How to Beat the P.T. Demo

Daniel from writes:

"P.T. is a free playable teaser available for download for PS4 owners, however, in order to beat it you have to get past one exceptionally trying ‘puzzle’ at the end and this method is the only one I have found to work 100% of the time for me (beaten it 3 times). I have a walkthrough of the full game here so you can skip to whatever part you are stuck on. If this helped then be sure to like and subscribe! Enjoy"

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thorstein1495d ago

Well, once you learn that holding R3 is zoom, you can get pretty far. It was that little tidbit that prevented me from going anywhere.

generic-user-name1495d ago

Right? Found that out by accident, wouldn't have killed them to show a control layout although I suppose it adds to the confusion and fear when you've no idea at all.

nX1495d ago

I had to google it... impatient idiot lol

Battlefieldlover1495d ago

On the loop that makes you go back to the spawn door to get the other door to open you'll see the picture of the women on the floor and R3 is there.

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KingKelloggTheWH1495d ago

I cant wait to play this tonight, gonna go in without knowing anything!

ziggurcat1495d ago

don't know if you're the author of the video, but...


you don't need to be zooming at the radio to trigger the first laugh. all you need to do is take 10 steps once the clock strikes midnight.

for the second laugh, you're right - it's triggered by voice (screams, to be precise). the big clue is in the message you hear when you answer the phone. why does it say "you've been chosen"? because you've been deemed worthy of playing the game because you "got scared" (hence, why screams trigger the second laugh).

Benjammin251494d ago

@Ziggurcat That's all well and good, but what do people without microphones do? I have my little microphone I got with my PS4 but I put it away in the attic. I could get it but I know for a fact people have completed the game without using it. But no one seems to have a clear idea how to get the second baby laugh without using one.

ziggurcat1494d ago


i have no idea, but how many of those people (including yourself) who don't have mics have the PS4 camera? because if you have the PS4 camera, then you technically also have a mic.

even in the video above, the second laugh is triggered by those screaming goats...

ipach1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )


use whatever you use with your cell phone. don't you have a free set of earbuds with mic laying around? there must be literally billions of them floating around the world by now with all the iphones, etc that are out there. grab one and plug it into your controller. done.

otherwise, go ahead and spend the 8 dollars/euros/etc it would cost to get a generic set... sony made it pretty darn simple to have access to a gaming mic

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Macdaddy711495d ago

I would play it if the Playstation store would let me sign in, I hope Sony gets this fix soon been 3 days...if not fix by Monday, GameStop here I come for a trade in for a X1... One thing I hate is a system that won't do what you pay for....
Network text Great!!! Check everything n Threads are full of gamers with same problem, we will see 10:00am Monday morning all I can say

thorstein1495d ago

I think you need to contact support as this is not a general problem.

Ultr1495d ago

I don't think he will get support from Sony with the problem he's got...

generic-user-name1495d ago

Agreed with Thorstein, I haven't heard about any issues nor have I experienced them myself.

Ultr1495d ago

It took me link to the last comment you made to confirm you as a troll.
Maybe you try harder next time

CBaoth1495d ago

Be careful you buy the right Xbox one though. There's a misprint on the box. It should have the letters O U Y A prominently displayed. Oh and don't worry about the $99 price tag, MS had a price drop. Enjoy!

mogwaii1494d ago

You do realise we can look through your previous comments and see how much of a trollhard you are right? You gotta calm down with your xboner.

mochachino1494d ago

I couldn't sign into PSN last week with my PS3.

I signed in with my PS4 strangely, played for a few hours and PSN sign in worked with my PS3 again.

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ps4fanboy1495d ago

Still haven't forking completed it, done the picture face thing(1 piece missing still) , door still ajar , been shaking my pad ,talking to ps4 , rubbing touch pad , listening to mic on pad , repeated the numbers saying them into mic... I won't lie , it is doing my forking head in guys.

Yahshua help me, I need a miracle(like the chocolates in game...)

DarXyde1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Where are you stuck?

Shoot me a private message.

EDIT: I should add that I've beaten it twice.

generic-user-name1495d ago

Wait, door is ajar? Which door?

ps4fanboy1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Don't tease , thee door , bathroom door ,the other two doors(3 if you include entrance) are shut, apart from bathroom door slightly open , radio plays through then goes off ..I'm walking up n down trying everything to no avail , I seriously don't like getting help but I'm getting close to you tubing the bit I need to get past...

Got to say , no game has brought that sort of nightmare freaky horror , not even outlast brought that sort of proper psychological terror.
Awesome...silent hill come back to me soon.. I need you!

generic-user-name1495d ago

Dude, you need to zoom in on the door that is slightly open, try and zoom in on the sink inside until something happens, you are still near the beginning.

ps4fanboy1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I've been in bathroom once... Do you have to complete picture before you can enter again or move on from hallway?

No phone call what I was expecting as voice comes after face , but I suppose I won't get voice as I haven't completed picture of face yet..

DarXyde1495d ago

So what exactly have you done so far?

thorstein1494d ago

You're not close to the phone call yet. It loops quite a few times. Have you even seen the refrigerator? Or the radio asking you to do things.

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