Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Retrospective Review

Nic from Continue Play takes a look back at the first Modern Warfare game in the Call of Duty franchise. A great game which had a big effect on the games industry.

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DarkOcelet1464d ago

That mile high club achievement , one of my favourite achievements , it was an awesome game , i didnt even touch the mp in it .. Mw1 and Mw2 were the best , black ops were my third favourite after those two ,zombie mode was awesome too .

Nic_Bunce1464d ago

Urgh that achievement was killer :P Still, I'm one of those rare ones who enjoyed the campaign more than the MP... MW2 was also pretty decent, though it broke my heart towards the end.

ape0071464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Mile High Club = best achievement ever and yep CoD 4 and MW2 were the best, BO1 is great too, come directly after CoD4/MW2, then BO2, very good

MW3 was a disappointment but still decent, Ghosts sucked

Master-H1464d ago

Ah Chernobyl, it's like christmas for the bad guys..

Lwhit61464d ago

Ghillies in the Mist.

Still my favorite mission in all of video games to this day.

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ContinuePlay1464d ago

I never actually played this. Might have to pick it up on the cheap.

Lwhit61464d ago

You're lucky. I'd love to be able to feel this games magic for the first time again.

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