.
aliengmr  +   469d ago
No love?

We got CDPR (GoG). We got respect. We got complete games. We got Enhanced Editions for free because their goal was to deliver the best game they could.

They were the ONLY developer standing up for the PC platform during the DRM craze.

Do NOT for one second pretend to pity us PC gamers. ALL they've ever done is valued their customers. They are an independent developer in the AAA console world. And in that world where much larger companies caved to exclusive pre-order BS, CDPR stuck to its guns and intends to bring the same full featured G-A-M-E, to everyone.

The ONLY people this "deal" effects are those who care more about a piece of cloth and some cards that the only reason that garbage exists in the first place, the GAME.

Go read that response again. That's CDPR, telling you exactly how it is, no BS.

To everyone upset:
Move right along. Seriously, if you are so jaded that this, OF ALL THINGS, gets you upset, you're hopeless. Just hopeless. Can't even tell the good from the bad anymore.
#17.2 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Avernus  +   469d ago
lol chill dude. Acting like I personally attack you or CDPR. I couldn't care less about this whole ordeal.

If I get the collectors edition, cool. If not, also cool. I'm not going to rant and rave about losing anything, or white knight on CDPR's some do ;)
lategamer  +   468d ago
Too true. CDPR are one of the best developers in the business. And have shown great support.

Hell, they released the definitive edition to Witcher 2 as a FREE upgrade last year, with revamped combat and more.

PC Users have gotten plenty of "love," more so then any other developer has given.
Avernus  +   468d ago

Kinda missed the point I made... no love, from THIS deal. You think I don't know the witcher's history? I followed the game closely because I was very close to getting a decent PC.

My point still stands. PC supporters got nothing out of this deal, even though they've supported the game / CDPR throughout the years. Yes it's just cards and a cloth map, imo, not a big deal, but to white knight for CDPR like they're God's gift to gaming? C'mon... MS gave them money for content, they accepted it like every other dev will do.
#17.2.3 (Edited 468d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
lategamer  +   468d ago
Of course Microsoft game them money for the content. CDPR even states this.

But thats how this industry works. I'm just happy CDPR is just putting out a few exclusive physical items, and thats it. PC gamers still get the game with all the graphics bells and whistles, and will probably/possibly get better post-content support (Witcher 2 had more post-release support on PC).

I get what your saying. PC gamers have been loyal for years. Some must feel shafted by this? They shouldn't. They will get the best Witcher 3 version. They will get it DRM free (which some publishers lock that shit down).

If Microsoft helps sells more copies of Witcher 3, and as a result CDPR sells more copies, it means a brighter future for the studio, GOG, gamers, etc. I honestly don't think most PC gamers will care too much when things are put in perspective. This is the industry, like it or not.
LAWSON72  +   469d ago
Nice to see it is not okay to take a stand against exclusive DLC for a Sony platform but once you throw in a bonus physical goody for Xbone owners it is a big deal that should not be accepted. What happened to #dealwithit and you are not entitled to anything? Apparently on N4G that is thrown out the window once it has an affect on anything besides Xbone.

People want to call CDPR hypocrites, but guess what this site is full of them. I personally do not give two craps about this, if there is one thing I hate in the gaming industry it is exclusive DLC and preorder DLC and the good news is this relates to neither so I can still buy a CE of W3 on PC and know I am getting the same content as everybody else.
lategamer  +   468d ago
Fanboys are fanboys. Be it Sony, MS, or Nintendo fanboys.
Hazmat13  +   469d ago
what the hell happened to Cyberpunk!?
AgentSmithPS4  +   469d ago
"We need the support of partners to make our game visible worldwide"
I've heard there's something called "the internets" and that tons of people are already interested in the game...

At WORST it should only be timed exclusive content, of any kind, so if people want it so badly then later they can order it etc.

I hope they don't fall down the slippery slope and end up like EA.
darthv72  +   469d ago
They'd have to order it from Microsoft if it did. MS are the ones who had it made. Not CDPR.
Tedakin  +   469d ago
You guys realize MS paid for this content and it probably never would have existed if they hadn't, meaning there's no circumstance under which PC and PS4 owners would have EVER gotten it right? They're not withholding content from anyone, MS just paid for something extra.

And again, none of you hypocrites raged when Sony paid for Destiny content, or Watch Dogs content, and that was IN GAME CONTENT. Now that MS gets a freakin' statue and a clothe, the world is falling and they're greedy scumbags.

It comes down the GIMME factor, you just want it no matter what it is. If you want it so bad go make one of those useful and always successful petitions you guys love to jump on board.
#21 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
reaperman  +   468d ago
Actually all collectors editions gets a freakin' statue. Its actually a cloth map and 2 decks of cards that's different to the other collectors editions.
I really don't see what the big deal is anyway.
Wouldn't surprise me of the company decides to release the cards to buy separately after a while anyway.
FsterThnFTL  +   469d ago
I find it funny that grown up men and women are crying over exclusive toys that have nothing to do with the actual The Witcher 3 game they will be playing. I can understand being pissed if they offered platform exclusive dlc but in this digital age physical collectors editions are a waste of space.
#22 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Sadist3  +   469d ago
Gamers nowadays are crybaby losers. Who cares if another platform gets an exclusive cloth. Go buy one if you want one. Men shouldn't be crybabies, it's embarrassing.
sevilha82  +   469d ago
Absolutlly agree is like this kid´s nowdays dont game for the love of gaming anymore it´s just"gimme,gimme,gimme&qu ot;

Could a genaration be any more materialistic?
Ingram  +   469d ago
Extra dlc or other small things do not bother me. Parity clause hinted, paid by ms, does sting a bit thou.
DevilishSix  +   469d ago
PS4 CE preordered and its sold out. so the only ones complaining are people who have already preordered. Personally I don't give a crap about some cloth map and game cards, lol, I have to many video games to play to worry about some card game.
Reaper9937  +   469d ago
Giving extra physical goodies to the lowest common denominator, gimping the PC version, parity among console keep being classy CDPR.
#26 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
amnalehu  +   469d ago
The problem is simple; They are charging the same price for the collectors edition which clearly has more value on the XB1. If it's a simple matter of wanting to support the company that promoted your game (which is BS IMO) then do so, but charge the PC and PS4 owners the same price for something less. The simple solution would to give XB1 owners exclusive content, and then PS4 and PC owners something different. They really need to hire a PR person because every time they open their mouths it' a major turn-off. They sound as if they are doing us all a favor by making this game. Screw that...
#27 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Tedakin  +   469d ago
Uh... Destiny is the same price on PS4 as on Xbone and has more content on PS4, and it's IN GAME CONTENT, not a statue or a clothe. What are you talking about?
#27.1 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
amnalehu  +   468d ago
Timed exclusive. It will eventually come to the XB1.
mogwaii  +   469d ago
Microsoft opened the treasure chest yet again and cd project reds eyes were filled with gold, to think a company of any sort is above being paid off for exclusives ect is naive, they made themselves look all down to earth and then do this, its tiny but shows you that a company is still a company.
#28 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Big-finger  +   469d ago
Who wants to bet the game will still sell a lot more on the ps4?
#29 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
darthv72  +   469d ago
The "game" itself, probably. It is the first time on a PS system. But as far as the CE version goes...that remains to be seen.

Collectors are the ones who buy the CE versions. The ratio of collectors to just average gamers is varying depending on the game and collectors edition being offered.
47  +   469d ago
Gamers are such a pathetic lot. It's situations like this as to why gaming and particularly gamers aren't taken seriously. The avg age of a gamer is around 30, but you constantly see these gamers acting like spoiled entitled brats. It's sad, it's maddening and as stated before, pathetic.
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