Last-Gen, Best-Gen?

With the last generation finally starting to wind down, it feels like a reasonable time to reflect on what was arguably the greatest console generation of all time…..yeah, I said it!

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DarkOcelet1496d ago

It was great yes , but the best , not even close ... jrpgs were really few and it was filled with fps and alot of them were the same and besides bioshock and the darkness , few of them had good stories

Liam23821496d ago

Aye, it is a controversial choice, and the lack of JRPGs is an issue, but there was so much choice and the indie games were great.

kalkano1496d ago

Oh, God no. Worst gen. I barely had anything to play.

In the entire gen, I had:

Final Fantasy 13 (meh)
Final Fantasy 13-2 (meh)
White Knight Chronicles (decent)
White Knight Chronicles 2 (decent)
Last Story (pretty good)
Xenoblade Chronicles (good, until the end)
Skyrim (fantastic)

That's it. After those, I've started scraping the bottom of the barrel. I still plan to try Last Remnant, and Arc Rise Fantasia at some point. I'd also like to try Lost Odyssey, but it's the only reason to buy a 360, and I won't buy it for one game.

Blacklash931496d ago

Sounds like you need to broaden your tastes beyond (J)RPGs.

Blacklash931496d ago

It's been a great generation. I can easily think of over 50 games that I've enjoyed immensely and have met great critical success on the 360/PS3/Wii.

ShaunCameron1489d ago

The 7th generation reintroduced me to video games, so I would say yes.