PS4Home: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition Review

PS4Home: "In other words – definitely get this game if you’re into action, adventure, RPG’s or the series in general."

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XBLSkull1429d ago

Damn gonna have to bust out my 360 to copy my characters over to the X1, or maybe you don't need the game saves and it's linked to your online account already?

Whatever the case, this is gonna be a great time waster till Destiny and the fall lineup releases

equal_youth1429d ago

oh damn there are to many games coming out. i wish i had more time and i already have a creppy amount of time to play oO

AgentSmithPS41429d ago

I'll pick this up on sale, they made me wait too long and made some annoying comments about PS4 support (that were allegedly changed later on). Only a game like GTA V can get away with making me wait so long. Hopefully by the time I pick it up everything will be running smoothly, but I will play in SP at first so nothing gets spoiled, I like to figure things out myself.

Drithe1428d ago

I dont think its worth 65 bucks. Sorry. I will wait until it is in the bargain bin.