PS4 Exclusive Driveclub’s Gameplay Footage Shows Lovely Graphics, Menus, Plenty of Car Damage, More

If you aren’t at Gamescom, but want to take a good look at the demo provided by Sony and Evolution Studios on the show floor, you’re in luck, as today DualShockers was allowed to film eighteen minutes of gameplay directly from the demo stations in Cologne.

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Mikey941461d ago

All I see is glare and lightbar.

XisThatKid1461d ago

Nah it's a video about driveclub your watchin the wrong video, how the [BLAM] did THAT happen?

I'm really digging the physics and stuff so far. The night stuff in this game looks sooooo sexy. I raely wonder what the extent of damage is going to be displayed and how much it'll take effect.

Kiwi661461d ago

Going by the video the damage only made scratches in the paint despite the first guy hitting the barriers etc which didn't even put a dent in the panel so it doesn't appear to have any effect on how the cars handle so it looks like how in other racing games how you can have cosmetic damage on

abstractel1461d ago

The damage is in appearance only. It does not affect handling. The damage includes:

- Vertex deformation in the places you get hit or hit other objects (the geometry actually changes)

- Scratches in textures and shader.

At the end of the race, if you are a bad driver, your car will look pretty damn banged up and there are some great direct feed videos showing this. But it is for appearance only. This has been confirmed multiple times.

Elit3Nick1461d ago

It's strange that the game looks more lifelike during weather effects, but it looks less-so when the weather's clear.

SCW19821461d ago

Wow I really don't know where you got that idea from. This game looks scary good weather or not.

Elit3Nick1461d ago

Don't get me wrong the game still looks spectacular during clear weather, but it looks a bit bland, whereas Forza Horizon 2 looks a bit too saturated, I think a mix of the two would've looked perfect, although I personally prefer a more saturated look, but Driveclub looks much better during rain

Elit3Nick1461d ago

Sorry I meant "Driveclub looks much better during rain than FH2's rain" at the end

abstractel1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

FH2's rain appear in scripted spots if you've watched videos of the same track. Driveclub's is based on weather conditions and the clouds form in 3D (volumetrically). You can set it up before each race what you want the weather conditions to be like but no two races will look exactly the same. Sprinklers go off at certain times of the day etc. Wind speed affects trees (and said sprinklers), smoke, balloons etc and varies. This is a really crap video to show off the game.

Plus, the public hasn't seen much of it yet but Driveclub also has snow and everything in between (like cold rain which is heavier and you see "slush" on the tracks). No hail or lightning that I know of though.

windblowsagain1461d ago

I think alot of games have that effect. Watchdogs looks so much better at night and with rain.

During the day it's kinda

Bennibop1461d ago

Game is so quick and graphics are fantastic

TomRL1461d ago

Why do we never get clear quality video footage of this game? I haven't seen a single video of decent quality of this game.

thereapersson1461d ago

only footage uploaded by the developers, unfortunately.

GribbleGrunger1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

What? have you just started surfing the net?

Try Youtube or Gamersyde.

Kurisu1461d ago

Looks good, and that's just from an off screen gameplay on youtube that I'm watching on a Galaxy S4. Look forward to seeing the graphics first hand when my shiny new PS4 Drive Club bundle arrives in October!

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