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Sorry Fellow Fans, Final Fantasy X-3 Would Be A Good Thing

OnlySP: Yes I’m afraid there will be spoilers here but I will make them as light as possible just because I despise the concept. However, there are important story concerns to take into account to attempt to defend an unpopular idea. The thing is, now is the time to talk about it since most have experienced the latest HD Remaster. You have been warned. (Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster: Collector’s Edition, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Twiggy  +   65d ago
Let's focus on a certain game 8 years in Limbo, Final Fantasy 15 thank you.
Spotie  +   65d ago
It's not automatic. It depends on what they do with the game. Most people that I've seen want a game based on the pilgrimage of Jecht, Braska, and Auron; for myself, I would rather see something covering the Machina War.

It could work, but I don't think Square-Enix can pull it off right now. I have very little faith in them at the moment.
chikane  +   65d ago
really we still with this their is no x-3 just like there never be a 7 remake for the ps4

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