PlayStation TV might save the Vita brand

While the PlayStation Vita isn't doing well, perhaps PlayStation TV might be able to save the Vita brand

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migh_and_highty1373d ago

For PS TV, If sony want it to work they need to change the UI, the bubbles interface was made for touch, the keypad controls on it are not nice to exclusively navigate with.
Or have support for using the DS4 touchpad as an input for selecting the games or swiping through pages, if that's possible.

frozenglory3211373d ago

True, ease of navigation with the user interface is important. People just don't like going through tons of screens and anything to make that process faster would be highly welcomed

migh_and_highty1373d ago

Exactly, if they want to compete against the Amazon fire, Apple TV and all the other countless tv boxes, they need a killer UI, navigation & apps which feel like they're made for tv, not for a enlarged portable device.

luis_spartano1373d ago

Nothing can save a brand that's already dead.

xazingop1373d ago

you again and yet other troll comment from ps vita hater

luis_spartano1373d ago

Hahaha! Poor xazingop, you don't have argument, and only know to say "vita hater", "troll" to everyone.

Sony already said there won't be much first party games for Vita, and that they're seeing Vita as a companion device to PS4.

Think by third party side: "if Sony, which is the manufacturer of Vita, is saying they'll not be making many games for it, why should I have to?"

Vita have a GREAT potential, but this potential is being wasted by ony using Vita as a mere controller for PS4.

You can say I'm a hater, but I'm just a Vita owner which Sony have cheated by selling a "companion device" as a "portable game console".

Again, you can say I'm a hater, but I speak the truth that no one see. Or DO NOT WANT TO SEE.

Vita is dead my frind, accept it. I own a Vita, I love it.

"The worst blinded is that who doesn't want to see".

xazingop1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

funny when the luis_spartano did not know what the console is dead and so easy to troll on internet and say 'I own a ps vita' but reality you don't own ps vita

admiralvic1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

How can PlayStation TV save the "Vita brand" when it was rebranded in West to not include the Vita brand in the first place?

Anyway, I don't think the PlayStation TV will make a real impact. Not only is the PlayStation TV something of a diminished Vita (several games are either not compatible or lose something in the transfer), but several Vita games lose their appeal by being on a stationary console. Since a a fairly large number of titles are little more than ports, which is a concept I am sure people are so well aware of it's like beating a dead horse at this point, the main perk to them being on the vita (portability) is instantly nullified and they either become on par with their console counterpart or are lesser versions of games you can buy on another console.

To make matters worse, Sony has basically shown decreased interest in supporting the console*, which has resulted in an iffy future beyond Freedom Wars and I could certainly understand people reading Tearaway (a game according to the HK PSN doesn't work with the PS Vita TV anyway) on the PS4 as a sign of things to come.

In the end, I think the PlayStation TV will mainly be viewed as a fancy device with Netflix that people use to stream their PS4 on or down the road as a way to play their classics via PS Now (assuming prices get better over time).

* I don't blame them for chasing / trying to maintain PS4 sales. This makes sense perfect sense in terms of business, their current situation and I don't blame them for it.

Anon19741373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

It's actually quite simple, really. The PS TV is bargain priced at $100. Move a few million of those out the door and suddenly developers are taking more notice, making more games for the device and guess what? All those come to the Vita as well, boosting the library. When it comes to branding it just makes sense to keep your mobile brand and your home console brands separate, don't you think? I'm actually quite surprised they went with the VitaTV brand in Japan to start with. In my opinion, despite the fact that both are based on the same hardware, that was just a recipe for consumer confusion and they were right to change it for it's release in the west.

And I think you're dead wrong about the PSTV's appeal. For $100 these things are a steal. For taking on vacation to occupy the kids, for a cheap console in the kid's room, for leaving out at the cabin, or simply as a PS4 extender, for $100 there's going to be a helluva lot of these under Christmas trees this holiday. There's already a library of over 200 games Vita games with many more coming, plus PS2, PSP and PSOne titles, and Netflix, and PS Now. If you can't find anything to play on here, you simply aren't a gamer, in my opinion.

These things are going to sell like hotcakes. Day one purchase for my family and I know a couple of other families who're picking these up as well to go into their campers for rainy days. As that install base grows, you can bet developers will follow. The shortsighted nature of a lot of the comments regarding the PSTV never ceases to amaze me. Although, I guess it shouldn't really surprise me all that much as your average user of this type of site simply isn't the market for this product. Aside from those who are looking at the PSTV as a PS4 extender. The PSTV is aimed squarely at the low-cost gamers who made the Wii popular.

SuperBlur1373d ago

I couldn't have said it better ... no really i couldn't :D

SaiyanFury1372d ago

DarkRide, as usual your comment completely reflects my mentality. There are so many games to choose from for the Vita, that are playable on the very affordable PSTV, it's not even funny. I can't wait to pick one up just so I can play games like P4 Golden, Muramasa Rebirth, and Dragon's Crown on my 32" TV. For 100 dollars? Cripes, I might buy 2 of them. :)

rainslacker1373d ago

I would argue that more Vita games gain appeal by moving to the big stationary screen, than lose it due to not being on mobile. Many of the Vita's games are more along the lines of console games, and not as suited for a mobile device.

Scatpants1372d ago

I'm getting it for the remote play. I have no desire to play Vita games on the TV. Except Disgaea 4

TheTowelBoy1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

I own a Vita, I Love my vita but I don't think this thing could save it. People aren't going to be buying this for the massive amount of Vita exclusives available :P like me everyone will buy this to play their Ps4's in another room without having to move it/buy another one.

P.S.. I love you Vita you deserved better. I've been wearing black since Sony's Gamescon :(

frozenglory3211373d ago

Here's some room for thought. Like you said, you might buy the PlayStation TV to play the PS4 in another room because of remote play. You probably experienced remote play on the Vita already and it's quite alright in terms of the experience.

Now how about people who never owned a Vita and brought PlayStation TV. Sure they can use it for remote play but they now have purchases a device that can play Vita games. This might perk their interest to try some Vita games out and they would be cheaper than its other home console counterparts. If developers keep making Vita games, eventually there might be one that catches the attention of consumers.

I'm not saying the Vita will ever surpass the 3DS in sales but PlayStation TV might help boost Vita software sales and if people want to spend a ton of cash just for portability then so be it, they might go and get themselves a PS Vita (doubtful though).

TheTowelBoy1373d ago

Well that's the problem I'm seeing with people's perception of Vita. They think it needs to beat or get near what the 3ds sells like. Which it doesn't. It can be successful in its niche just like the PSP was. It didn't have to compete directly with the DS just like the Wii didnt have to with the other two platforms last gen. The Vita has a chance in Japan and I think it will. But outside of that indont mind the portable Indies coming out right now. Btw Hohokum is a breathe of fresh air, for real.

iceman061373d ago

What you are leaving out is the potential that devs might see when you get these things out of the door. Now, you have Vita and Playstation TV in the houses of potential customers. That, in and of itself, could make the platform more popular to develop on. The PSP was in similar, but not near as bad, shape as well early in its life. Sony dropped the price, did a sort of relaunch campaign and it went on to sell over 70 million. I am a Vita owner too. This is the only hope that we have of getting some more support on the Vita. So, I am just hoping that what I said is what they have planned.

gamerfan09091373d ago

Here's how to save the vita brand. Scrap this version of the Vita. Build a backwards compatible vita, and you know, actually build studios that can make AAA games for the handheld and commission big AAA studios to make blockbuster exclusives to the console like they were doing with the PSP. Whoever is in charge of the Vita should be fired on the spot. What's the hook going to be for playstation T.V? Here for 100 bucks you can play unoptimized Vita games, which has a sparse libary as it is, and you can play your PS4 in any room! That's going to get people to shell out cash for it? I love my Vita and I hate to talk bad about it but something needs to change.

frozenglory3211373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Personally, I think the Vita does have a good library of games. Yes Sony needs to give the Vita more AAA exclusive games. Personally I don't view any of the Vita's games as a must buy system seller but it does have some good games regardless.

Vita is always going to remain a niche console, some may say to a market that likes Indies and JRPGs. They wouldn't be entirely wrong.

I love the Vita and I hate to see how Sony isn't showing any attention to the console but I see PlayStation TV as a device that may help extend support for the development of Vita games. It may not save the PS Vita console itself but it might be able to garner support from developers to continue making Vita games. Quite a lot are being made in Japan and not all of them are JRPGs. Sony why not bring them over? Some Japanese made Vita games are being localised for the West but more can be done.

As for the remote play feature, it's just a matter of convenience in some households. It isn't going to apply for everyone.

rainslacker1373d ago

Vita has a lot of games. Unfortunately they aren't very diverse. There's a lot of Japanese titles, which is great if you're into that, but if you're more into Western games then it does come up lacking.

The console does have quite a few AAA quality games on it, some ports, some original. Unfortunately, they aren't really the kinds of games that move systems. Sony was actually better about this in their first year, and now the western releases are few and far between, or ports that fail to really do much for the system.

Sony, to gain more support momentum, needs to put some of their 1st party focus back onto the machine. It would be good if they could commission some big 3rd party support like they did with MGS, but for the time being, it needs to show that it's going to support it's own console before I believe other publishers will get on board.

The funny thing is is that Vita owners do buy software. It has a rather high adoption rate for a gaming system. Believe it was over 6 titles per unit sold, which is pretty good for it's first two years(sorry can't find the link, believe it was the PS blog or in the forums where the community manager stated that).

joeorc1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Playstation Tv is a playstation Vita it has the same freaking chipset, has the playstation vita game card port as well as the blank media card port. It plays playstation vita games by default, it is a playstation vita.

Yes with no camera or rear touch screen that will make it so some games will not work but over 95% will due to the fact it also supports the ds4!

The point is it is the cheapest living room entry priced launch of a playstation that is for the living room or bed room. The fact its being the priority platform even ahead of the PS4 in China is one of the reasons its going to have a expanded market.

Scraping it would not only be foolish, but a large waste of investment.

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