Death-Link: Artist Melds Zelda’s Link with Darksider’s Death

Freelance artist Jaime Garcia has created a 3D digital render of The Legend of Zelda’s Link styled after Death from Vigil’s Darksiders 2. The result is nothing short of impressive, and Death-Link is easily the most manly the green tunic wearing hero has ever looked.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1501d ago

I would buy a statue of this in a heartbeat.

FrogSpork1501d ago

As if it wasn't similar enough, this happens. Someone mod it in.

no_more_heroes1501d ago

You know what? I wouldn't argue against this being a thing.

isarai1501d ago

Looks freakin awesome, but honestly i would like it better if he still had a younger face instead of turning into a gritty 50+ year old man

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