New Ghost of a Tale trailer from Gamescom, shows stealth, amazing detail, and giant enemy crab

You don't know cute until you've seen a mouse in a suit of armour running away from an angry crab. Ghost of a Tale—our last mention was over a year ago, when it was looking for funding—is almost too adorable to process, but I'll bravely give it a go. It's an action-adventure-stealth type thing starring a mouse with a lute on its back, and it's one that appears to be coming along exceptionally well. The following trailer was shown at Gamescom this week during Microsoft's press thingy, but rest assured that it's "primarily a PC game".

It's been a long time since we covered Ghost of a Tale, so here's a quick reminder: it's a game about a mouse in a rat-eat-rat world, blending elements of action, adventure, stealth, and most of the things that lie in-between. Developer Seith wrote a few words about what we can expect, in a recent blog post talking about the trailer:

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Neoninja1435d ago

This game came out of nowhere for me. Looks really interesting and is on my list. Can't wait to see more of it.

starchild1435d ago

Yeah, it looks so charming. Definitely getting this. The graphics are also outstanding.

Relientk771435d ago

I definitely like what I see from this trailer

Big_Game_Hunters1435d ago

This looks great, The guy who is making this used to work at Pixar, honestly it seems like MS has better indies that Sony really, that orichi game or whatever and that platformer with the old 1920's cartoon art style both look so fun. lucky for me they are all coming to PC.

WeAreLegion1435d ago

Not a bad comment, apart from the flamebait part. You just had to go there, didn't you?

Big_Game_Hunters1435d ago

Its only my opinion, accusing me of flamebaiting on an article that almost noone will see is kind of ridiculous though. especially since my comment can potentialy piss off both fanbases.

WeAreLegion1435d ago

It just seemed completely unnecessary.

No, it can only piss off one fan base. I'm definitely getting this and all the other multi-plat indies on PC, as well, but come on. You didn't have to bring up Sony and Microsoft.

Ezz20131435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

your comment was great untill that part
"" honestly it seems like MS has better indies that Sony ""

what makes you say that ?!

BVFTW1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

It's the other way around: <<INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN APRIL 02/2013: Which platforms will be supported?
Windows PC for sure. Linux and Mac OSX could be a possibility, since Unity in theory supports both systems. But I honestly don't have any experience with those. So I would have to either buy computers to run these operating systems, or outsource for a studio to do the conversion.>>
The game it's an original PC Indie coming to the Xbone meaning you didn't knew much about the game until recently or you're looking to purposely piss off the Sony fanbase thus effectively tagging you as a troll.

ComBaTs0uL1435d ago

Jesus thats his opinion he thinks the indies are better on xbox get over it...