Selling PS3 is tough, even for Snake

Today, Solid Snake accepts his most difficult mission ever.

The latest (and likely final) installment of Hideo Kojima's monumentally successful Metal Gear saga hits store shelves today in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. And series protagonist Solid Snake should finish the story arc he started on the 8-bit NES two decades ago.

But the true mission of MGS4 is shilling the slow-selling PlayStation 3, a challenge that not even Solid Snake may be able to complete.

It's Sony's hope that this penultimate installment will boost sales that saw a slight rise with Grand Theft Auto IV's release this spring but levelled after the PS3 version of the game was plagued with freeze-up issues. It was another gut punch for a system staggering from the three strikes of a high introduction price, late entry into the next-gen console market, and a weak catalog of games. Even the console's inclusion of Blu-Ray, which triumphed over HD-DVD, may not be enough to help.

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Andras843839d ago

PS3 outsells the 360 every single month if the PS3 is the slowselling machine...than what is the 360?? The "notsellingatall" machine?

Syko3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Sorry to jump in at the top, Just let it be said that I bought this game today and in no way agree with the views expressed here today. Before people look at the name of the contributor and think "F'ing Xbots" lol.

Thank You. Bye Bye now...

PSN ID: Syko_360, for the doubters. =)

Mr Marbles3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

It doesn't work like that, the PS3 is selling far slower than it should be and far slower than Sony planned and budgeted for. It had over 60% of the market last gen, it is selling at an abysmal rate considering the market lead it had last time. In addition to that it is still in 3rd place and will probably stay there for the rest of this gen.

360 sales cannot be compared to PS3 sales because it has been on the market for a very long time at the current price point. For a console at its price for the amount of time it has been at this price, it is selling well, this is why MS has not dropped the price in the US.
It is selling far better in the EU than is being reported since the the price drop and GTA launch.

damrightfresh3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

There a lot of people who is buying the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle at my place..The ps3 is selling way better then the 360 in its first year....

Games that will push PS3 sales this year and next
Metal Gear Solid 4
Kill Zone 2
White Knight Story
God of War 3
Heavy Rain
Team ICO game
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy Versus
Socom Confrontation

And many more..The ps3 wil take 2nd place soon believe it..

mralexander3839d ago

Although the PS3 may not be selling as well as it wants to, it is doing well average wise. Seeing how most people are actually not spending money at the moment due to a "recession" its still good to see that the PS3 is still keeping up.

Plus Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 Bundle will be the turning point for PS3. Since this is one of a well known franchise, more people will adopt this game including the system. Matter of fact, i've checked with all of the nearest Walmart's and Amazon and the bundle is unfortunately sold out everywhere.

Last but not least, this Winter will be absolutely dominated by PS3. With the amount of games/blu-ray movies/and discounts promoted by retailers, it seems that the PS3 will be sold out quickly.

Andras843839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

And how fast the PS3 should sell?? I don't know what people expect this system to do. It did better in it's first year than the 360 and it does better than the 360 in it's second year. So how should it sell?? Millions a month? It's very expensive to many people and you have to have an HDTV to fully enjoy it. You didn't had that with the PS2.
To me the PS3 sells just fine!! It will pick up more when people finaly start buying damn HDTV's. The prices of HDTV's are going down to so you can expect more PS3's to be sold.
Also all MGS4-PS3 boundles are sold out everywhere!!! What's the problem? MGS4 is moveing systems. I got it myselft too! (the game I mean not the bundle)
This article was written by 360 fanboys and it's a bunch of BS!!

Also MGS4 is not the PS3's Halo's the PS3's MGS4 and that's that! If anything than Halo 3 is the 360's MGS4!

Mr Marbles3839d ago

I think it should be selling at least as good as Sony planned for it to sell, or maybe as well as all the PS3 fanboys said it would sell, many of you said it would destroy the 360 by now and the 360 would be dead on the launch of PS3. The truth is PS3 had all the market share last gen, this gen it has less than anyone. That is a huge loss in market share. That is not good no matter how you try to spin it.

The rest of what you said was just irrational emotional fanboyism.
Halo3 is not 360s MGS4, that is crazy talk, if Halo3 only sold as many as MGS4 will sell 360 would probably be in 3rd place instead of PS3 right now, H3 is much bigger than MGS4 and always will be.

morganfell3839d ago

Let me see,

1 - Outselling the 360 worldwide? Check.

2 - Every retailer that took pre-orders for the MGS4 80GB bundle sold out? Check.

Hey mr journalist, go suck a fat baby's butt..

gamesR4fun3839d ago

Wow what a load of steamy doo doo

AceLuby3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

You're calling the game in the middle of the third w/ a one run lead.

There's still a lot of years left... lots of stuff can happen. Something like Halo could strike either console. How do you know how much marketshare is lost or gained if last gen totals are still coming in?

Andras843839d ago

I would love to go into details but I'm at work right now so I don't have much time.
Anyways! In my book MGS4 is much much bigger than Halo 3. The story is just so much better I can't even start to describe it.
But I guess we wont find out how much did MGS4 did for a few days so till then it could go either way.
Also as far as PS3 fanboyism goes, yes I have a PS3 but I also like the 360 too. I have no problems with it at all, as I said I like it but I always had Playstation...I grew up with Playstation. Since 1996 I've been playing on Playstation. I always had a secondary console like the Dreamcast and the first Xbox but right now I only have a PS3 and a gaming PC wich is enough because every single game that comes out on the 360 comes out on PC as well so there is no point for me to own a 360. I have a 360 wireless controler for my PC and I'm all set...the PC is connected to my TV via DVI-to-HDMI cable and I get full 1080p with every single game.
I'm not a fanboy, I'm a gamer and I've been a gamer since 1988. I think I can decide wich game is the better one opposeing to so many 360 fanboys who's first console is an Xbox 360 and range between 10-17years old.
So thanks but I think right now I'm right.

morganfell3839d ago

Mr Marbles you have lost all of yours. The PS3 adoption rate is faster than the 360. The PS3 has pulled even with the 360 in Europe - NOW THE LARGEST GAMING TERRITORY.

The PS3 has outsold the 360 worldwide since the beginning of 2007. Despite the mountain of crap and attacks floated by worthless rags like EGM those are the facts. MS lost 2007 to the PS3 worldwide and they have lost 2008 so far. And that will only get worse as PS3 adoption continues to rise along with Bluray - which is moving faster than DVD adoption.

What does a 1 year lead in a console launch get you? A 1 billion dollar repair bill and a delayed 3rd place finish.

Genesis53839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

That article sure sounded like a boat load of sour grapes. And whatever happened to objective journalism anyway?

tweaker3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Keep in mind the PS3 has had to compete with a Nintendo console half it's price and another console with a 1 year head start, a strong market share in the US, and an already big library of games including AAA titles. Knowing the PS3 survived through that kind of competition and a year of seriously bad press makes me believe it will reign on top again for this gen. The has PS3 now got a fair share amount of good games, and a pretty good market share throughout the world. All it needs now is good effective price drop and it will explode in sales. If a non PS console went through the same way the PS3 did, it would've been completely dead last year.

VirusE3839d ago

Andras84 bigger than Halo 3?? Are you effing serious? I am not saying that halo is a better game than metal gear but you would have to be blind to have missed all the halo 3 pre-release insanity. MGS is for the hardcore of the hardcore, halo is for anyone. I haven’t seen anything about MGS 4 on my local news, the news also wasn't at the pre-release parties either. Again i am not saying either game is a better game i am just saying that when all sales are counted Halo 3 will 100% be victorious because it is in fact a bigger game with a bigger fan base.

I am just as freaking stoked that mgs4 is out as the rest of you but can we be real for 2 minutes; halo 3 has a much larger fanbase and few games get people as excited or pissed as a halo game. Metal gear 2 and 3 didn’t pull the numbers halo 2 did and the install base for the ps2 was out of control. Metal gear 2 sold 7 million and halo 2 sold 8 million yet the ps2 had 7-10 times the amount of systems on the market last gen.

interrergator3839d ago

yea but all the haters of ps3 are evil and wont buy one

AceLuby3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

You make some very good points there, but the argument I make is... what other game were they going to get on the xbox? If you owned an xbox you had to at least own the first halo and usually both. Its the reason I bought an xbox, as well as many of my friends. The attach rate was so high because there were only a handful of really GREAT games, and those are two of them.

On the other hand you had the PS2 which had far more diverse collection of great games and gamers. I mean my sisters both own a PS2 and would never pick up MGS, does it make it less popular because they wouldn't buy an xbox in the first place just to play Halo?

We'll see how sales go, but I know that I bought a launch PS3 for this game and have patiently waited for it to come out. Many did the same and many waited until this came out to pick up a PS3. We'll just have to wait and see how the numbers go.

Edit to add: The 'fanbase' is roughly the same according to your numbers. 7-8 isn't a huge lead and 'fanbase' has nothing to do w/ attach rate.

joevfx3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

what are you talkign about? the PS3 should be sellign as good at the PS2, and it is selling better then the PS2 so its selling exactly the way it should be. do some research and follow the PS2 sales arc and look at the PS3 sales arc and you will see it is selling more units faster. which means it will end up outselling the biggest console system of all time. in a shorter period of time. so i think it is selling exactly how it should be

TheExecutive3838d ago

hey marbles its a fact that the ps3 is selling pretty comparable to its predecessor. Would you say the ps2 needed to sell more in its first 2 years?

JayD-1K3838d ago

what some of us is failing to see is that MS marketed the HELL out of H3!! H3 was every where...i mean on cups, bottles, food, drinks, and some old lady in the park! (last one is a joke) the only reason H3 was BIG was because MS made it big! if it wasn't for that one reason, the only people that would have H3...would be the people that had 1 and 2!

this is where (IMHO), i think Sony is dropping the ball! if this a game was on 360....there would crap every where. especially if they took it from Sony (...cough...GTA4...cough...)!

Sony hasn't advertised the system well or at all! when people talk to me about the PS3, they always seem amazed at what the system can do and has built in.....right out of the box. Sony better start pumping out some tv adds and they better start doing it fast. and not the philosophical BS crap either. i mean the "this is the PS3 this and this WHAT it does!" ( not what it WILL do). and i would send out FW 2.40 first. that way, i could taught the features that people were really waiting for!

advertise the BD-Live stuff to people that are separated through out the year like businessmen and military families! i know how hard it is to separated from your family a year at a time! i was an Army brat and a Marine Corps dad.

here's a a link

sorry for the long post! these are just my thoughts

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Fishy Fingers3839d ago

LOL... Worth reading for a laugh, but not a lot more.

Zeevious3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

This seems to lack more than a little unbiased journalism.

The first speaks for itself:

Second up...Written based on what; not a PS3:

Note the publication date, June 5, 2008, and the important point:

UEFA Euro 2008
Electronic Arts (360*, PS2, PS3, PSP, PC)
(* version tested) - Gee, sure seems to be missing something there to have such extensive comments on a PS3 release.

I wonder if that slow, failing sales data appeared as wistfully as the hands-on MGS4 gameplay experience?

...coincidentally timed for the MGS4 release date, complete with slow sales when every single MGS4 bundle has sold out.

Can we just stick pre-printed "FANBRAT" post-it notes on people, so it's just easier to know what to skip?

Just an idea. I don't know which religious-console followers we'd have to stick more of them on...But if it would cut down on pointless 'news' I'm all for it.

rogimusprime3838d ago

this is obvious flamebait from a wannabe e-journalist. I was there this morning, I saw the systems sell out....real quick. I think this guy can go eat a di*k. Or better yet, he can eat 3.

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PoSTedUP3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

it will sell a good amount of consoles : ) this is only the beginning : ) fu*k off critics : P

ThanatosDMC3839d ago

I actually thought it was an article from Kotaku...

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3839d ago

'Selling xBox 360's is getting tougher, even for Billy'Slimy Snake'Gate$'!!! ;-D

@PoSTedUP ;) Yeah your right...'this is only the beginning' ;-P