WWE 2K15 Roster Revealed, Career Mode Details & more Announced

Today was the day WWE Gamers have been waiting since WWE 2K15 was announced and that is the WWE 2K15 Roster Reveal. Just a few moments ago 2k and the WWE announced the superstars that made the cut for the game and here they are.

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Enmson1286d ago

It's disappointing that they didn't show any gameplay in the reveal panel like last year, but i guess not all models are final yet so it's ok.

XisThatKid1285d ago

Jhust mad i can't transfer my CAW and such from year to year

Rampaged Death1286d ago

The roster seems really poor this year.

Enmson1285d ago

This is not the final roster, more are coming soon!

Rainbowcookie1285d ago

more added and more to be added

CobraKai1285d ago

I'm hoping the animation gets overhauled. Some moves seemed crazy fast and unnatural.