Sony Gearing Up to Announce New PS4 Games at TGS, Show Improvement of those Announced at E3/Gamescom

Sony had a definitely solid conference at Gamescom, but it’s doubtless that the house of PlayStation is still holding some surprises up its collective sleeve.

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nX1251d ago

Can't wait for more Bloodporn =)
I'm dying to see how they've "evolved" the online mode and I think they'll reveal it there.

uptownsoul1251d ago

Sony's got a lot of games to choose from for TGS:

Gran Turismo 7, Yakuza 6, Without Memory, Sony Bend's CONFIRMED game, Guerrilla's CONFIRMED game, Sony Santa Monica's CONFIRMED game, Sony London's CONFIRMED game, Quantic Dream's CONFIRMED game, Naughty Dog's CONFIRMED game, Media Molecule's CONFIRMED game

Patrick_pk441251d ago

Since it's TGS, I expect more of their Japanese studios announcing a game. I don't think their NA and EU studios will announce anything there.

medman1251d ago

I like the way you think...unfortunately if Sony didn't reveal some of those heavy hitters at E3 or gamescom, I don't have high hopes the western developers will get a reveal in the far east.

Ashraf891250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Lets hope for Final Fantasy VII, VIII & IX Remake for PS4. Square Enix might collaborate with Mistwalker I think? Bring Sakaguchi & Uematsu back. =)

Ashraf891250d ago

Lets hope for Final Fantasy VII, VIII & IX Remake for PS4. Square Enix might collaborate with Mistwalker I think? Bring Sakaguchi & Uematsu back. =)

VaporCell1250d ago

@uptownsoul why you people always leave out guerrilla Cambridge 0.0

nucky641250d ago

maybe since it's TGS there'll be news on the next RE game. the last 2 have been crap but with Capcom remastering RE1 and rumors of a remastered RE2 - maybe RE7 will finally return to true survival horror!

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equal_youth1251d ago

online reveal would be awesome. hope for some persona 5 info and maybe a ps4 reveal and an announcement for western areas of course :D

Relientk771251d ago

I'm excited to see what new PS4 games get announced at TGS

tgunzz1251d ago

Shoot, keep them coming... I have to admit, my butt is starting to feel broke just by seeing what's coming in the next months... Maybe I need to get a farmers license and start selling brownies... Hahaha! Game on.

darksky1251d ago

Last TGS they announced almost nothing new AFAIK.

Let's hope they have a few new games this time.

PaleMoonDeath1251d ago

FF15, or I surrender my claim to the game.

kalkano1251d ago

Screw 15; show us a turn-based 16!

colonel1791251d ago

The only reason I want FFXV is because it's an ARPG and because the combat system is an evolved one from Kingdom Hearts.

Kurisu1251d ago

As much as I'd love XV to be at TGS I doubt it will. My guess is we'll get more info on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD that was revealed earlier in the year. If we don't even get that, well...

"Please be excited..."

mechlord1250d ago

Lol every time ive read that line from Squeenix I was like ....smiling with a murderous intent.
I mean, you guys show next to nothing and want us to be excited? And asking dor it politely? I know that is like a japanese expression and all but damn!

MegaRay1251d ago

Dont Forget KHIII and an Ape Escape

PaleMoonDeath1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Before they bother with either of them, finish what they started 8 years ago with FFv13.

DarXyde1251d ago

I really want to see something from Level-5. Dark Cloud 3?

I can only hope.

Bennibop1251d ago

I am sure we will see something exclusive from level 5

ColeMacGrath1251d ago

Ni No Kuni 2.... If only.

DarkOcelet1250d ago

Yeah Dark cloud 2 was so awesome .

NovusTerminus1251d ago

TGS, show me Gravity Rush 2!

colonel1791251d ago

I loved Gravity Rush on PS Vita. It's the only retail game I have for it, but I would love Gravity Rush 2 for PS4, only because I would love a much bigger world and many things to do.

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The story is too old to be commented.