Bloodborne Gets a New Batch of Juicy Details

Bloodborne is a game that many Souls fans have clamored for ever since Dark Souls 2 was initially announced. There was all this talk about it being a next-gen game and having mind-blowing graphics but it never met those expectations.

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TGF_Carlitos1493d ago

Anymore info and I might explode.....

-Foxtrot1493d ago

Yeah I know, it's nice to see a game revealed and not having to wait like two years for it to come out.


TGF_Zero1493d ago

Maiden in black confirmed for Bloodborne!

Soul of the lost...

And so the nightly hunt begins

So the world might be mended, so the world might be mended

Im sorry, I cannot die XD

Blacktric1493d ago

She's the reason why foot fetishism climbed up 300% when Demon's Souls was released.

It's gonna happen again...

Summons751493d ago

Demon's Souls was such an amazing game and Dark Souls couldn't come close to it's greatness. Dark Souls 2 was a step closer but still Demon's Souls was still the best. Hoping Bloodborne lives up to the Demon's Souls experience. The atmosphere alone reminds me of Demon's Souls and the Maiden's voice sent chills down my spin.

So excited.

Game0N1493d ago

Dark souls 2 was better than Dark Souls for you?

Summons751493d ago

Much better! Harder, more unforgiving, a lot of inspiration from Demon's Souls, better bosses where they had some kind of puzzle or steps to win, better rewards for explorations, better atmosphere. It was the definition of a sequel by improving the originals faults then adding in new things to make the game feel refreshing and fun.

immoracle1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Pshh, yeah, what's in his estus flask?

Summons, DS2 was more streamlined, way more linear, strange stat allocation decisions, teleport-the-world frenzy. I could count the number of times I died on two hands (not counting the unfair ohk OPTIONAL dragon boss).

Kivespussi1493d ago

I for one agree. While everything you said on your other comment in my opinion isn't true, Dark Souls 2 was the better game because of so many other things.
Dark Souls was broken. But it made up for it with its fun gameplay and interesting lore.

Dark Souls 2 though got a proper PC port, has no areas like Blighttown and got a huge upgrade technically with better framerates, graphics, multiplayer, animations and so much more. It just lacked the interesting bosses, bonfires were everywhere, teleporting right away, no interconnectivity, overall worse balance between playstyles, SOUL MEMORY and so much more.

Everyone has their own opinion. But a lot of people are looking through the nostalgia glasses and think that Dark Souls was one of the greatest games there is even though it was broken in so many aspects. So is Dark Souls 2. But being broken didn't prevent both of them from being the best games of the year they launched though, they are just so good.

Game0N1493d ago


is that a new thing? whats in his estus flask? lol very funny

I agree with you, DSII is by far the weakest in the entry. It lacked the infectious imagination of Miyazaki

Geekman1493d ago

I know I sound like a casual, but I hope Bloodbourne isn't as hard as Souls. I like CHALLENGING difficulties. Not outrageously hard difficulties that make me hate the game.

Game0N1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

That's the great thing about the Souls games, they are never impossibly hard. They are rewarding. bloodborne will probably be as hard as demons souls.

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