Destiny Devs Explain Fireteam Size, Old Russian Real Estate, And The Unbeatable Ogres From The Beta

Mike Futter: We are now about as far away from the Destiny beta as we have to wait before the game launches on September 9, making it the perfect time to catch up with the team and discuss the future. We sat down with production director Jonty Barnes and senior designer Nick Davies to discuss the reasons behind some of the gameplay design decisions.

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thorstein1459d ago

And this is good news because we get to know that the areas are much larger than we thought.

Sevir1459d ago

This was known since the beta launched. Only 50% of Old Russia was available to explore by design in the beta, people actually cliches it to exploit and explore it and there were powerful bosses and things in those locked areas.

Those complaining about too small simply thought that was it!

user14394141459d ago

I am glad that they have confirmed the PS4 version will be superior in every way.

TRD4L1fe1459d ago

seriously? when did bungie come out saying this??? or is this just something you pulled out of your gapping a**hole

3-4-51459d ago

Can't wait.....well I have to..but still

FamilyGuy1459d ago

OMG There's STILL 24 more days?


I can't fkn take it.

ScottyHoss1459d ago

22 days 20 minutes and 1 second now

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N4Flamers1459d ago

That was a lacluster interview that honestly didnt ask a lot of the questions the community wants an explanation for. Questions like why are there no private matches for competitive play? Will private matches be implemented in the future? Why is there no proximity chat? Will there ever be in game clan support? Will clans be able to make their own shaders? What happened to flooded chicago and the other areas from before? This was just a fluff piece.

medman1459d ago

I know Destiny was a huge investment for Bungie/Activision and releasing on 360 and ps3 was a business decision that had to be made....but a part of me wishes it was ps4/xbone only...I can't help but feel the areas/number of locations would be much greater if it wasn't restricted by last gen specifications. Oh well.....

Sevir1459d ago

Looking forward to getting back into the FULL experience! :) Destiny beta was absolutely awesome!