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Submitted by Abriael 543d ago | news

Sony Gearing Up to Announce New PS4 Games at TGS, Show Improvement of those Announced at E3/Gamescom

Sony had a definitely solid conference at Gamescom, but it’s doubtless that the house of PlayStation is still holding some surprises up its collective sleeve. (PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

nX  +   543d ago
Can't wait for more Bloodporn =)
I'm dying to see how they've "evolved" the online mode and I think they'll reveal it there.
uptownsoul  +   543d ago
Sony's got a lot of games to choose from for TGS:

Gran Turismo 7, Yakuza 6, Without Memory, Sony Bend's CONFIRMED game, Guerrilla's CONFIRMED game, Sony Santa Monica's CONFIRMED game, Sony London's CONFIRMED game, Quantic Dream's CONFIRMED game, Naughty Dog's CONFIRMED game, Media Molecule's CONFIRMED game
Patrick_pk44  +   543d ago
Since it's TGS, I expect more of their Japanese studios announcing a game. I don't think their NA and EU studios will announce anything there.
medman  +   542d ago
I like the way you think...unfortunately if Sony didn't reveal some of those heavy hitters at E3 or gamescom, I don't have high hopes the western developers will get a reveal in the far east.
Ashraf89  +   542d ago
Lets hope for Final Fantasy VII, VIII & IX Remake for PS4. Square Enix might collaborate with Mistwalker I think? Bring Sakaguchi & Uematsu back. =)
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Ashraf89  +   542d ago
Lets hope for Final Fantasy VII, VIII & IX Remake for PS4. Square Enix might collaborate with Mistwalker I think? Bring Sakaguchi & Uematsu back. =)
VaporCell  +   542d ago
@uptownsoul why you people always leave out guerrilla Cambridge 0.0
nucky64  +   542d ago
maybe since it's TGS there'll be news on the next RE game. the last 2 have been crap but with Capcom remastering RE1 and rumors of a remastered RE2 - maybe RE7 will finally return to true survival horror!
equal_youth  +   542d ago
online reveal would be awesome. hope for some persona 5 info and maybe a ps4 reveal and an announcement for western areas of course :D
Relientk77  +   543d ago
I'm excited to see what new PS4 games get announced at TGS
tgunzz  +   543d ago
Shoot, keep them coming... I have to admit, my butt is starting to feel broke just by seeing what's coming in the next months... Maybe I need to get a farmers license and start selling brownies... Hahaha! Game on.
darksky  +   543d ago
Last TGS they announced almost nothing new AFAIK.

Let's hope they have a few new games this time.
Twiggy  +   543d ago
FF15, or I surrender my claim to the game.
kalkano  +   543d ago
Screw 15; show us a turn-based 16!
colonel179  +   542d ago
The only reason I want FFXV is because it's an ARPG and because the combat system is an evolved one from Kingdom Hearts.
Kurisu  +   543d ago
As much as I'd love XV to be at TGS I doubt it will. My guess is we'll get more info on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD that was revealed earlier in the year. If we don't even get that, well...

"Please be excited..."
mechlord  +   542d ago
Lol every time ive read that line from Squeenix I was like ....smiling with a murderous intent.
I mean, you guys show next to nothing and want us to be excited? And asking dor it politely? I know that is like a japanese expression and all but damn!
MegaRay  +   542d ago
Dont Forget KHIII and an Ape Escape
Twiggy  +   542d ago
Before they bother with either of them, finish what they started 8 years ago with FFv13.
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DarXyde  +   543d ago
I really want to see something from Level-5. Dark Cloud 3?

I can only hope.
Bennibop  +   543d ago
I am sure we will see something exclusive from level 5
ColeMacGrath  +   542d ago
Ni No Kuni 2.... If only.
DarkOcelet  +   542d ago
Yeah Dark cloud 2 was so awesome .
LordMe  +   543d ago
TGS, show me Gravity Rush 2!
colonel179  +   542d ago
I loved Gravity Rush on PS Vita. It's the only retail game I have for it, but I would love Gravity Rush 2 for PS4, only because I would love a much bigger world and many things to do.
AutoCad  +   543d ago
Hopefully they dont mean more PS4 indies.
HeWhoWalks  +   542d ago
Agreed. Why would I want more games - crazy right?

OT: I always like the latter shows (post E3). Gamescom and TGS always seem to be more about content than hardware, so this one should be great! So much they haven't even shown the JP audience yet!
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Spotie  +   542d ago
Why the hell are you here?

I know you've got that picture with a PS4 in it, but for all we know, that belongs to your father.

I can't seriously see someone spending so much money on something only to bash it at every turn. So while you MIGHT live in the same house as a PS4- assuming you didn't take that picture at a friend's house or something- I don't for a second believe you own it.

So, again, why are you here? You haven't shown any actual interest in the games or the console, just an interest in slamming everything related to Sony. What does it really matter to you if the games are indies or first party or multiplat?
Kurisu  +   543d ago
The focus so far has been about pleasing the Western audiences. Sales of the PS4 are dwindling in Japan from the recent Media Create sales I've seen, but that's to be expected as there aren't really many games catered for the market. Hopefully Sony are going to go in hard at TGS and give Japanese gamers a reason to pick up a PS4.
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CaptainObvious878  +   542d ago
Good point. Sony definitely won't be blind to their sales in Japan. They'll be wanting to rectify that at TGS.
elda  +   543d ago
Really hoping to hear some FF-XV & FF-Type O HD news!
Kurisu  +   543d ago
Typo. FF-Type O = FF Type-0 =p

Also I couldn't agree more with this comment! I've been waiting for Type-0 to be localised since it was released in Japan. When I played the PSP demo I thought "can't wait for this". But it never came, until now. From what I played I know the game is good, so in a way I'm more excited for this than XV. Square Enix REALLY are starting to become a joke as far as XV is concerned. I've waited literally a third of my life for it and still nothing!
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Jughead3416  +   543d ago
I'm sure there will be a few cool reveals. But I'm going to expect more of the same from last year. Lots of games for Japan only. Only a few things coming to the U.S. Don't expect another E3/Gamescom show, where everything they show is what we'll get here.
maniacmayhem  +   543d ago
I want to see more Until Dawn! I love horror movies and this game looks like a cool throwback to those great 80's horror films.

I really hope that game is all they say and more.
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c31647  +   542d ago
I hope Persona 5 is there.
styferion  +   542d ago
I hope so, but lately Atlus always made their own events for Persona announcements though..
Here's to hoping it appears on TGS, that game's been the top most wanted game for a long time on Famitsu, more so than FF XV, KH 3, or even Monster Hunter.
c31647  +   542d ago
Yeah, i just want any kind of information on it, like at least a character reveal. It's suppose to launch in Japan this holiday season, so i think TGS will be good place to let out some info.
Sevir  +   542d ago
They need Japanese centric Or Japanese currated games that will also come to The West. Strategic partnerships with Japanese Partners like Bloodborne...

They'll update us On Bloodborne, Let it Die, Deep Down, KH3, FF15 and Type-0.

But we need a strong Traditional style Exclusive RPG for just PS4 from Level-5, a new PS4 exclusive Japanese action game in partnership with Team Ninjas/TecmoKoei or Platinum Games.

And a up from Japan Studio, along with a reintroduction on The Last Gaurdian...
shaenoide  +   542d ago
SIlent hills officialy annouced.

Exclusive PS4 :p
OUROSMAG  +   542d ago
I think sony will pull out all the stops at TGS, just because they need to drum up excitement there. If they say "this conference is important enough to us we'll reveall all this"

I think it'll do a lot for fan service there. I expect quite a few big announcements.
johny5  +   542d ago
I hope all PS4 games have 7.1 as standard, with Atmos on a few upcoming games!

Games where born to be Object based, now it's about time it's supported on the hardware side too!
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Can't wait to see what japanese games they'll be announcing at TGS.
I feel that this'll get PS4's selling in japan again due to it not having many japanese centric games on it!
LightDiego  +   542d ago
Gamescom had amazing announcements, can't wait for more games on TGS, would be awesome another game of Level 5 and Studio Ghibli like Ni no Kuni or maybe a sequel, but please, we need more games from both!
patrik23  +   542d ago
new everybody's golf for PS4 i hope
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   542d ago
I hope Japans gets what they want. Sony has NA and Europe on lock and now they need to take Japan back. In Japan its only between the PS4 and WiiU for home consoles and even when the bone releases I doubt that will make an impact.

I want to see
-Persona 5 announced for PS4
-Gravity Rush 2 is now a PS4 game with Gravity Rush 1 packaged in
- more JRPG's
Chespin   542d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Pillsbury1  +   542d ago
They are on a roll with these shows, exciting times indeed.

Edit: please announce shenmue 1&2 HD, please?
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SaveFerris  +   542d ago
I'm hoping to see updates on Deep Down, Persona 5, Yakuza 6, Final Fantasy XV and KH3 along with some new ips (JRPG's please).
I would love to see a new Level 5 & Studio Ghibli game, and even better a Shenmue 1&2 HD remaster and/or sequel, and a game from Mistwalker.
arbitor365  +   542d ago
if square enix doesnt even show up to this, then im disowning that company forever
PiNkFaIrYbOi  +   542d ago
Don't see why so many people are getting excited for TGS. Most of the games that will be shown will never come out to the west and stuff. We would love if some of them would, but we know most of them won't come out here. Most of these games will be more geared towards the Japanese and not for the western world.
kalkano  +   542d ago
While you're probably right, a revival of console turn-based JRPGs and their localization are really the only hope I have for ever really enjoying gaming again.
PiNkFaIrYbOi  +   542d ago
That is our hope as well. Or at least a few older franchises being revived and stuff that we hope get localized and stuff. But we doubt it very much and stuff. But as each year passes the less hope we have.

Also, with how a few of the Japanese developers have changed some older franchises to try and appeal to more people. Or to what has been working with some other developers, they have ruined some franchises and stuff.
BABY-JEDI  +   542d ago
Please show the game with the big giant Griffon Cat & the little boy or I will cry. I have only been waiting for this game for several years.
Paprika  +   542d ago
We will likely get info on yakuza 6. Also possibly quantic dreams and guerrilla studios next title. However I can see those as stand alone teaser then revealed fully at e3.

They hopefully will boost Japanese support. Possibly kingdom hearts ff15 "think I read they aren't appearing" or totally new IPS or sequels. I'd love more info on the star ocean vita game rumoured, and level 5 hopefully revealing a new console title, dark cloud 3, a new white knight chronicles... with new servers.... god that game was fun online.

I'd say more from silent hills, Mgs 5 are solid to appear also. I generally expect a strong show. Oh, also hoping for some new deus ex info!
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