Appleton: The Xbox One is not dead yet

The Fresno Bee's Rory Appleton assesses the latest moves from Microsoft.

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Starbucks_Fan1500d ago

It's no where near dead and Halo is coming

Breakline1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

It's still selling wayy better than last gen consoles soooo....

BiggerBoss1500d ago

In overall sales to date, yes. However, in monthly sales there's been quite a few months where it has sold much worse than the 360 did at this point (April/may etc). But I completely agree that it isn't "dying". As long as XbOne owners continue to get games that they enjoy the console can't be considered dead.

Spotie1500d ago

Don't even know if that's true anymore.

The launch was better, but much of this year has been pretty bad for the XB1. Example: it's already had a month of sales worse than any month the 360 ever had, and that was just one of many poor showings this year.

I won't say the XB1 is dead. But both it and the Wii U seem to be heading more for gen 6 numbers than a repeat of gen 7. Well, looking at it that way, all three are heading for the sales of their sixth generation predecessors.

1500d ago
bleedsoe9mm1500d ago

i hope ms buys allot more exclusives (dishonored 2 , fallout 4 , saints row 5 , red dead redemption 2 ) also spend lots on new wild IP's big and small .

DigitalRaptor1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

The only reason they offered Square and Crystal Dynamics a huge paycheck for Tomb Raider is out of complete and utter panic mode desperation.

Titanfall, price cut, DirectX12 etc didn't help the Xbone, and the PS4 is completely crushing it with a relatively even number of exclusives on both consoles.

Next year, Xbone only has 3 exclusives (without counting Tomb Raider) compared to the PS4 which has about 3x as many. Hence, panic mode, desperation, money to Square Enix = deceptive timed-exclusivity.

Not only will Tomb Raider exclusivity not prove useful in any big way, that will mean that as a business, they are far less likely to be able to secure even LARGER exclusive buyouts like Fallout 4 or RDR2.

n4rc1500d ago

First off... You have absolutely no clue what ms gave them for this..

Titanfall was a success.. Unbundling kinect isn't a price drop and dx12 isn't out yet.

And you're now assuming only announced games are coming next year.. And having people overreact 2min after a conference and requiring clarification the next day is being deceptive..

Pretty impressive for one post.. Lol

ShowanW1500d ago

Ur rant is about nothing.

U (and millions of others out there) are ticked that Sony can't compete with MS when it comes to $$$. It absolutely drives y'all nuts...

I honestly hope MS keeps opening up the check book and making it rain..,

And this is coming from a ps4 owner...

_FantasmA_1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


All that $$ and M$ still can't win a generation. Still can't win the games, and still can't win the gamers. M$ throws money at their problems and the problems just get worse. Sony loses money and still wins the gamers and the games. M$ and its $$ carries no weight.

TheSaint1500d ago

If any of those become exclusive I'll eat my hat.

greenlantern28141499d ago

As the lead PS4 has grows those exclusive deals will get more and more expensive for MS. And if buying exclusive doesn't help them start winning sales they will not continue to keep throwing money away. They are in business to make money, and share holders don't like it when you spend money with no results.
MS money didn't help Bing over take Google, The Zune beat the IPod, or the Surface tablet beat IPad,the Galaxy.

parentsbasement1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

So , when it is "dead", will mine stop working or will I still be able to use it ?

kneon1500d ago

No, you'll just get fewer new games for it.

mhunterjr1500d ago

That's not going to happen in any real capacity. The big publishers EA,Ubisoft,activision,take2, etc. sell too much software on MS platforms to ever abandon them.

Those guys released their games on the OG Xbox when it had a lowly 10% of the marketshare. To think they'd abandon the xb1 is laughable.

rainslacker1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


First I want to preface by saying you're right. I do this so my next statement won't be taken the wrong way by some.

The big publishers sell well enough on the X1 right now to make it worthwhile. I won't ever argue against that.

But in the future, if the X1 can't manage to get an install base big enough, or the if the PS4 drastically outsells it going forward, then the cost to support the X1 becomes more burdonsome than beneficial.

Every publisher and developer would love to support just one console, because it means less time developing a game, and if they can get a massive number of sales on one console, they'll drop the other consoles without a 2nd thought.

In the above scenario, MS would have to provide some very compelling incentives to keep publishers putting games out on their platform. Whether it be a check from their coffers, or more appealing licensing rights on the console.

Keep in mind that the PS2 beat out it's competition, in terms of console support, which all had about 15-20 million units for their gen, when the PS4 was at about 40-50 million. That was about 3.5 years into the console generation. It's not hard to imagine the same scenario happening again.

The only solace is that games have become more expensive to produce, so secondary platform sales are more important. But the sales would have to be significant enough on the low selling platforms to make it worthwhile, and history has shown that the consoles that fall behind too much, have much less software brought for them(in terms of attach rate)....if I had to guess why it's because the marketing budget doesn't allow for it to be pushed on that system.

Why o why1500d ago

Too early to call 'dead'

The wii u was dead a while back but look now...

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